Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 18: Deploy the Neuralizer!

The Men In Black let loose the shenanigans on the Trancom lackeys

DM Message to the gaming group:

Okay so that plunging of a gunship full of armed missiles into a mostly unshielded Antimatter Reactor pretty much resulted in a really cool localized re-shaping of the Martian landscape that will not be soon forgotten in the annals of transhuman history. It also resulted in a total and complete party-kill. Each and every one of you were killed in the resultant matter-annihilating super-sphere that emitted, Akira-like from the uncontained reactor.

So, that being the case we all get to undergo a nifty little experiment in temporarily inhabiting a number of the VAST Martian panoply of the Clanking Masses. That’s right, synthmorphs for one and all! This is especially inviting and luxurious for the two ASYNC members of your team. Now don’t panic kids, Stan’s got one or two biomorphs (and only one or two unless he spent a colossal amount of character generation points buying a crap-ton of expensive extra bodies, which it is most likely he DIDN’T!) in cold storage which he was intending to sell as he IS a ‘used-morph salesman’. However, before any of you are going to gallivant off to the Ego Bridge facility at your local mall and get re-sleeved in a more comfortable (and possibly genetically-glitchy second-hand biomorph Stan will most likely attempt to convince you is a great deal at a bargain price,) body, your FireWall Router Lieutenant Miller, has a G-13 classified, A-1 priority mission for you to tackle immediately after being released by the Psych-docs from your sleeving into these synthmorphs. And I mean RIGHT NOW! Which is going to be an infiltration and possibly terrorist massacre (because I know how you guys tend to operate) of the Trancom Regional Office in OLYMPUS CITY at the base of the mighty space elevator you rode down in 48 hours ago.


Trancom turned out to be involved in some hideously dangerous research and experimentation. The threat to transhumanity is excessive by most FireWall standards and this cannot be allowed to continue. Sentinel Dave is to be commended for her quick thinking in containing the menace to transhumanity even at the cost of her own and the rest of the Sentinel team’s bodily incarnations. And so FIREWALL is taking immediate, direct action to eliminate Trancom and commandeer the body of their research for safekeeping and threat analysis. As such a joint operations mission has been undertaken with three other FireWall Cells in which the many enclaves of Trancom will be sanitized of threatening material, their staff reeducated through advanced proprietary Firewall ‘neuralization’ technologies ( a sort of less-painful and safer psychosurgery and memory editing process) and their off-site backups and storage replaced with harmless data pertaining to their corporate day to day operations and statistics. In short, Trancom will be cleansed of all threats and re-pathed toward a brighter future not-inimical to transhumantiy. Both by you all and by other FireWall operative parties across the solar system.

For this operation you have all been sleeved in immediately available synthmorphs stored in Olympus City FireWall Facilities and given access to matching weapon-stocks acquired along with said synthmorphs. A small degree of customization is available in body color and purpose-modfications.

These are the available “Conquistador” multipurpose synthmorph shells available for Male-oriented Egos:
Color variations by sobaku chiuchiu

These are the “Maria” ToO gynoid synthmorph shells available for Female-oriented Egos:
Fred augis remember me android the valet

Please pick one, no pushing, there is only one unit of each type so no two Sentinels may have the same shell.

On the upside, each one has a little “Special Power” built into it that may help you in your mission.

When FireWall “misdirected” this shipment of illegal covert military morphs from the Planetary Consortium hypercorp, they were generous enough to include their new experimental modular weapon system with it. These customer fitted armaments designed for use by these morphs are available for this mission as well.
Sobaku chiuchiu weapon

And also these optional hand weapons designed for the fixed weapon mounts on all unit’s right forarms.

Synthmorph claw weapons

The purpose of this mission is infiltration and neuralization of 26 key employees of the Trancom Corporate Building in Olympus City. There are 26 biomorphs on staff in the building at this time. You will be issued a device designed by Argonaut Crows that is decades ahead of current psychosurgical science that will excise memories of forbidden technological research from the target’s minds by the application of the neuralizer helmet. 61.72667 seconds are required for neural scanning and mapping, deletion of data and implantation of cognitively relevant data that will prevent discontinuity in the subjects. During this time nothing must interrupt the process or the subject will need to be deleted. DO NOT cause any subjects to need to be deleted.


This is a map of the Trancom facility that you will infiltrate while around the solar system, other Sentinel teams infiltrate, assault Trancom facilities and extract similar data.

