Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 9: The Horror of FOCUS

The intrepid Sentinels continue on to discover the staging room of the Elephant Men and evidence of more OCP ED-215 combat robots in the facility. Evidence of MAPPO’s connection to OCP and a possible surviving MAPPO orbital facility is unearthed. The captive OCP Scientist is psychologically interrogated by Collette and the existence of the crucial UNIT ONE and UNIT TWO corto-hemispherical replicants comes to light. The team rushes down to the first floor amidst Tacnet warnings of the seemingly unstoppable Pachyderm Elephantman pinning down the entire surviving DCPD assault team on the first floor with an auto-fire grenade launcher and 20mm ‘vulcan’ railgun. They slip around behind it’s rear flank and into the sanctum of the Focused.



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