Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 2: Team Building

After dealing with the assailants, the group found the safe house to be compromised when the ego of their main Firewall contact was stolen while uploading to their ego bridge. They soon received a message from an intruder through the houses’ communications proclaiming their investigation will not succeed. The group managed to escape the safe house, with the help of firewall sentinels working off the habitat, and relocated before starting their investigation.

Asa Iverson joined the other sentinels after determining that leaving the vehicle would not set off the bomb in the car. As Mylo admitted his lack of useful skills to contribute to their current situation, he proceeded to sit next to the unconsciousfury and file his nails.

As Stinky 6 worked to determine the severity of the intrusion on the safe house, Colette tested if the medbot was compromised by attempting to revive the latest member of Bravo team, known as Hanwen Smith. Upon regaining consciousness, he was informed of the situation and, with a little psi persuasion, was eventually unrestrained and began to cooperate with the group.

When asked to look into the cause of Router Millers deletion when uploaded, Ellie, Colette’s muse in the form of a young teenage girl, had uncovered an old file on the ego bridge server. She reported the file labeled “Motoko” to Colette in passing, attempting down play its existence; but when pressed further about this, Ellie told Colette about having been in contact with and having received orders from this Motoko person that she felt compelled to act upon.

Stinky 6 attempted to quarantine and investigate the large “Motoko” file in a secure simulspace, revealing pieces of the ego’s life; but the revival of the ego and its ensuing battle with the LEIGON AI intruding on the safe house’s network forced him to escape the VR space.

While the rest of Alpha team attempted to retrieve the injured Bravo team members from the first level, Stinky informed them of a possible seed AI attack. As the group immediate rushed down, Iverson heard a familiar ringing and answered a call on an old smart phone hidden in a book. I caller providing a verification code that was relayed to Hanwen, confirming the groups innocence or any treasonous acts; Iverson and Stinky worked to disconnect the ego server from the network, thus isolating the 2 AI’s.

Having just created a blind spot in the LEGION AI’s surveillance on the safe house, the group and those left alive from Bravo team load the injured, the corrupted server and as much medical, arm, ammo, explosives, and armor as possible into the two vehicles before heading for a new secure place to stay off the grid. The party was to split up in an attempt to further misdirect any possible surveillance.

So after leaving, Motoko made contact with the teams directing them to hotel where a room had been acquired for them, some slight clean up of the room would be required. Gaining entry into the hotel with all the people and equipment was sure to raise questions, so the team divided as Stinky worked to get the server into the hotel; Iverson, Colette, the slightly injured Hanwen and 2 severely injured bravo team members managed to stroll in through the front doors and, by a major streak of luck, managed to avoid any questions or attention at they made their way to the room.

After arriving and securing the room, further drugging its former occupant, and apply medical treatment to the injured; they met the resleeved Router Miller who answered some of the team’s questions. He informed them of the importance of retrieving his original copy that had been sent to another sever by the LEGION AI, they were to wait for Motoko and her associate Nikolai to track down that location.

Having seen Motoko’s preparedness to deal with this entire turn of events, knowing of her integration with a seed-AI, and the fact that information from Firerwall has already been falsified through some official means; Colette makes comments to the teams about the reliability of their remote backup. In response, Miller produces a device that temporarily blocked remote surveillance and confirms that others in Firewall command have their suspicion on Motoko, but that she has been thoroughly vetted.

Still not content to relying on unsubstantiated information or being at Firewall’s every beck and call; the group aims to independently collect their own intelligence on the location of the original Router Miller and the whereabouts of theLEGION and seed AI’s severs.

As Stinky 6 worked with one of the crippled members of Bravo team to make a secure way of accessing the corrupted server and collecting information on where Miller’s ego was sent to; Colette and Iverson had setup a face to face meet up with a low level Omnicorp contact with inside information on their operations. The session ended with Stinky having retrieved a username and IP address for the Miller’s location.



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