Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 10: Project Ozma shows it's hand

Descending into the basement Asa Ivorssen encounters the Special Operative of Project Ozma and her Planetary Consortium ‘Oversight’ field agent counterpart. Revealing the play of the Planetary Consortium against this vital Lunar Lagrange Alliance colony. The second ED-215 combat robot makes it’s play to the death of Sentinel Ivvorssen who falls prey to it’s deadly micro-missile attacks. Mylo and Officer Jayne Lewis demolish the enormous SAINT/LEGION AI core-ziggurat at the cost of Jayne’s temporary synth morph she had desperately sleeved into, Taharqa murders the Ozma operative with a devastating mono-molecular hyper-vibrational whip display. Collette mind-rapes the Oversight Agent for memories of this mission background and they all double-cross OCP Officers Raj and Steve in their attempt to flee the colony before the final nuclear holocaust rains down from the Planetary consortium battlecruiser.

Escaping into the OZMA agent’s gunship, they attempt to deceive the Battlecruiser’s crew only to result in their systematic and thorough annihilation.

None Survive.



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