Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 3 – Mess from the Old School

A contact working undercover in OCP mentions the use of pre-fall tech; a weaponized virus called FOCUS that mutates a person’s mind and makes them programmable. The group was able to confirm and trace the connection from OCP to the FOCUS virus and reason that OCP used FOCUS’ed people that were slaved together into a LEGION AI for the competition of Delta City.

Mylo, Colette and Stinky arrived at their meet up with the informant Anne R. Key at the Three Roses, a restaurant owned by a shady figure.

Stinky was suggested to stay outside and keep a look out while Mylo and Colette got information about the virus FOCUS. Ann and Colette masked their conversation by simultaneously holding a mundane verbal conversation, while having real conversation was held via private text messaging. They were told about Ann’s experience in the halls of Delta City’s Social Planning building and her witnessing what could be people under the influence of the FOCUS virus.

Stinky decided to take preemptive action as look out and stalked around the restaurant in camouflage, while attempting to hack into the surveillance system. Having unknowing trigged a notification to some criminal associates to the 3 Roses owner, a van with 2 biomorph and a synth soon arrived and managed detect Stinky by hacking his chameleon skin, rendering him plainly visible.

Colette and Ann concluded their meeting and departed the scene, while Mylo quickly made his way to the thugs and provided a momentary distraction enough for Stinky to regain control of his cameo and make an escape.

As the team regrouped to backed up their minds at a public ego bank, Colette made use of her psi abilities to sort through known facts and find connections in the threats the team has encounter thus far and unravel what could be going on at in New Delta City.

The habitat’s AI, SAINT, the advanced AI that manages and controls New Detroit that edges on the level of seed AI.

The LEGION AI, the military grade computer AI that infiltrated the firewall safe house. I knew of our investigation on the station and wanted to stop us before we started. It’s possible that it may be an agent outside of OCP, considering that if it had control of the habitats systems, security would have easily dealt with the firewall sentinels.

The virus, FOCUS, was developed by countries in the pacific islands as a weapon. This was eventually used to slave the human mind into become a processer and a possible alternative to AI. Through a series of trades and mergers, connections to OCP could be found.

Kazushi Mikken, compassionless genius geneticists, abducted from Japan to conduct operations in black sites in Africa. May have be responsible to countless disappearance of women throughout the country. May have been connected to FOCUS, MAPPO, and the Elephant Men.

The AI, MAPPO, specializes in behavioral programming. May have been created by Kazushi prior to The Fall.

The Elephant Men, gene-spliced animal-humans mentally programmed to be a dedicated solider. Controlled through an old implant by receiving commands from the AI, MAPPO.

After presenting her findings to the team, Miller used his connections to Firewall to verify certain key points, including existence of MAPPO and an old XP of an interview with an actual Elephant Man.

Stinky took this time to step out to a workers bar and form some criminal contracts, while Colette worked to setup a dinner interview with the Director of Behavioral Management, Drago Stadinti, a prominent member of Delta City Social Planning.



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