Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 19: The team reconfigures
Asa leaves for recovery and only 9 remain

The team recuperates after the harrowing martian infiltration of Trancom’s black lab and the mission to their corporate office in Olympus City. Asa finally retires from active duty to seek extensive professional therapy for his extreme PTSD and other associated mental disorders gained from his exposure to ASYNC powers.

Miller breifs the team on the Cell’s next phase…Investigating the church of Kemetic Orthodoxy.

Session 18: Deploy the Neuralizer!
The Men In Black let loose the shenanigans on the Trancom lackeys

DM Message to the gaming group:

Okay so that plunging of a gunship full of armed missiles into a mostly unshielded Antimatter Reactor pretty much resulted in a really cool localized re-shaping of the Martian landscape that will not be soon forgotten in the annals of transhuman history. It also resulted in a total and complete party-kill. Each and every one of you were killed in the resultant matter-annihilating super-sphere that emitted, Akira-like from the uncontained reactor.

So, that being the case we all get to undergo a nifty little experiment in temporarily inhabiting a number of the VAST Martian panoply of the Clanking Masses. That’s right, synthmorphs for one and all! This is especially inviting and luxurious for the two ASYNC members of your team. Now don’t panic kids, Stan’s got one or two biomorphs (and only one or two unless he spent a colossal amount of character generation points buying a crap-ton of expensive extra bodies, which it is most likely he DIDN’T!) in cold storage which he was intending to sell as he IS a ‘used-morph salesman’. However, before any of you are going to gallivant off to the Ego Bridge facility at your local mall and get re-sleeved in a more comfortable (and possibly genetically-glitchy second-hand biomorph Stan will most likely attempt to convince you is a great deal at a bargain price,) body, your FireWall Router Lieutenant Miller, has a G-13 classified, A-1 priority mission for you to tackle immediately after being released by the Psych-docs from your sleeving into these synthmorphs. And I mean RIGHT NOW! Which is going to be an infiltration and possibly terrorist massacre (because I know how you guys tend to operate) of the Trancom Regional Office in OLYMPUS CITY at the base of the mighty space elevator you rode down in 48 hours ago.


Trancom turned out to be involved in some hideously dangerous research and experimentation. The threat to transhumanity is excessive by most FireWall standards and this cannot be allowed to continue. Sentinel Dave is to be commended for her quick thinking in containing the menace to transhumanity even at the cost of her own and the rest of the Sentinel team’s bodily incarnations. And so FIREWALL is taking immediate, direct action to eliminate Trancom and commandeer the body of their research for safekeeping and threat analysis. As such a joint operations mission has been undertaken with three other FireWall Cells in which the many enclaves of Trancom will be sanitized of threatening material, their staff reeducated through advanced proprietary Firewall ‘neuralization’ technologies ( a sort of less-painful and safer psychosurgery and memory editing process) and their off-site backups and storage replaced with harmless data pertaining to their corporate day to day operations and statistics. In short, Trancom will be cleansed of all threats and re-pathed toward a brighter future not-inimical to transhumantiy. Both by you all and by other FireWall operative parties across the solar system.

For this operation you have all been sleeved in immediately available synthmorphs stored in Olympus City FireWall Facilities and given access to matching weapon-stocks acquired along with said synthmorphs. A small degree of customization is available in body color and purpose-modfications.

These are the available “Conquistador” multipurpose synthmorph shells available for Male-oriented Egos:
Color variations by sobaku chiuchiu

These are the “Maria” ToO gynoid synthmorph shells available for Female-oriented Egos:
Fred augis remember me android the valet

Please pick one, no pushing, there is only one unit of each type so no two Sentinels may have the same shell.

On the upside, each one has a little “Special Power” built into it that may help you in your mission.

When FireWall “misdirected” this shipment of illegal covert military morphs from the Planetary Consortium hypercorp, they were generous enough to include their new experimental modular weapon system with it. These customer fitted armaments designed for use by these morphs are available for this mission as well.
Sobaku chiuchiu weapon

And also these optional hand weapons designed for the fixed weapon mounts on all unit’s right forarms.

Synthmorph claw weapons

The purpose of this mission is infiltration and neuralization of 26 key employees of the Trancom Corporate Building in Olympus City. There are 26 biomorphs on staff in the building at this time. You will be issued a device designed by Argonaut Crows that is decades ahead of current psychosurgical science that will excise memories of forbidden technological research from the target’s minds by the application of the neuralizer helmet. 61.72667 seconds are required for neural scanning and mapping, deletion of data and implantation of cognitively relevant data that will prevent discontinuity in the subjects. During this time nothing must interrupt the process or the subject will need to be deleted. DO NOT cause any subjects to need to be deleted.


