Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 16: Into the Outback

The wilds of Mars are no place for a n00b

After Interrogating Feng the team discovers that a trio of criminal brothers will arrive to courier the SafeRoom to an undisclosed location elsewhere on Mars. The Tremor brothers, a trio of redneck, speed-freak, neo-Nazi bonehead hitmen with a penchant for scorched earth tactics who are locally infamous for racist criminal hijinks, are to be the wheelmen and they are arriving shortly.

Rapid plans are made as two more Sentinels arrive as backup with their own disguised armored transport vehicle. James and Ganos take position on the rooftop to act as spotter and sniper if necessary, Asa and ‘Sandy’ take positions under cover of Chameleon cloaks out of sight behind cover. “Sandy” takes a front position to face the Tremor Brothers as they arrive and the rest of the team hide just out of sight waiting to ambush if necessary.

The Brother’s arrive in a late model Martian “Fausto” heavy transport.

The Cargo Type Heavy Transport “Fausto”
Fausto 06

They are currently sleeved as ‘Ishi’ the cyborg, ‘Gray’ the Olympian and ‘Trishka’ the Fury.

Darwin Tremor: Codename: “Gray”

Gray is the eldest of the Tremor brothers, He is the brains of the trio, if they can be said to have a plan ever.

Jeeves Tremor: Codename: “Ishi”

Jeeves is the largest and youngest of the Tremor brothers. His splicer morph has taken quite a beating over the years due to his absolute lack of concern for his own personal safety and his penchant for immediate physical violence whenever possibly applicable to a situation. As a result, considerable redneck cyborg modifications have been done to his body.

Lester Tremor: Codename: “Trishka”

The smallest of the Tremor brothers. Currently in a stolen FURY biomorph. Lester has been born and raised under the oft-beating fist of his two diabolical older brother. He is often the driving force behind all violence doen by the three to others that they meet. Because he uses the misdirection of his brother’s murderous impulses to protect himself from their bored bouts of physical abuse. He is currently sleeved in a Fury female biomorph body after being talked into sleeving in it by Darwin (Gray) in a for-him long ranging, scheme to really fuck with his brother by anally and vaginally raping him while he is asleep one night soon in order to show him who runs this chickenshit outfit. Darwin figures if it’s not being done to his brothers own born-in body, it’s not really incest OR faggotty. A point of view which Darwin will defend with immediate violence and overmuch verbal argument and abuse.

A tense meeting occurs as the brothers enter the warehouse to find their expected Triad contacts dead and some slut with a sniper rifle hanging around acting like she doesn’t know anything. Darwin considers raping the truth out of her since she IS white and all, but decides against it because something about this whole setup smells fishy to him. They check the cargo momentarily, ask about the corpses on the warehouse floor and warily load up the cargo with the now-buggy and partially thermite-damaged power-loader before leaving the pick-up zone, while covering Dave constantly with a gaggle of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. While the Tremor Brothers are distracted, Jak takes the opportunity to crawl up into the undercarriage of the Fausto transport and settle down for the journey to wherever the Tremors are taking the Safe-Room crate.

James and Zak, the team’s pilots, run off to prep the shuttle for pursuit while half the team splits off with the newcomer Stan to follow the Fausto in their modified armored transport vehicle. The Tremors drive to the colony surface elevators and take off across the Martian outback along a sprayway ( an aerially sprayed martian highway formed by ’crop-dusting" a sand-fusing enzyme from ground effect vehicles to effectively spray-on a freeway in the dunes ). The team follow at a good distance. Dave having previously placed a tracking bullet in the cargo and Jak having stowed away aboard the Fausto. And the shuttle team follow, ready to provide air support.

After many kilometers, the Tremors turn off the sprayway and head out into the outback. With some difficulty, the ATV-team follow, using aerial spotting from the team in the Shuttle to stay behind land features and dunes in their pursuit, so that the Tremor’s don’t see them. Without warning the Fausto is attacked by Barsoomian Rebels in a combat-modified martian land-rover buggy and two armored combat motorcycles!

The Barsoomian Rebel’s dunebuggy
Matt t 20

The Barsoomian Rebels’s cycles
Matt t 21

The leader appears to be one of the motorcycle brigands, an agile pilot and effective gunner, he wields some kind of modified pneumatic mining tool that fires steel or tungsten spikes right through the Fausto’s door armor with the ease of a device meant to break through rock and damages Ishi’s thigh, chipping the femur and opening up the femoral artery. Ishi is bleeding profusely in the cabin of the truck.

Barsoomian Rebel Leader
Rebel assault squad

Motorcycle Maniac in Pre-Fall desert survival gear
Barsoomian rebel

Buggy Driver
470x800 8673 latter day 2d character post apocalyptic girl woman soldier picture image digital art

Buggy Gunner
470x800 8665 latter day 2d character soldier post apocalyptic picture image digital art

A vicious criminal/rebel firefight ensues as the brothers duke it out with the rebels on the cold sands. Within moments the team acts, hoping to protect the Tremors enough to allow them to keep leading them to the final secret Trancom destination of the cargo.

