C-1 Combat armor

Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Combat Armor


Poseidon Heavy Industries Heavy Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Standard Warfare Armor outfits protect the wearer from head to toe. An integrated armor vest is supplemented with increased protection on the limbs and joints, while still managing to be flexible and non-restrictive. It provides an Armor Value of 10/10. [cost: ₠488.00 / 1 CP]

This armor accessory helmet can be worn Light, with facepanel open, or fully sealed and latched on to provide an environmental seal with a 12 hour supply of air. The helmet adds 3/3. and when fully sealed is equipped with an ecto (p. 325), a radio booster (p. 314), and sensors equal to specs (p. 326). [cost: ₠88.00 / .5 CP]

This unit is designed to be worn over the Second Skin® lightweight bodysuit, woven from spider silks and fullerenes, Second Skin® is worn as an underlayer, and comes standard with the armor. It provides minimal protection, but may be worn with the armor without penalty. It provides an additional Armor Value of 1/3. [cost: ₠250.00 / .5 CP]

Total Cost of base unit: ₠826.00 / 3 CP

Total Armor Protection: 14 energy / 16 kinetic


A hermetically sealed G-Suit with helmet IR cams and nanotech air scrubbers integrated into it’s re-breather unit. Comes standard with a monoedge combat knife, tactical vest, optional pouches, and a load-compensating exoskeleton offsetting the armors weight for long marches.

All Poseidon Heavy Industries personal armors provide Poseidon’s renowned “Olympus” Tactical Networks: These programs allow people in the same squad to share tactical data in real-time. (See Tactical Networks, p. 205) [Cost: ₠1200.00 / 1 CP] Tactical networks are specialized software programs used by teams that benefit from the sharing of tactical data. They are commonly used by sports teams, security outfits, military units, AR gamers, gatecrashers, surveyors, miners, traffic control, scavengers, and anyone else who needs a tactical overview of a situation.

In game terms, tacnets provide specialized software skills and tools to a muse or AI, as best fits their tactical needs. These tools link together and share and analyze data between all of the participants in the network, creating a customizable entoptics display for each user that summarizes relevant data, highlights interactions and priorities, and alerts the user to matters that require their attention.

The Olympus Tactical Network provides the following features:

Maps: Tacnets assemble all available maps and can present them to the user with a bird’s eye view or as a three-dimensional interactive, with distances between relevant features readily accessible. The AI or muse can also plot maps based on sensory input, breadcrumb positioning systems (p. 332), and other data. Plotted paths and other data from these maps can be displayed as entoptic images or other AR sensory input (e.g., a user who should be turning left might see a transparent red arrow or feel a tingling sensation on their left side).

Positioning: The exact position of the user and all other participants are updated and mapped according to mesh positioning and GPS. Likewise, the position of known people, bots, vehicles, and other features can also be plotted according to sensory input.

Sensory Input: Any sensory input available to a participating character or device in the network can be fed into the system and shared. This includes data from physical senses, portable sensors, smartlink guncams, XP output, etc. This allows one user to immediately call up and access the sensor feed of another user.

Communications Management: The tacnet maintains an encrypted link between all users and stays wary both of participants who drop out or of attempts to hack or interfere with the communications link.

Smartlink/Weapon Data: The tacnet monitors the status of weapons, accessories, and other gear via the smartlink interface or wireless link, bringing damage, shortages, and other issues to the user’s attention.

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C-1 Combat armor

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