This is a map of the Trancom facility that you will infiltrate while around the solar system, other Sentinel teams infiltrate, assault Trancom facilities and extract similar data.

Floor plan 1st floor

Floor plan 2nd floor

Do not leave distinct trauma to the facility or it’s employees in your wake. If it can be avoided. If it cannot be avoided, harm but do not kill the targets. Do not fail to neuralize the subjects.


  • Infiltration Team:
  1. Mr. Thursday (‘Conquistador’ Synth Air Force variant; Neuralizer Team) __Player:Brian
  2. Marbles (‘Conquistador’ Synth Police variant; Neuralizer Team/Secondary Hacker) __Player:Will
  3. Stan (‘Conquistador’ Synth Engineer variant; Environment Systems Team) __Player:Kelly
  4. Jak (‘Maria’ Synth Medic variant; Environment Systems Team/Primary Hacker) __Player:Bree
  • Transport & Security Teams: Sandy/Ganos/Dave/Johann/Zak
  • Mission Summary

With Security team discreetly positioned to prevent ingress/egress from the premises, Infiltration team moves into the 1st floor public lobby and finds the local mesh to be non-stealthed but encrypted. Proceeding to the reception desk past the office lobby, Stan determines that the building security office is located nearby in office 3500E. Jak and Stan pay a visit to the security administrator, posing as a Trancom inspection team dispatched to review Trancom facility security and environmental systems after the recent antimatter ‘Event’ at the nearby Black Lab site. Gaining physical access to the security VPN using the administrator’s credentials and the default VPN password, Jak provides guest/inspector access to the team and verifies locations of 1) passive security nodes 2) 26 biomorph targets and 6 nearby non-target synths and 3) building environment overpressure/backup systems in the 2nd floor ‘Electrical’ room.

Stan and Jak move to the 2nd floor electrical room and begin inspecting the systems while Mr. Thursday and Marbles stage in the 2nd floor elevator lobby. Stan fabricates a custom input device for the air overpressure backup system and Jak begins manufacturing a large volume of knockout gas which is then fed into the system. Neuralizer team jumps the gun and enters office 4800U before the KO gas is fully effective. Marbles shocks/stuns/restrains the 1st target successfully and applies the neuralizer. While neuralizing, another target staggers down the hall, obviously unwell. Mr. Thursday escorts the disoriented target into the Electrical room, then disables the target with a zap round. The next target is in the same room with one of the bystander synthmorphs down the hall in 4800S. At this point Marbles relocates to the electrical room with the rest of the team. Another disoriented target wanders down the central corridor and is escorted into the electrical room, shocked and neuralized by Marbles along with the the prior target. At this point 3 targets are neuralized.

Discovering that a number of targets have donned emergency breathers and the bystander synthmorphs could be a threat, Jak puts out an office mesh alert to the target biomorphs stating that an environmental emergency is underway and all personnel should relocate to 2nd floor classroom 4750 for medical treatment. There the team waits for targets to enter. A single synthmorph also accompanies the targets. After Stan convinces the targets that immediate medication is necessary to counter the affects of the ‘terrorist attack’, Jak anesthetizes the targets one by one. Having no better plan, Marbles and Mr. Thursday unload full clips of Shredder and AP railgun/auto-pistol ammunition into the unfortunate office synth who instantly suffers over 100 pts of damage and disappears in a cloud of coruscating metallic confetti (cyberbrain/stack retrieved). Marbles applies the neuralizer to the unconscious subjects in 4750, one after another.

The team moves through the rest of the building neuralizing the few remaining unconscious targets. Jak extracts all the relevant artifact research data, transmits to Firewall and deletes from the Trancom systems. A private team copy is retained just in case. Jak and Stan then successfully remove mesh and physical intrusion traces. A number of non-targets attempting to flee the building during the Op were disabled/restrained at the exit tower by Security Team. The teams then split up and exfiltrate the operational area at a leisurely pace.

  • Mission Outcome

All 26 targets neuralized without trauma or deletion. Cover story sticks and for a time at least, Trancom will believe there was an aborted terrorist attack or at least a major environmental malfunction at their Olympus Campus complex.

  • Additional Results

No collateral installation damage; 1 non-target/Trancom office synth destroyed; covert status retained.

