Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 5: Vindicated

New reports immediately broke out about the bombing and soon identified half the team as the terrorist responsible. Painting OCP as victims and compromising the Asa and Stinky’s covert status, the group quickly went to work spinning this story. A counter report was made with accusations pointing out OCP’s suspicious use of AI’s in their project; backed by no definitive proof, but feeding on the public’s fear of another Fall and an XP made by the lead terrorist/hero Asa.

The unexposed members were free to attend the public Delta City ribbon cutting ceremony, where OCP put on the typical show, but also acted to assure the public on their use of AI’s. This included a visual representation of their public S.A.I.N.T. AI. All was going well, until SAINT seemed to malfunction and attempted to basilisk hack everyone. The team managed to avoid the hack an make their way to the VP of IT of OCP and gain escort as he escaped the scene.

12:05 AM Team Stealth works to put as much distance between them and the site as Miller and Mylo catch breaking new reports of a possible terrorist attack in the downtown area, early footage taken from multiple angles shows the huge column of fire erupting from the building.

12:17 Facial recognition software quickly identifies Stinky 6 and Asa as two of the three involved in the attack, Stinky is pretty apparent considering the few number of octopi found on the station and footage is soon found of Asa actually waving at a security camera prior to the explosion. Practiced in being discreet, Taharqa had used her skinflex and chameleon skin implants enough to deceive scans. Mylo informs the team of their exposure and tells them not to return to home for fear of compromising everyone.

Miller is busy actively coordinating multiple incoming messages in light of the recent events and invites the team for input on the situation; Colette takes advantage of this moment to suggest going public with the information found so far to help spin the media storm in favor of the mission. Miller relents and Colette immediately presents a report she had been compiling; documenting and explaining the entire known situation, excluding the involvement of Firewall and its sentinels.

12: 32 Team Stealth ditches their vehicle for fear of being traced to it and makes their way into the maintenance tunnels that Stinky 6 is becoming so familiar with.

The report is heavily modified to exclude major flags like the mission, direct references to FOCUS and the LEGION AI; highlighting the dangers of the SAINT AI, how it obviously breaks safety regulations to help complete the project on time, and OCP’s sordid past history with using unstable tech to increase with profit margins.

Without the key points, it becomes a lot circumstantial evidence and finger pointing that raises eyebrows, but falls flat. The piece de resistance that ties all of this together and helps make use of the team members with blown covert status’; a full unedited XP made by Asa spouting anarcho messages about anti-technoprogressism, the hypercorp’s dealings against transhuman-kind, and preventing a repeat of The Fall; backed by his full thoughts, raging emotions, and mild psychotic spikes at certain points.

This version of the report is compelling and rings of truth in its own right, but in keeping the remaining sentinels unexposed, and because of Colette’s ethics against this blatant fear mongering reporting, an independent and outstanding media outlet is handed the story and runs with it in full force.

1:27 AM Miller, Mylo and the rest of team Bravo returned the room to its original occupant and relocates homeplate to the hotel where Colette with was held up with director Drago, as Taharqa eventually makes her way to the hotel and rejoins the remaining covert team members. Asa and Stinky are given a vehicle and told to maintain a low profile.

The report and Asa’s XP have become sensational in the short time since their release as questions are raised against OCP and their possible actions, thus turning the wheels on the hypercorp’s spin machine. All points are carefully refuted through propaganda and by officials; including expert psychologist’s questioning Asa’s sanity; but the seed of doubt has been planted in the public’s mind and is left to grow.

The plan is then set to use Mylo’s connection to Damien Lowe and gain access to the executive at the night’s Gala event, in hopes of isolating and prying further intel about what’s going on from him. With the recent attack, a spike in private security is obvious and is used to have Taharqa accompany Colette acting as her bodyguard to the events along with Mylo.

10:00 AM At the ribbon cutting opening ceremony, has high profile coverage was apparent with the media celebrities and shear presentation of the show including the security guards at the event. There were had the typical round of speeches on the achievement of OCP, accompanied with recent revision to address the attack and the following report.

All of this lead the Damien Lowe’s on stage presenting an outstanding holographic representation of the SAINT AI, that went on to awe and impress the viewing the public as it spoke about the services it can provide to visitors and residents of the city that would put muses to shame.

There is a pause by SAINT to allow people to access and look into the features describe, but then there is an obvious change in SAINT’s projection and where it declares that “This station is an island”, then proceeds to emit both audio and visual stimuli that have mind warping effects as a means of basilisk hacking people. The sentinels are prepared and able to overcome the hack, but other crowd members proceed to zone out and become unresponsive.

The Sentinels sweep into action; Taharqa having identified the cleanest escape route, Colette remarkably makes her way through the crowd towards Damien stating that he’s now the prime target, and Mylo attempting to provide cover by launching a smoke grenade, but making him a target by security.

Miller reports through the TacNet that communications are still outgoing on the station and that the video feeds are still live. Things have obviously and very publically gone wrong with the SAINT AI at this OCP event as people begin attacking each other and security sweeps into action.

Relentlessly pursuing after Damien with near disregard for her safety, Colette almost runs straight into one of his private body guards looking hell bent on preventing her from advancing. With a last minute instruction from Miller for her to approach from a different angle, she managed to avoid the ensuing chaos as Motoko leap on stage in an advanced synth morph and begins to combat the drugged up body guard hand to hand.

The sentinels eventually manage to make their way to Damien and by mentioning how FOCUS has grown out of control, gained entranced into his escort, into his limousine, and out of the chaos. The group finds themselves completely blocked from wireless communication and strapped to stunners built into the seats.

Asking how the group knows of about FOCUS and their intension with the information, Colette reveals to Damien how the team are currently embedded with the terrorist after being told of the LEGION AI and of FOCUS; of how they’re acting as a mouthpiece for Asa’s crew and are along for the ride documenting this sequel to The Fall. She paints a picture that Asa is an influential and resourceful man that is not to be under estimated who’s only concern is stopping this AI threat.

Unsurprising from a hypercorp executive, calls on his humanity and the gravity of the situation are overshadowed by his and the company’s self-interests. Only through Colette’s constant stream of undeniable facts and berating, and hints of making use of the situation to put both Asa’s crew and OCP in alliance to the actual third party threat, was the team eventually able to make some headway as they drive away and sit completely at his mercy.



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