Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 1: Warm Welcoming

The highly renowned hypercorp, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) providers in many areas including robotics and ai systems technology; has ventured into habitat manufacturing under suspicious circumstances. Firewall fears that Seed AI use may be involved in the fast completion of their new mega project: Delta City on the habitat of New Detroit.

A group was organized and sent in to investigate; Asa Iverson a machinists anarchist, Colette Lemur an async reporter, Mylo Xypolo a psychosurgery modified companion, Stinky 6 an octopi drifter, Taharqa Horemakhet the right hand of a Brinker cult.

Upon arriving at the firewall safe house, the group was immediately assaulted by other firewall agents acting on mis-information.

We were all set to be present for the grand unveiling of the newly constructed section of the habitat of New Detroit, owned by OmniCorp, called Delta City. We all had personal reasons for attending the event, but Firewall had activated the group to determine the threat level of the AI used in the completion of the construction project.

Arriving on station, we were to be driven in cars to the Firewall safe house for further briefing; but while in transit, we’d received a hasty message about the cars having been set with explosives; it was only by actively jamming incoming signals that detonation did not occur.

Upon entering the safe house through the garage, we were sprayed with what was assumed for be cleaner swarms, but our body mod reported immediate exsurgent infection.Immediately, crazed German screaming declaring us traitors and machine gun fire broke out from the living room into the junction the T hall way.

The firefight consisting of lasers from the Fury morph, Seeker Missiles from the flexbot disguised as a pleasure pod and an EMP blast from the home defenses; resulted in the assailants being brought to within an inch of death.

Attempted use of her async abilities during the battle by the reporter, lead to a traumatic experience with the exsurgent infection and a strong motivation to find possible medical treatment in the lower levels of the safe house.

After securing two the assailants in restraints on the first floor and by passing a claymore trap setup in the airlock of the bunker, detonated by tossing in one of the remaining assailants into the room; the group tested the next room the same way and entered to find it filled with equipment, armor, and weapons.

Discovering that a containment protocol to purge of the infection was about to be executed soon, the group grabbed some equipment before leaving the bunker. Upon exiting, the reporter tried to probe the mind of the assailant, leading to some revelations about the safe house, the attack on the group and a final assailant coming up from the lower levels.

In a rush to escape before the bunker was sealed and thermalogically cleansed, the assailant slipped through the closing door and was quickly engaged in a fight with the Fury; a laser blast to the head from the octopus hanging from the ceiling ended the combat.

After a few seconds later, the bunker’s doors reopened to reveal the effects of a thermalogic blast. The rush of atmosphere to fill the vacuum in the cleansed room expelled all loses items into the air lock, knocking the Fury morph out. The effects on the human body were demonstrated on the assailant who’d left in the room to test for claymores, after seeing his internal organs scattered all across the floor.

Securing the latest assailant, a search of the second lower level found the tortured and blast seared body of Router Miller. The group promptly located and injected an antidote to the exsurgent virus infection.

Simultaneously, while the reporter attempted to upload the proxy’s ego onto a server and the octopus tried to ascertain the security level of the bunker; they had discovered the existence of a nuclear bomb affix to the outside of the habitat right below the bunker, the safe house security was compromised when the ego bridge deleted the proxy’s ego, and of the habitat’s AI having access to the safe house’s systems when it spoke to the group through the house’s network.

As the reporter returned to the latest assailant and deep scanned his mind to get the reason for the attack, they slowly able to pieced things together; the AI was created using tech that predated the fall, composed of a collection of egos altered by a virus called FOCUS that changed a person’s way of thinking toward a specific purpose, linking them together to a single LEGION AI.

Although technically not a Seed AI on the same level as the TITANs, it had been aware of firewall’s presence on the station before the safe house was ever built. As a group was being brought in to investigate, the LEGION AI contacted the assailants, another cell of Firewall sentinels, Bravo team, led by scanned man called Hanwen Smith, that were meant to help train the group. The AI fed the assailants mis-information of the group and the proxy’s involvement traitorous activities against Firewall’s cause in an effort to stop the investigation, by setting up firewall to take itself out.



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