Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 11: Re-sleeving and Bereaving

The Valhalla after the Hero's Death

Awakening to find Miller sleeved in a common synthmorph, the team acclimate to their new morphs. Catch as Catch can synthmorph and biomorph bodies available in the cold space of Saturn in the Outer Rim. Tethys, the ice moon of Saturn holds the Anarchist Beehive of GODWINHEAD. And Miller’s cell’s safehouse outside of the Inner System. Supra-human FireWall technologies from a reclusive Argonaut “Crow” are available here as well. A fake brainprint re-write for regular egos. decades ahead of it’s time, it re-paths common neural pathways established during sleeving but keeps the ego’s personality intact…mostly. Does it utilize a dangerously advanced AI devoted to psychosrugery on a level not yet conceived of by transhumanity? Maybe. Does it work? Definitely. Does it occasionally result in Derangement and Disorders?…yes…But only VERY rarely. And heck, only two of the team had to undergo the process and it absolutely has NOTHING to do with why became a notorious Space-Pirate, Jail-breaker, and outer system outlaw with a double death penalty in both the Lunar Lagrange Alliance and the Planetary Consortium.
But that’s 24 months away in the future. Now Asa Ivorssen has re-sleeved for the first time. In a non-nordic morph and some little part of him just cant seem to get on-board with his swarthy new Italian, (or is it Spanish?) new body.
Taharqa Maharoket awakens to find herself without a heart, without bone or sinew, with a mind of silicon and platinum, sleeved in a strange combat synthmorph shell designed with an Asian caste. Her proud African identity lost in the mirror with every glance.
And Colette Lemeur the Async crusader for truth awakes in a strange and alien morph on the far Edge of transhuman. In fact in some ways, POST-human. The self-designed, custom REMADE biomorph with several unusual alterations and enhancements left behind by a very eccentric, and currently ‘on indefinite leave’ Sentinel of some reputation. What is the purpose of this strange body. Is it as harmless as FireWall seems to have vetted it as being?
FORTUNATELY all these problems and mysteries are moot for the time being. The Cell have 10 days to rest before they are Ego-Cast to ASPIS, the Ultimate’s training colony in the Main Belt of the Outer System for Black Ops Boot Camp (courtesy of FireWall) for four weeks and thence to Phelan’s Recourse The gargantuan SCUM swarm whereat a ship bound for the inner system will take them home to the ‘civilized’ Inner System habitats for ever more hijinx in the service of FireWall.

But first, BRUTAL military training with the most gung-ho, maniac, mercenary-monks the solar system has to offer. Hilarity ensues as Colette insists on taking the training course in a Sylph morph as opposed to the Olympian bodies that the course was designed for. Pain and failure followed by a charmingly “Rocky-esque” comeback mark the occasion. Many moxie points are spent.



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