Floor plan 1st floor

Floor plan 2nd floor

Do not leave distinct trauma to the facility or it’s employees in your wake. If it can be avoided. If it cannot be avoided, harm but do not kill the targets. Do not fail to neuralize the subjects.


  • Infiltration Team:
  1. Mr. Thursday (‘Conquistador’ Synth Air Force variant; Neuralizer Team) __Player:Brian
  2. Marbles (‘Conquistador’ Synth Police variant; Neuralizer Team/Secondary Hacker) __Player:Will
  3. Stan (‘Conquistador’ Synth Engineer variant; Environment Systems Team) __Player:Kelly
  4. Jak (‘Maria’ Synth Medic variant; Environment Systems Team/Primary Hacker) __Player:Bree
  • Transport & Security Teams: Sandy/Ganos/Dave/Johann/Zak
  • Mission Summary

With Security team discreetly positioned to prevent ingress/egress from the premises, Infiltration team moves into the 1st floor public lobby and finds the local mesh to be non-stealthed but encrypted. Proceeding to the reception desk past the office lobby, Stan determines that the building security office is located nearby in office 3500E. Jak and Stan pay a visit to the security administrator, posing as a Trancom inspection team dispatched to review Trancom facility security and environmental systems after the recent antimatter ‘Event’ at the nearby Black Lab site. Gaining physical access to the security VPN using the administrator’s credentials and the default VPN password, Jak provides guest/inspector access to the team and verifies locations of 1) passive security nodes 2) 26 biomorph targets and 6 nearby non-target synths and 3) building environment overpressure/backup systems in the 2nd floor ‘Electrical’ room.

Stan and Jak move to the 2nd floor electrical room and begin inspecting the systems while Mr. Thursday and Marbles stage in the 2nd floor elevator lobby. Stan fabricates a custom input device for the air overpressure backup system and Jak begins manufacturing a large volume of knockout gas which is then fed into the system. Neuralizer team jumps the gun and enters office 4800U before the KO gas is fully effective. Marbles shocks/stuns/restrains the 1st target successfully and applies the neuralizer. While neuralizing, another target staggers down the hall, obviously unwell. Mr. Thursday escorts the disoriented target into the Electrical room, then disables the target with a zap round. The next target is in the same room with one of the bystander synthmorphs down the hall in 4800S. At this point Marbles relocates to the electrical room with the rest of the team. Another disoriented target wanders down the central corridor and is escorted into the electrical room, shocked and neuralized by Marbles along with the the prior target. At this point 3 targets are neuralized.

Discovering that a number of targets have donned emergency breathers and the bystander synthmorphs could be a threat, Jak puts out an office mesh alert to the target biomorphs stating that an environmental emergency is underway and all personnel should relocate to 2nd floor classroom 4750 for medical treatment. There the team waits for targets to enter. A single synthmorph also accompanies the targets. After Stan convinces the targets that immediate medication is necessary to counter the affects of the ‘terrorist attack’, Jak anesthetizes the targets one by one. Having no better plan, Marbles and Mr. Thursday unload full clips of Shredder and AP railgun/auto-pistol ammunition into the unfortunate office synth who instantly suffers over 100 pts of damage and disappears in a cloud of coruscating metallic confetti (cyberbrain/stack retrieved). Marbles applies the neuralizer to the unconscious subjects in 4750, one after another.

The team moves through the rest of the building neuralizing the few remaining unconscious targets. Jak extracts all the relevant artifact research data, transmits to Firewall and deletes from the Trancom systems. A private team copy is retained just in case. Jak and Stan then successfully remove mesh and physical intrusion traces. A number of non-targets attempting to flee the building during the Op were disabled/restrained at the exit tower by Security Team. The teams then split up and exfiltrate the operational area at a leisurely pace.

  • Mission Outcome

All 26 targets neuralized without trauma or deletion. Cover story sticks and for a time at least, Trancom will believe there was an aborted terrorist attack or at least a major environmental malfunction at their Olympus Campus complex.

  • Additional Results

No collateral installation damage; 1 non-target/Trancom office synth destroyed; covert status retained.


This mission was fantastic. Almost everything went without a hitch. Even unexpected complications were met with swift, decisive action and efficient countermeasures. It was truly an A+ run by any measure. Well done, Team!

Session 18: Deploy the Neuralizer!

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