Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 8: assault on Delta City Social Planning

Rendezvousing with Delta City Police Department survivors the Team assaults the nerve center of the LEGION Ai. It is not without it’s hazards. Synthmorphs immune the the inner-station vacuum unleash heaver spray weapons, decimating police forces, and the terrible might of MAPPO’s Elephantmen prove nearly unstoppable. Omni Consumer Products advanced Cyborg “Assimilated” (the victims of LEGION’s basilisk hack cerebral over-writer)rain destruction on DCPD vehicles and the mission bogs down in a lowering gravity, zero-atmosphere bloodbath.

Fighting their way up the stairs the FireWall Sentinels encounter their first psychologically traumatizing horror in the form of a Nile Crocodile Transgenic “elephantman” soldier under LEGION’s control. It’s comes to the fight with heavy armor and anti-vehicular armament but is quickly cut down by the fast action and coordinated thinking of the sentinel team and their DCPD escorts. Hot on its heels though, comes the attack of the assimilated synthmorph citizens again wielding deadly flechette-spraying guns. Tacnet synchronizations saves the day and even these threats fall before the determined FireWall Cell.

Investigating the Delta City Social Planning Department inner halls, they discover a surviving scientist involved in the devilish FOCUS atrocity and also the inner office of Drago Staedintei and Collette, having stolen all of his access codes with her Async Psi-Sleights, draws forth the horrible evidence of their awesome corporate malfeasance.

But all is not well, Info-Sec Specialist Stinky 6 succumbs to another LEGION basilisk hack, is ‘assimilated’ and turns on his comrades, forcing them to Tazer him unconscious and terminate him, saving his cortical stack for later analysis.



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