Session 17 INTERLUDE: Spiderbot Resolution
"...Going out, in a blaze of Glory..." Just like thta song from The Alarm

A beam of coherent light erupted from the ground, which was clearly visible from 3km from the origin. If one could call a column of energy that was such a deep blue, that it appeared almost black, “light”. From far away, a billowing cloud of dust narrowed to a small silhouette of some sort of military-styled truck, which was, colloquially put, ‘hauling-ass’. Within this compact, speeding APC, there was a near-palatable mix of anxiety, confusion, and dare it be said…fear…

“Colonel, is it ok we just bailed like that?” The question which was asked came from the F.N.G. {Fucking New Guy} of the “Black Moth” mercenaries, crammed into the back of the armored personnel carrier, with a noticeable amount of trepidation.

Col. Hapablap, a 58 year old veteran of the TITAN wars and the literal definition of ‘career soldier’, looked at the newest inductee of his unit for a bit, before responding. In an era when genetic defects and age are easily remedied, the stare of a milky-eyed, gray-haired, leather-faced ‘flat’ held an inexplicably unnerving quality…”Son. Our contract was to secure the facility from OUTSIDE threats. What happened—happened INSIDE. We done our job and you best pray to whatever god you find conveniently at hand that whatever those eggheads had, can be stopped. But THAT. AIN’T. OUR. JOB.” He then banged on the driver’s cabin’s door. “Can’t this frakkin junk heap go any faster?!”

“I’m sorry, say that again?” This question was asked with the same amount of stunned disbelief as the first person to ask Saint Christopher, ‘You killed a what?’

The disconcertingly calm response, that the AGI ‘Johan II’ {Alex’s ghostrider alpha Fork}, gave to summarize the past 35 minutes’ occurrences while the tactical network was unavailable to one, of the only two sentinel, who were not there to witness them, took less than 0.8 seconds to deliver. When one is essentially a computer capable of processing millions of points of information in a second or bio-modded, gene-perfect human with enough neuro-ware to be able to see and dodge bullets, a conversation entailing a 30 minute jaunt through a heavily fortified checkpoint, the contents of a top-secret hypercorp facility, the rough barometric pressure above ground {the weather}, and the components of one’s breakfast can happen pretty quickly. The placid description of events could be considered a little out of place, as the party giving it was hanging from a broken ladder, 70m above the undulating maw of a TITAN-spawn ‘death-spider’, which occupied the entirety of the space that, until recently, had been full of ‘elevator’.

‘Dave’ took this information, fairly stoically. For her, it was as much a buzzkill as finding out your parents were coming home early, from vacation, when you’re in the middle of throwing the high-school kegger of the decade and are just about to score with the head cheerleader. Her response was succinct. “Well. That is…disappointing…”

Johan II’s response was almost immediate, “I concur, Dave. As an aside, we believe that we are slipping and will soon plummet to our demise.”

“Noted, J-Two.” As Dave circled, 75m above a vertical shaft, from which her entire Firewall cell, save her and one other, were frantically trying to extract themselves while being chased by a TITAN-forged swarmoid. Dave played out a number of scenarios. None of them ended well.

[Dave: HAL {Her Muse}]

[HAL: Yes, Dave?]

[Dave: Fully purge my inserts.]

[HAL: Please confirm full-purge, Dave? This will mean I will be wiped from your local memory.]

[Dave: I know. Just do it.]

[HAL: Purge order confirmed. Please wait 0.63 seconds. Goood….byyyeee…….Daaaaaav…..]

“J-Two, alert the others that I am, as of now, assuming full operational control of this op. Mission-critical priority is now stopping this thing.” “Dave, I don’t kn…”

“Stow it, tin-can! In 0.34 seconds, upload your full mission logs to my mesh inserts. Oh—and you should probably tell Sandy to start running.” Without waiting for confirmation, Dave killed the tac-net link and activated the wide-band radio in the vectored-thrust gunship she was piloting; while dictating a transmission to the gun ship’s AI, “Emergency Broadcast: this is EDF {Earth Defense Force, or whatever the human resistance was called} ‘Sierra November Three Niner Niner’ {her call-sign during the TITAN wars}. TITAN assimilator-class kill-bot activation at Martian coordinates {present lat/long}. Attempting destruction/containment.” As Dave set the broadcast to repeat on all band-widths, she gave some further instructions to the gun ship’s AI via Smart-Link, as she set about arming every weapon mounted on the craft and maneuvering away from the opening of the elevator shaft while throttling up the hover-jets.