The Sentinels in the armored personnel carrier rocket into action, speeding forward to join in the fight with their pop-up concealed .50 cal. Machine Gun Stan drives while Asa mans the gun. Meanwhile, James pilots the shuttle into a diving attack vector while Zak mans the 20-mm Autocannon under the nose of the shuttle and tears into the rebels. Sandy clips off to a descent cable and throws open the side door at low altitude and rappels out of the shuttle in preparation to board the Fausto atop the cargo container and lend a hand in the fight. Dave takes the open door as an opportunity to display her system-class sniper abilities once again and fired on the motorcycles tires, disabling one and destroying the other in a tumble of murder and spinning body parts.

On the ground, Jak climbs out on to the roof of the the Tremor’s vehicle from the undercarriage at 40 klicks per hour over punishingly rough terrain and climbs successfully on the head of cargo container on the back of the Fausto, using her enhanced claws to dig into the plastic cover the Guang-Xi thugs had melded over it. She crosses over the container and spots the gunner of the rebel buggy, then veering close to the Fausto and performs a miraculous leap over a four meter gap to land on the head of the buggy gunner and claw horribly into his eyes and head with her poisonously modified talons. killing him in seconds.

More bullets fly between Trishka and the Barsoomian leader, the Fausto slows down a bit as Ishi loses more blood and Zak opens up with the 20-mm destroying the Rebel Leader’s cycle and throwing him into a bone-crushing accident amid the rocky martian terrain. Dave pounds armor-piercing rounds into the engine of the buggy until it stalls out and Jak leaps onto the driver and tears into her with poison and clay and Asa finishes disabling the vehicle with the APC’s .50 cal.

The Tremors drive off a bit further and come to a halt to apply aid to the dying cyborg, Ishi. The Team finishes mopping up at the rebel crash site and then they take off to the Tremors to see if they can help them so that they can continue on and the team can secretly follow them.

Ganos or Stan or James, ( I cant remember) comes up with the questionably brilliant idea of posing as Martian Rangers. And with Dave in hiding, they approach the Tremor Brothers, offer and give much needed medical aid and then after a brief and tense conversation. Fly off with their well-wishes ringing in the ears of the criminal trio.

The Tremors continue on to the Trancom compound, an abandoned martian colonial homestead in the outback some 10 klicks from the TITAN Quarantine Zone. The team, observing from the skies with fine teleoptics within the shuttle watches as a combat LandMate battlesuit emerges from a Barn in the farmstead and takes the container off the Fausto. The Tremors leave and nwo the team knows the whereabouts of the final Trancom destination for Andrew Scott’s high-security saferoom.

Observing the site from about 20 kilometers out in the shuttle, the airborne contingent of the team is spotted by Black Moth security radar originally em-placed as an early warning system against Barsoomian rebel attack and the mercenaries deploy Surface to Air missiles from a moble SAM platform forcing Zak and James to try an incredible risky maneuver power-diving toward the Martian surface and pulling the nose up completely perpendicular to the ground at the last instant while firing all of the craft’s thrusters on full afterburn to bring the shuttle to a halt mere feet above the surface, then tipping it forward with an attitudinal maneuver vernier burst and belly-landing it on the ground while emergency shutting-down the fusion reactor drive so as to cut all electronic signal and blind-out to the missiles. Tense piloting skill are applied and VERY lucky rolls are made and the crew pulls this complex, three man maneuver off, planting themselves safely on the martian turf.

The APC with the other half of the team rolls out across the tough terrain but they are many minutes away from the shuttle’s landing point. They race to provide backup.

The shuttle crew disembark and climb the dune on the ridge occluding the farmstead and see that the Black Moth mercenary security team have dispatched a Landmate armed with an anti-vehicular weapon capable of destroying the shuttle. Dave hides among the rocks and sand, taking up a position for sniping.

Black Moth BattleSuit “Landmate”

While Ganos has Dr. Bernal and Johann tear through an ad-hoc hack of Trancom to get details on Markus Rockford, the criminal liaison executive that was responsible for hiring the Tremor Brothers on the hunch that he might have a hand in this illegal covert lab in the martian sticks, so he can impersonate being him in a classic A-Team maneuver that by all rights, should fail but makes such a kookily entertaining television show that logic is thrown to the wind and the GM lets it happen anyway.

When the Landmate zooms up at 200 kph throwing dust and rocks into the iar in a screaming ground effect jet power slide to a stop it immediately throws a magnetic anti-tank mine onto the shuttle before it even addresses the ‘outraged’ Ganos/Markus Rockwell in a military and menacing manner. A tense conversation ensues and leadership is consulted, corporate checks reveal conflict and Ganos pulls some sly lies about needing a cover for a covert surprise inspection to Col. Hap Hapablap who decides to have them escorted in to the ultra-secret, ultra-secure facility. The Landmate escort returns to base while a larger, covert truck disguised as a farm truck is deployed to pick up the Team. Meanwhile the rest of the Sentinels arrive and everyone makes ready to infiltrate the Trancom Black Lab.



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