Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 22: Netsahk and the Inner Sanctum


  1. Sandy (Team Lead / Agent of Kemetic Orthodoxy) Player:Yishai
  2. Mr. Thursday (Security Team / Pilot) Player:Brian
  3. Agent23 (Security Team / Infiltration) Player:Alex
  4. Marbles (Asynch / Secondary Hacker) Player:Will
  5. Stan (Wheeling and Dealing) Player:Kelley
  6. Jak (Primary Hacker) Player:Bree
  • Mission Summary

The team returns from their first meeting with the representatives of Kemetic Orthodoxy. Sandy gathers the team for a virtual meeting from across their various hideouts. The team rates the Church of Kemetic Orthodoxy on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest threat to transhumanity. The team returns these ratings, which are possibly more an indication of personality and propensity for religious thought than anything else: Sandy:1; Marbles:4; Mr. Thursday:6; Stan:2; Jak:5; Agent23:9; for a total average rating of 4.

Accompanied by the team except Marbles who monitors from afar, Stan proceeds to the arranged meeting with Netsahk, the ancient non-human and possibly alien elder of the Church. Prior to the meeting Marbles gives Stan a goodbye handshake, taking the opportunity to implant a subliminal suggestion. Netsahk proves to be a superhuman intelligence who among other feats empathizes with Jak’s true personality and offers assistance. Stan plays it cool and a further dinner meeting is arranged.

Marbles arrives for the dinner that evening. Now the entire team is present. Discussion soon focuses on the ancient pre-human artifacts treasured and guarded by the Church for millenia. Marbles reveals that the ‘Father of Tools’ was lost along with the destroyed private shuttle off the Coventry Colony at Mars Phobos Lagrange point 2 (see Session 12-13:Coventry), and the ‘Nebt-het’ is probably inside a black impenetrable sphere at the bottom of a new crater near the Quarantine Zone on Mars ( see Session 17 INTERLUDE: Spiderbot Resolution). Impressed with this information, Netsahk agrees to grant the team a viewing of the ancient artifacts currenly in possession of the Church.

The ark of the artifacts and the seven priests: Marbles is granted permission to ‘Grok’ the artifacts. Ultimately Marbles suffers great strain and a few psychosomatic wounds, but is able to make it through 2 of the 3 artifacts, revealing something of their nature and original purpose. The artifacts are revealed and groked in turn:

  1. ‘Bracer’: a potent defensive weapon used by Church leaders across the ages. Negates electrical fields. For inexplicable reasons, certain persons through history have proven immune to the bracers power.
  2. ‘Gorget’: grants understanding and control of any device (auto 80 skill); 2) provides instinctive knowledge to lead, control and administrate pre-fall civilizations.
  3. ‘Pyramid’: {pending)

Not present but details provided by Netsahk:

  1. ‘Father of Tools’: bestows the gift of toolmaking to pre-fall intelligent minds.
  2. ‘Nebt-Het’: a helmet-shaped artifact converting the user to Kemetic Orthodoxy and providing a deep knowledge of the faith.

The team ends with Marbles about to ‘grok’ the Pyramid artifact…