COMEX High Dive ExoSuit

A shell that can survive atmospheric reentry


COMEX was a powerful Martian hypercorp before being out maneuvered by the planetary consortium. On Mars they are fully one quarter of the game as regards supply chains insystem, but that doesn’t change anything. At its heart, ComEx is basic just a piece of tracking software for routing supplies—morphs, metals, water, reactor mass, and anything else that still needs to be moved around physically to, from and around Mars.
When they got greedy and started trying to use their control of the maglev line to muscle their way into a voting position in the Consortium, the PC clipped their wings with a series of sanctions. They ended up having to sell off Rail Eos to stay afloat, and now the majority share
in the railway is owned by the Consortium itself.
ComEx and its business partners own millions of infomorphs and indentures in clanker synths. They’re alleged to’ve arbitrarily extended the contracts on hundreds on indentures to save cred after the Rail Eos fiasco. The rumor that the ComEx core software itself keeps emerging into consciousness and having to be reset so that it stays below the threshold is a lot more interesting. But that one has never been confirmed.
Thye still manufacture some very cheap and relatively reliable heavy industry and transportation products. Such as this High Dive ExoSuit.


High-dive suits are individual Exoskeleton specifically designed to withstand atmospheric re-entry and allow the occupant to reach a planet’s surface safely. They feature a liquid-cooled thermal regulation system, a closed-loop oxygen system with chemical scrubbers, small gas jets, a drogue chute, and a conventional parachute. High-dive suits are made of fullerene with a refractory metal coating and an opaque sapphire faceplate. A mini-oxygen tank and rebreather provide the wearer with 3 hours worth of breathing air. A high-dive suit compares to light body armor in terms of general protection, though its refractive glazing and heat-transfer systems provide extra protection against energy weapons (AV 13/10). Because of its thermal dampening systems, a high-dive suit also makes its wearer difficult to spot with thermal sensors. Thermal dampening obfuscates heat signatures by converting body heat into electric energy. It makes the target more difficult to spot with thermal sensors; apply a –30 modifier for Perception Tests unless they are entering atmosphere, in which case they are difficult to miss (+30) since they look like a flaming comet.
Note that COMEX high-dive exosuits were designed for (unpowered) descent and mid-speed surface impact only—they are not equipped for any sort of powered flight. [Cost: High]

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The COMEX Exosuit comes with a standard pilot wingsuit in case of catastrophic failure during re-entry. This should serve as a warning about their confidence in the unit holding together to savvy consumers

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COMEX High Dive ExoSuit

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