The remainder of the majority of Firewall ‘Miller-cell-6’ was deeply embroiled in a vertical fight/flight for their lives, roughly 50m below the surface and 80m from probable doom: a roiling mass of self-replicating nano and micro-scale robots, which eerily set shimmering blue shadows dancing around the interior of the elevator shaft due to the matter/antimatter reactor at its core, all of which were intent on the destruction of all trans-human life. The mood was…tense. While the remaining 7 members of the team were all privy to the tec-net exchange between the team’s resident AGI/hacker and Recon/Sniper, few would have been able to follow the 2.0 second conversation as it sounded like two squirrels hopped-up on MRDR arguing and none felt it necessitated their full attention, at the moment due to the not insignificant distraction provided by certain death.

As the synthmorph ‘Johan I’ {Alex’s morph and ego fork} hung by one hand from disjoined ladder which spanned from one wall to the other below the majority of the team, he primed an EMP grenade with his other hand and let it fall into the fracas, below. He announced via the tac-net, in an somewhat disturbingly upbeat voice, “Dave says she is taking command of the operation, that we are to destroy the TITAN machine, and that Sandy {Yishai’s char} should run. She was unclear about the destination, however,” as the EMP went off, below.

If ‘all hell’ had not ALREADY broken loose in the confines of the fullerite reinforced concrete walls, it certainly would have now. Though, as the situation was, it was much akin to using a Torch {Eclipse Phase-era flamethrower} on a burning hab-fire.

One of the pilots of the Firewall cell, Zak {Jeremy’s Raven Pilot Character}, having just secured the spindle’s line to the top of where the elevator’s building facade, used to be, unslung his sidearm and began showering the TITAN-monstrosity with small-arms fire as an EMP detonated within the whirling mass, in an attempt to buy his compatriots ANY extra time to escape up the service ladder to the surface. As he slammed home a fresh magazine of kinetic slugs, he was startled by a deafening roar and overpressure, followed by a vacuum, from the mouth of the elevator’s shaft. He instinctively dove to the ground, away from the opening.

Having cleared the rim of the opening, Dave quickly acquired the blue glow of the matter/antimatter reactor at the center of the swarmoid and depressed the firing stud for the gun ship’s underslung tri-barreled rotary cannon. Turning what was a drizzle of kinetic projectiles into a torrent of 20mm HEAP shells. As the shaft walls blurred past, she activated the emergency farcaster, implanted in the base of her neck. The small charge literally blow her head off while at the same time, sent her consciousness and Johan(s)’ mission log hurtling through space to a Gorgon Shield backup facility. The explosive fusillade did not stop, with the death of the gun ship’s pilot, however; as the vehicle’s AI follow the tasked commands to maintain target lock and continuously fire the cannon.

Once the aerodyne, laden with armed and primed missiles, rockets, and unexpended cannon ammo, slammed into the TITAN mass and consequently, the structurally weakened reactor, things REALLY got interesting.

If one were to examine the events on the surface, while Johan(s) was delivering their message, one would see the semi-aerodyne shape of a vectored thrust gun ship hover away from the wreckage of what appeared to be a farm house. After traveling roughly 400m and gaining some altitude, the craft pivoted in place, then the idle thrust-engines roared fully into fiery life. This rocketed the aircraft to roughly 190kph as it rolled belly-up and dove into the cargo-elevator’s opening, accelerating the whole way.

Session 17: Underground Black Lab Swarm-truck Death Ray Killbot Mayhem
Underground Black Lab Swarm-truck Death Ray Killbot Mayhem

The Sentinel team is rounded up by the Black Moth mercenary escort in a farm-truck with hidden modifications. Dave and Sandy stay hidden with chameleon armor and hitch rides on the underside and back of the farm-truck while Stan, Jak, Zak, Dr. Bernal, Asa and basically everyone else BUT Ganos follow in the camouflaged APC of Stan’s.

Approaching the “Homestead” Sandy notices the bright ultra-spectrum light of Tetrahertz wavelength light surrounding the complex and realizes that her camouflage armor will not conceal her from the defenses of the facilty and she drops off out of range of the ultra-spectrum light and hides among the terrain.

Dave stays strapped on to the underside of the farm-truck and rides unseen into the compound and all the way into the motorpool/bunker concealed within/under the “Barn”. Under the watchful eye of a LandMate Battlesuit escort the team disembarks from the vehicles and undergoes a security scan to load them into the system and protect them from the automated computer defenses of the facility. James drools a bit over the late model attack drones the Black Moth crew have racked and ready in the hangar.

