S-1 Scout Sniper Armor

Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Sniper Armor


Poseidon Heavy Industries Heavy Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious Scout/Sniper Armor outfits protect the wearer from head to toe. It includes an integrated armor vest that is supplemented with increased protection on the limbs and joints, while still managing to be flexible and non-restrictive. This Body armor is common issue for Military and S.W.A.T. It provides Light Armor with an Armor Value of 10/10. [cost: ₠387.00 / 1 CP]

Helmet: This armor accessory is usually worn with body armor. Light helmets are open, whereas full helmets latch on and provide an environmental seal with a 12 hour supply of air. Light helmets provide an Armor Value bonus of 2/2, whereas full helmets add 3/3. Helmets are often equipped with an ecto (p. 325), a radio booster (p. 314), and sensors equal to specs (p. 326). [cost: ₠79.00 / .5 CP]

This unit is designed to be worn over the Second Skin® lightweight bodysuit, woven from spider silks and fullerenes, Second Skin® is worn as an underlayer, and comes standard with the armor. It provides minimal protection, but may be worn with the armor without penalty. It provides an additional Armor Value of 1/3. [cost: ₠250.00 / .5 CP]

All Poseidon Heavy Industries personal armors provide Poseidon’s renowned Olympus® Tactical Networks: These programs allow people in the same squad to share tactical data in real-time. (See Tactical Networks, p. 205) [Cost: ₠1200.00 / 1 CP]

Total Cost of base unit: ₠1916.00 / 3 CP (2 CP without Poseidon’s Olympus® Tactical Network)

Total Armor Protection: 13 energy / 16 kinetic


A hermetically sealed G-Suit with helmet IR cams and nanotech air scrubbers integrated into it’s re-breather unit. Comes standard with a monoedge combat knife, tactical vest, optional pouches, and a load-compensating exoskeleton offsetting the main armament’s weight for rapid deployment / insertion.

Every unit comes standard with a Poseidon H.I. “Kusunag®” Chameleon Cloak: This loose, poncho-like cloak contains a network of sensors that perceive wavelengths from microwave to ultra-violet. A similar network of miniature emitters precisely replicate the information its sensors receive, making the wearer seem transparent to those wavelengths. A chameleon cloak allows a character to effectively become invisible as long as they are stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk. When worn by someone moving faster, the cloak still provides a +30 modifier to Infiltration Tests to avoid being seen or noticed. Chameleon cloaks are not effective against radar, x-ray, or gamma-ray sensors. They do hide the character from thermal infrared, however, by absorbing the character’s body heat into its heat sink. The cloak can only absorb a character’s body heat for one hour before it must emit this heat. Heat emission also requires one hour, during which time the character is easily visible in the thermal infrared spectrum.

To complement the Kusunagi® all armors come modified with Thermal Dampening: Thermal dampening obfuscates heat signatures by converting body heat into electric energy. (It makes the target more difficult to spot with thermal sensors; apply a –30 modifier for Perception Tests) as a standard feature

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S-1 Scout Sniper Armor

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