Viper XM03

Modular Anti-Material Assault Rifle

weapon (ranged)

The Viper XM03 is the next-gen update of the XM family, based on the old predecessor the XM307. It is a modular anti materiel assault rifle powered by an an engine and an onboard computer. The engine is a one cylinder two stroke water cooled device that runs at 9,000 RPM, while the computer with its CPU and real time OS performs functions of control, sensing and electric power distribution. The XM03 is also capable of shooting chemical bullets. The Viper XM03 barrel can be easily detached and removed using the carbon fiber handles. It is then possible to connect the grenade launcher barrel, updating the Viper from XM03 to XM68. The Viper XM is a hand built high accuracy rifle by the Computer Science Corporation – which marks the first time that CSC has produced a weapon, branching out of their usual IT services. Each units has a production cost of about $350,000 USD – The Viper XM comes with a modular case built with advanced electromagnetic shielding, two barrels and the grenade case.


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Squad Assault Weapon configuration

Viper xm03 black

Viper xm03 views

Viper xm03 .57 cal data

Automatic Grenade Launcher configuration

Viper xm03 grenade launcher configuration

Viper xm03 gl views

Viper xm03 inc stun smk grenade data

Viper xm03 chemical grenade data

Frame and Accessories

Viper xm03 titanium frame

Viper xm03 case data

Variant Retail Models

Viper xm03 white

Viper xm03 camo

Viper XM03

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