Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 7: Crisis management

Finding the space port buzzing with LEGION activity and the Planetary Consortium warship ’s containment policy of destroying anything attempting to leave, the team worked to gathered supplies for an alternate route off station. With information gathered from Damien Lowe mesh inserts, a plan to infiltrate the OCP building, collect information on FOCUS, and disable the main hub for the AI was set into motion.

Finding the police station to still be operating and getting news on the efforts going on to handle this crisis, the team was forced to get involved in the game of political football between the Lunar Lagrange Alliance, Planetary Consortium, Omni Corp, the New Detroit survivors; taking on the role of the terrorist held responsible for the disaster. They managed to negotiate a temporary alliance between the terrorist and the surviving OCP authorities, to perform a coordinated attack on the OCP building, disabling the AI servers, and opening their only line of communication to the other habitats.

As the team tended to their injuries, they failed to get a hold of router Miller and resorted to opening the data package he sent, containing a limited Firewall database.
They communicated with the crew of the Stinky 6 ship, The Ross Revenge, and the crew described the chaos on the space port with the swarms of LEGION infected fighting their way to board all the docked ships, appearing to be preparing for an escape of their own.

Seeing their route through the space port as impassable, they worked out a new plan of action for escape. With the information retrieved off of the dead Damien Lowe’s mesh inserts, the main severs of the station AI were found to be hidden at the Delta City Social Planning Building, the place originally pointed out by the contact, Anne R. Key.

They set out to gather survival supplies at a nearby recreational supply store (space REI ), then make their way to a police station for some combat equipment, and head to the OCP building, find any further information on the LEGION AI, possible FOCUS cure, and disabling the AI’s servers to stop it from plaguing the station, all while looking into the viability of an alternate escape route thorough the giant hole in the station.

As the team made their way to the store to find better vac suits, survivors stranded in their homes with dwindling oxygen peering out the windows at them weighted heavily on the minds. At the store. they came across a surviving employee defending herself with a light pistol. The team talked her down and agreed to lead her to safety, using her help to acquire some high end vac suit and car full load of supplies for any other survivors.

When arriving near the Delta City Police Department, the group found it to be in operation, escorting survivors to the underground shelters under the city streets. This tossed out the idea of collecting weapons, but opened up a new option as group arrived presented the survival supplies, a map to the locations of other survivors, and a demand to speak to a superior officer about important information. After a heated negation when it was revealed their connections to the terrorist held responsible for the nuclear blast, they managed to convince the Captain into cooperating and preforming a coordinated attack the AI servers the OCP building.

During the time it took in organizing all the police forces around the station for the attack, the team uncovered the spin game that the Lunar Lagrange Alliance and the Planetary Consortium were playing at with this disaster. The LLA attempted to hold onto public opinion by claiming to have soldiers mounting a rescue operation on the station, while the PC had set up a containment policy of destroying anything attempting to leave the station. With no safe means of communicating and telling the rest of the galaxy about what was really going on in New Detroit, I was only a matter of time before the PC decided to cleanse the rest of the station. Suspicious footage of a space craft that had managed to leave the station without getting destroyed by the Planetary Consortium warship, raise further question when it was found that the ship did not make a course for another station, but fixed itself to the outside hull of this station.

After arriving at the hotel safe house, finding Miller corpse after he used a quantum far caster to escape; the group and some police escorts equip with the combat supplies, taken from the original safe house, and prepare for the assault on the Delta City Social Planning building.



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