Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 4: The end of the day

The group split up: half to gather information from an OCP Director and the others to reacquire the stolen ego by infiltrating a warehouse where it was transferred to. The information was successfully collected; while the infiltration mission ended in failure after being told by the LEGION that the ego was no longer there, and as a large robotic drone the team encountered detonated missiles destroying the warehouse as the team managed to escape.

The team regrouped at the hotel to receive an updated mission briefing in light of the day’s events and the new information collected.

The assumption is that Omni Consumer Products (OCP) has leveraged the FOCUS virus gained from before The Fall as an alternative way to building a tamed LEGION AI for the completion of the city project. The mission is now to retrieve Router Miller’s stolen Ego, while overall preventing OCP from using this AI and the FOCUS technology.

The IP address gained from the attack on the safe house pointed an OCP maintenance warehouse as the source of the attack and the place to find the abducted ego with sensitive firewall information. Using contacts close to OCP personal gained from the informant (Anne R. Key), a dinner interview was setup to with Drago Staedintei, director of building where the FOCUS victims are through to be held.

The group split up into, Team Stealth (Stinky 6, Taharqa and Asa) made their way to infiltrate the warehouse and retrieve the ego, while Team Fabulous (Mylo and Colette) went to the dinner interview in hopes of getting exclusive access to tomorrow’s event and getting OCP secrets from the director.

Stealth stumbled in getting into the building: the door was locked, the old deadbolt could not be picked, Asa proceeded to wave at some cameras, and the alarm was set off when Stinky the octopus squirmed through the ventilation and opened the door. Once inside, Taharqa cut the outgoing video feeds as Asa ground the security system. Things came to a halt when the octopus caught sight, from up in the air vents; of the large combat drone, ED 215, that was acting as guard for a set of stairs leading to a basement not shown on public maps.

Despite the hostility and reluctance a hypercorp official was bound to put up while in the company of Colette, given her black marking and blacklisting from her past exposes; Team Fabulous handle the dinner at the quaint restaurant with the Director and his personal aid with grace and decorum.

A combination of educate speaking in his native tongue, the respectful gesture of being accompanied by a companion for the dinner, and judicious used of aysnc powers made a standout impression on Drago in during the atypical interview, to the point where Mylo was able to gain an exclusive invitation to tomorrows private events. Dinner was drawn to a close after the idea of a private affair between Colette and the director at his home was psychically induced.

With a loose plan formed, Stinky made a distraction by dropping the air vent grate to the floor, sending the ED 215 to investigate. Asa, a flat armed with only a monofilament sword, rushed in going toe to toe with the walking tank, using his knowledge and expertise in mechanics to his advantage to single handedly put the drone into disrepair. Taharqa making a mad dash to the descending stairs while crawling on the walls towards a sever room in the lower level. The octopus skirting the edge of the battle on the ceiling, providing some cover fire and making sure to hug his escape route through the air vent.

Despite the disabled machine gun, malfunctioning rocket launcher, crippled arm, and leg locked in place; the ED 215 managed to leap to the opening to the stairs and announce that Millers ego was already transferred elsewhere as it was ready to drop the armed missile payload from the dead launcher into the lower level.

Asa, hoping to give Taharqa some sort of chance to escape from the basement, rushed to the ED and leaped onto the open missile ammo feed to hug and stop the explosives from falling out. In that tense situation right before he could no longer bear the full weight of 26 primed missiles, Asa was the only one to witness the primal lion-like transformation that Taharqa underwent as she clawed up the walls towards him and the ED , bypassing the falling explosives and escaping the lower level; all the while radiating psychic energy that Asa was all to familiar with.

He was barely able to maintain his nerve and leap off the ED before the cascade of explosives went off down below, deforming the floor and sending a column of fire to rise and blast a hole in the ceiling right next to Stinky’s escape route. As both the floor and the roof began to collapse from the concussive force, Asa preformed one last act of heroism grabbing the unconscious Taharqa and escaping ware house.

Stinky did not fare so well during the collapse, as his escape route became a dead end when the only path in front of him was pinched shut from its fall. Coincidentally, his spinelessness (both figuratively and literally) trapped him in that situation, also spared him the worst of the damage.

Once Drago and Colette were alone at the hotel, the director was psychically put to the sleep, the thoughts of a good night affair with Miss Lemieur were implanted into his mind as Colette was free to comb through his mind for information. She found that because of heavy restrictions on AI use within the Lunar Lagrange Alliance (LLA), no AI that OCP was allowed to use could complete the project in time. A person that Drago himself was not able to identify approached the OCP directors with the plan of action to meet the deadline.

The SAINT AI pushes the limits of what the LLA allows and run the systems of Delta City, but it’s only a front for the LEIGION AI that was used for the actual completion of the project. OCP had to use criminal means of acquiring the number of flat morphs needed for FOCUSing and slaving to the Legion AI. Drago himself was not actively apart of the plan, but was aware of the two facilities used for the operation and makes great use of the FOCUSed subjects.

Disgusted by his lack of human decency in justifying of all of this, despite his refusal to ever see the victims; she psychically compelled him that, when he has the next opportunity, he’ll go to that room and look upon what he’s had a hand in doing to those FOCUSed people and burn the image into his mind. She may have gone further had she not found that the effects of FOCUS brainwashing can be reversed, but with the severe side effect that all knowledge of what the person was programmed to focus on is lost and cannot be regained.

An ending in the style of the show ‘24’, we see Asa carrying the unconscious Taharqa down a back alley to their vehicle, ears still ringing from the blast and mind reeling from what he’s gone through with the LEGION AI, the ED 215, and his teammate.

Colette in a dimly lit bedroom, still dress elegantly from the dinner and drinking from a glass of wine while looking with distain at the unconscious man next her; submits an update to Miller about her findings as she continues to psychically rip secrets from the OCP director’s mind at the leisure.

Stinky 6 squirming out of the air vent he was in as he collapsed along with the roof of the warehouse. Regaining his bearings from the blast that nearly took out the team and making his escape as the sounds of incoming sirens can be heard from the distance.

Mylo sitting at the bar of a hotel pounding back drink after drink as he gets notices from his muse; his Companion Guild profile has been updated to include the exclusive grand opening gala he’ll be attending tomorrow, his updated search and feeds on the Stranton Family frustratingly yield no results or current activity, and the current five XP’s just aren’t doing it for him at the moment as he launches another five.

The final scene is of Colette having run through Drago’s mind pulling his passwords and logins information for getting into the Delta City Social Planning building, thinking she’d gotten all the info there was to get; she comes across one brief and limit though:
OCP nanotechnology called ‘Localizers’ that would allow for the absolute psychological domination of transhuman-kind.

As the clock finally strikes midnight and the first day comes to an end.



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