Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 6: Lessons in safety

The team joins up after negotiating an alliance with the Vice President of Information Technology of OCP. As everyone in the escort made their way to escape via spacecraft, he reveals valuable intel into what was going on, including footage of an incoming Planetary Consortium warship that responded far too quickly to this recent crisis.

The other Sentinel Team of Miller FireWall cell, led by Mike Chin were meanwhile tasked with recovering FireWall’s last-resort nuclear weapon fron beneath the Legion compromised safehouse. During the mission Chin and teammate Gunnar Vorstagg reveal themselves to be members of FireWall’s Conservatives Clique and double cross the other Sentinels in their team in order to gain access to and detonate the weapon. As the Router for their team, Miller has no choice but to warn the rest of his Sentinels on the station and sends the group a large data package and a message to get off the station as Bravo Team detonates a nuclear bomb outside the station, creating a large hole and venting the atmosphere into space. Soldaat Moordenaar is annihilated in the nuclear fire along with Jayne Lewis who had tracked the team of LEGIONS co-opted synthmorph slaves to the safehouse and was investigating the ongoing ruckus between Bravo Team and Legion’s servants.

As they made their way in the Habitat’s end-cap vacuum to emergency vac suits, Asa Ivorsson manages to dispatch the OCP VP and his body guards while only incurring moderate injuries. Retrieving stacks, mesh inserts and other resources; the group prepared to ascend in an elevator to the ship bay.


While scouting out the building containing the LEGION Basilisk Hack victims for a break in at a later time; during the press conference Stinky and Asa (now the dynamic duo known as Team Octo-Viking), see over the tack net the chaos that erupts and watch as the other team’s feed go dead while entering the limousine. They immediately steal and drive a car to intercept them at their assumed route. They are mentally shaken up after mowing down LEGION slaves and normal citizens fighting in the streets in the mad dash to get to the limo.

Mylo and Colette ( known now as Team Fabulous) managed to play on Damien’s concern for his public image over this disaster, striking up an alliance by promising to spin events in his favor. He agrees and gives up important information on the person responsible for all of this, Dr. David Kaydick, and even presents live footage of an incoming Planetary Consortium warship; common sense says that this quick response time to the crisis is far too convenient and raises suspicion on other Inner System governmental involvement.

Witnessing Team Octo-Viking quickly driving up behind (windshield smashed, blood smeared hood, the rattling of a makeshift sunroof, them with weapons at the ready), Damien allows the group to briefly communicate over the mesh while monitoring the outgoing messages. Team Fabulous talks the others down, informing them of the change in the situation and of the agreement with Damien; while Colette’s muse successfully manages to send a short encrypted message the everyone without Damien noticing: “Attack at opportune moment”.

After isolating the limp, Team Octo-Viking are the only ones who receive the large data package sent through the mess and a message from Miller in real-time; he told them to abort the mission and get off station as he showed them footage of the other group of firewall agents, floating in orbit of the station on top of the nuclear bomb as they armed and detonated it. A bright flash is seen and a rumble is felt as a mile wide hole is created in the station and the atmosphere is vented into space.

In light of this completely unforeseen event, Team Fabulous convinces Damien not to panic and to allow unrestricted communications to plan their escape in this atmosphere less environment. Most of the team dawned their vac suits they had on their persons, leaving Mylo, Damien, and the twin body guards to make a run for the emergency station near the shuttle elevator.

With the rough plan of attack laid out, this is what unfolded in the span of less than a minute:

Colette used her psi abilities to implant the idea of Damien sticking close to her for safety as he made his way out the limo into the vacuum.

Asa and Stinky began to approach, while Asa felt some sort of feedback from psi use from the limo area.

Colette used her psi abilities to implant the idea into the reserved twin mind that the drugged up twin had been compromised by the LEGION Basilisk Hack attack. Asa received another burst of psi feedback from the direction of the entourage.

As the twins were focused on each other trying to work out if they were compromised via their tac-net, Asa was open to walk right up to Damien with his monofilament sword and sliced clean through his neck in one swipe.

The drugged up twin was the only one able to respond to what just happened; extending her clawed finger tip and with her great speed, she repeatedly stabbing Asa to the point of rendering him unconscious as he and Damien collided with the floor.

It was by sheer chance that Colette was able to avoid the drugged out twin’s attack on her, and through the use of her Async abilities that she was able to redirect the twin’s attention to her sister by implanting the idea that her sister was compromised by the LEGION attack, thus pitting the two against each other before running off away from the cluster.

Mylo was still inside the limo at the door and attempted to shoot off a micro missile at the reserved twin blocking his path, but his found that they had been rendered inert by the security nano swarm in the interior. Thanks to his luck, he found one that had only been rendered partially inactive and proceeded to lodge it into the armored pants of the twin blocking his path, before detonating it. The weakened blast was enough to obliterate her lower digestive tract and reproductive organs and peel 70% of the dermis overlaying her spine and back, revealing her sub-dermal armor weave and impact everyone in and outside of the limo in the ten meter blast radius.

The remaining twin sister was ready to rush into the limo and kill the rest of the group, until Stinky had laser blasted her and grabbed her attention. Colette rushed up to her one last time psychically compelled her to abandon attacking the group and to escape with Damien’s stack; causing her to grab the severed head and make a dash for the emergency vac suits.

Stinky continued to shoot and distract her enough for Mylo and Colette to make it to the vac suits first and play defense. Despite the drugs and her heavily modified body; the combination of the emotional trauma of what’s gone on, psychical stress she’s sustained from all the fighting and the vacuum (and the steams of complaints from the player to the GM! :D ), she eventually succumb to asphyxiation.

The team regrouped, licking their wounds and worked to remove as much traces of their presence and involvement by collecting the stacks and mesh inserts of Damien Lowe and the Magnetic Dog Sisters.



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