P-1 Async Combat Armor

Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Psionic Armor


Poseidon Heavy Industries Heavy Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Async Armor outfits protect the wearer from head to toe. It includes an integrated armor vest that is supplemented with increased protection on the limbs and joints, while still managing to be flexible and non-restrictive. This Body armor is Top-Secret and only available to Military clients in the Inner System though it is offered to selected Law Enforcement agencies of the Outer Rim. It provides Light Armor with an Armor Value of 10/10. [cost: ₠387.00 / 1 CP]

Helmet: This armor accessory is usually worn with body armor. Light helmets are open, whereas full helmets latch on and provide an environmental seal with a 12 hour supply of air. Light helmets provide an Armor Value bonus of 2/2, whereas full helmets add 3/3. Helmets are often equipped with an ecto (p. 325), a radio booster (p. 314), and sensors equal to specs (p. 326). [cost: ₠79.00 / .5 CP]

Smart Skin: Smart Skin® is an advanced nanofluid that covers the wearer’s skin. It resembles liquid mercury but retains the texture and flexibility of normal skin until activated, at which point the material becomes rigid enough to protect the wearer and distribute the kinetic energy (though still flexible enough at the joints not to impede movement). A specialized hive, worn by the character, replenishes the nanobots and stores them when not in use. Deploying the nanobots across the body takes a full Action Turn. Smart skin has an Armor Value of 3/2, and may be worn with other armor without penalty. [cost: ₠387.00 / .5 CP]

All Poseidon Heavy Industries personal armors provide Poseidon’s renowned Olympus® Tactical Networks: These programs allow people in the same squad to share tactical data in real-time. (See Tactical Networks, p. 205) [Cost: ₠1200.00 / 1 CP]

Total Cost of base unit: ₠2053.00 / 3 CP (2 CP without Poseidon’s Olympus® Tactical Network)

Total Armor Protection: 16 energy / 15 kinetic


A hermetically sealed G-Suit with helmet IR cams and nanotech air scrubbers integrated into it’s 4 Micro-re-breather units. Comes standard with a monoedge combat knife, tactical vest, optional pouches, a Combat PDA and a high-powered close-combat exoskeleton.

All P-1 Combat Armor has available option slots for integrating: (see page 183 for details)
a Smart-Skin nano-swarm reservoir,
an Immunogenic System nano-swarm reservior,
and/or Self-Healing nano-swarm reservior.
These features do not come standard.

Military and Law Enforcement variants can also be purchased with any or all of the following options: (see page 183 for details)
Lotus Coating,
Offensive Shock function,
Thermal Dampening,
Chameleon Coating.
These features do not come standard.

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P-1 Async Combat Armor

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