A-1 Heavy Battle Armor

Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Modular Warfare System


Poseidon Heavy Industries Heavy Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Modular Warfare Armor is ergonomically manufactured to conform to a specific character’s body, and includes an environmental seal with climate control to protect the wearer from hostile environments. It provides an Armor Value of 13/13. [cost: ₠1,321.00 / 1 CP]

The helmet latches on and provides an environmental seal with a 12 hour supply of air. Adds 3/3. Equipped with an ecto (p. 325), a radio booster (p. 314), and sensors equal to specs (p. 326). [cost: ₠100.00 / .5 CP]

This model also includes a new system deploying Spray Armor. This fast armor application activates from an internal reservoir when the armor is donned and disperses a smart chemical polymer that sticks to bare flesh (but does not adhere to hair and eyes). The polymer solidifies into a form fitting body armor fabric when exposed to body temperature with the look and feel of a latex suit. Spray armor does not work on synthetic morphs or on clothing or other armor. The spray-on armor does not wash off, but degrades 1 point of armor (both energy and kinetic) every 12 hours. It may be removed with a special nanotech solvent. Spray armor has an Armor Value of 2/2. [cost: ₠427.00 / .5 CP]

All Poseidon Heavy Industries personal armors provide Poseidon’s renowned “Olympus” Tactical Networks: These programs allow people in the same squad to share tactical data in real-time. (See Tactical Networks, p. 205) [Cost: ₠1200.00 / 1 CP]

Total Cost of base unit: ₠1848.00 / 3 CP (2 without Poseidon’s Olympus Tactical Network)

Total Armor Protection: 17 energy / 17 kinetic


A hermetically sealed G-suit with a Bomb-disposal class helmet containing FS Optics. Complete with nanotech air scrubber, a high level protective collar and onboard tactical control station. The outfit comes standard with a ballistic tactical vest with optional pouches and support kits / counteragent epipens available separately. Standard features also include a combat assistant AI (internal), a powered exoskeleton rated to compensate for the suit’s loadouts and microthrusters for 0-gee combat. Military and Law enforcement models come with a breaching shotgun. All models come with a monoedge combat knife.

Also available in Stealth and Assault variants.

Stealth varient includes:
Thermal Dampening p.313 [cost: ₠1367.00 / 1.5 CP]
Chameleon Coating [cost: ₠78.00 / .5 CP]

Assault variant includes:
Reactive Coating [cost: ₠1513.00 / 1.5 CP]
Refractive Glazing [cost: ₠342.00 / .5 CP]
Offensive Armor with Shock Proof modification [Cost: ₠900.00 / 1 CP]

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A-1 Heavy Battle Armor

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