Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

SESSION 14: Discontinuity Blues

Resleeved Again!

The intrepid group of Sentinels is waylaid on-route to the FireWall secret asteroid hidden base by forces unknown. Powerful forces with a high-security, government-clearance-class stealth vessel capable of space vehicle capture. Disabled by powerful, military-grade lasers, they are taken aboard the craft and a frenetic firefight ensues. lives are lost among the mysterious assailants as Fenopy, the drug-accelerated pilot of the Miller Cell shuttle, heaves-to with a specially modified shotgun plugging electro-thermally enhanced 10-Gauge combat-shotgun mono-molecular-edged flechette ammunition at full auto through enemies like hot knives through butter. All for naught, however, for the assailants prevail through dastardly terrorist tactics and the Sentinels are bombed to near-unto-death and jettisoned out into space to die in the horrible black emptiness between worlds. With the loss of all corticle stacks, the team has no idea of how they met their end and know only that they safely left the colony with Andrew Scott the xeno-programmer and the alien artifact intact…

This Session 14 starts with the Sentinel’s Re-sleeving and meeting mew team members recruited by Lieutenant Miller for their team. Ganos the Async and Johann the AGI join our heroes as they are assigned to seek out what happened to their morphs and who would have the audacity, or moreso the ABILITY to track and attack a FireWall vessel successfully. An event which cannot be allowed!

Off the Sentinels go back to Coventry Colony at Mars Phobos Lagrange point 2 among the cluster of O’neill Cylinder Habitats there to start where they left off and look for clues to their demise. Returning to the Scott Compound they distribute SmartDust and recreate the events through forensic evidence tracking the events of the Colony Authority Investigation of the seemingly terrorist event they initiated in their fight against the Black Moth Mercenaries guarding Andrew Scott. While they search among the burned out ruins, a Trancom registered truck arrives with workers and proceeds to cut away the secret armored safe-room that held the projects equipment and load it onto a transport bound for the SpacePort at the colony cylinder’s end. Sentinels rush to re-group and join together in time to see the vessel on which the Trancom hirelings are loading the shipping container with the room and Ganos stows away aboard the vessel and the rest of the team take the FireWall shuttle to mars after the vessel debarks the colony.



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