Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 23: Netsahk and the Inner Sanctum - Conclusion

The team concludes investigation of the last artifact by invitation of Netsahk.

  • ‘Pyramid’: emits a powerful healing field affecting all in the presence of the artifact. Heals and energizes life and soil by routing lifeforce from another dimension, actually creating a form of microbial life in the process. Long term exposure to the ‘Pyramid’ affects a wide physical area and accelerates genetic evolution.

The team ends with a vigorous debate around whether the Church is capable of protecting these artifacts from those that would attempt to misuse them, and whether Firewall should assist in recovering the missing artifacts, both known and unknown, and return them to Netsahk for safekeeping. The consensus seems to be that there is no better protection for these artifacts than the Church.

At this point the team debates which artifact to pursue first. The ‘Father of Tools’ is known to be floating in space where the firewall shuttle was destroyed somewhere off the Coventry Colony at Mars Phobos Lagrange point 2. Inquiry with Netsahk reveals that the artifacts produce no signature that could be detected from the vast distances required. By this time the ‘Father of Tools’ could be anywhere within a gigantic area of space. It is also possible that the artifact was already recovered by the Planetary Consortium or Trancom (research needed).

The ‘Nebt-Het’ helmet/headwear/asa-assimilator is thought to be enclosed within a 3-meter diameter black impenetrable sphere at the bottom of the new crater near the Quarantine Zone on Mars. The team decides to go after this artifact first, though we have no clear idea how to penetrate the sphere other than use various psi-sleights on it and hope the artifact inside responds. As a secondary objective we will capture any scientists found (or at least their cortical stacks).

The team works on the details of a raid to be conducted on the new temporary research facility that has been constructed by the Martian government at the crater. Research by the team over a period of several weeks reveals a lot of details about the new research base, including details about the chief scientist assigned to the project (Karl Ullstad) and his team’s cautious and thus far unsuccessful attempts to open the ‘Sphere’. The research information and raid plan is documented here.