Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Interludes - Marbles

With special thanks to Will Bird for the idea

Behind the pale hum of the clinics’ rejuvenation pods and sterile white starkness of the examination chambers, in a safe-room carefully retrofitted into premium cubic meters of ever-so-scarce pressurized hull-space, the blanched face of Dr. Catherine Wright Armitage Blake stares intently at nothing in the room. Eyes skittering over entoptic visually displayed data overlayed with the rapid drone of dense audio data from a Shirakawa Heavy Industries command and control military issue Muse. The government/military grade cyberbrain inside her masterfully crafted T-X infiltrator synthmorph operates at roughly twice the speed of the finest un-augmented human brain. The Ego living inside this technological masterpiece, now accelerated to intellectual capacities previously impossible, spots flaws in it’s defenses and develops contingencies and stratagems to compensate for it’s earlier, biological-minded oversights. The consciousness formerly known as Dr. Antonio Pascal is concerned and a little distracted by the after-affects of the Behavioral Masking and Personality Editing Simulspace psychosurgical procedures it has undergone and the affect it has on unconscious thoughts and new, unfamiliar facial expressions this Morph exhibits, but this is cutting edge work. His cutting edge work. His Alpha fork did a stereotypically excellent job in altering his true Ego’s habits and kinesthetics. It’s perfection to behold. His own family would never guess it was he behind this gaze. This myth-addled boy-thing, Urizen, the former subject of the Psiclone Project, an errant Futura exsurgent mutant async, will certainly never unmask this perfection of deception. Besides, the control personality, Urthona will constantly tug him away in more fanciful directions.
Certainly he’s gotten close, tracking the fugitive research psychologist and genetic genius to this insane carnival of anarchist miscreants. Too close to regard as coincidence. Measures have been taken and countermeasures arranged. No demented scientific reject is going to throw a wrench in the carefully laid plans for the future. The Psiclone EX program is barely underway! The private military corporation detention facility he’s headed to will keep him well under control until the leisure time is available to fully conduct a thorough set of experiments over the next decades into determining how this one came out so generally functional. It could have positive implications for the new generation. It will be amusing to let the remains of Dr. Amelia Sheppard’s Ego do the harshest of the breakdown work of the reconditioning. This Albion Ego should be rewarding on several levels.


If this is supposed to be scaring me…its working. I need a new/fake brainprint asap, and an untraceable non-descript biomorph from the local body bank. Do we have the necessary ego-bridge equipment on board? Cause i’m not leaving the ship, i’ll need that morph delivered. Clearly walking around in a Futura is like having a big entoptic arrow pointing at me, labelled ‘PROJECT PSICLONE ESCAPEE’.

Or would that all be meta-gaming since I don’t really know all this information? Arrghhh!

Interludes - Marbles