Black Moth Attack Drones (Chimera Corporation Model)
Attack drone by dee virus d4mievs

Dave notes the presence of more attack vehicles in the motorpool and while the rest of the team head into the house escorted by Col. Hap Hapablap, Dave stays behind in the motorpool to infiltrate and sabotage.

Black Moth ATLAS APC
Bm atlas

Black Moth Comet Attack Cycle
Bm comet

The team are brought through the armored airlock into the “farmhouse” and to the extremely high-tech elevator leading down into the true facility below. The team notes the incredible array of deathtrap sterilization mechanisms crammed into the elevator compartment walls with their enhanced senses and Async powers.

Trancom’s “Black” Lab
Trancorp lab

Leaving the elevator the posh corporate lobby of the secret lab opens before the team. revealing the internal corporate security desk and registration station.

Trancom Lab Lobby
Security desk

The team are all processed and provided with access to Karl, the facility AGI and the “Docent” program. An augmented reality escort for the facility that answers questions and takes you to whatever you want to see while guiding your tour. Once again, the team pass through a security checkpoint (and microwave, high density scan) as they are given their Mesh ‘Visitors passes’.

Trancom Lab Scanner and Temporary ID station

As Ganos continues his ruse of being the Trancom executive Markus Rockfort, Jak the swarmcat sleeved runaway cruises down the hall searching for clues, like a feline Scooby-Doo, finding the observation hall for the Technarium.

Trancom Lab Overlook Hallway

She quickly Tac-Nets visuals of what she sees through the window to the rest of the team. Alerting them to the amazing and dangerous research taking place in the facility below. Revealing the presence of TITAN war technology and a xeno-artifact.

Trancom Lab Multi-Research Technarium
Lab floor

The team, under the direction of the Docent program, make their way down to the Technarium to get a closer look at the research. Discovering to their horror the threats to Martian transhumanity that lie here. Wonder and horror spread through the group as the scope of the threat and the audacity of the research sink in. The first study they encounter is titan “Assimilator” robot under research by the eminent genius Argonaut, Dr. Tenma.

Doctor Tenma, TITAN Argonaut
Henriquedw weiss

Dr. Tenma turns out to be completely unimpressed by Ganos’ Markus Rockfort persona, apparently knowing the man well enough to be aware of his standing within the corporation and regarding him as a criminal and low-life, but necessary evil that Trancom must employ for certain ‘business considerations’. However he has no time or patience for this nuisance.

While Ganos dances verbally with Tenma, Asa heads directly over to the weirdly glowing blue gold object in the xeno-artifact containment area. Finding it to be held under the highest technological security, from a nano-fabricated diamond containment cylinder 5 inches thick to a antimatter-reactor powered magnetic containment field that absolutely blocks all RF signal coming into or out of the containment area. Housed below the artifact dias is a thrumming, colony-grade antimatter-reactor capable of powering three small cities. The dias itself is completely armored, both with a mind for keeping the object contained within and for keeping accidents well insulated outside of the vessel. All in all, it is a fairly impregnable cell for the artifact. While in the containment facility, the alien object seems to subtly change each time it is looked at, while seemingly maintaining three dimensional shape when it is being directly observed. It is also emitting a ‘color out of space’, an alien wavelength of radiation detrimental to the human psyche. For this reason. facility augmented reality placed a “visual shield” over the object if stared at for more than 3 seconds. This is a prudent employee safety measure.

Trancorp Lab Artifact containment Dias
Control room interior

Encountering Dr. Light and her research staff of four technologists and scientists, Asa begins a gruff dialog with her, immediately alerting the genius doctor of his intention of taking the alien artifact from the facility.

Doctor Light, Xeno-Artifact Argonaut
500px chakwas med room post eden prime

The doctor takes the evidence of this ‘obvious industrial espionage operation’ stoically. asking if there is any chance she will remain alive in the aftermath of this operation. Asa assures her that in fact, he does not need to kill her at all, seeming to prefer not to, in fact. However, during this exchnage the rest of the research team catch on the gravity of the situation and, being possessed of a lesser degree of intestinal fortitude, slightly panic like hostages in a bank robbery, and begin alerting everyone in the facility, including ‘Karl’ the HAL-like AGI of the facility to the present danger. This causes a pandemic of terror and the predictable response. Dr. Feeble McWussington (assigned designation) even opens the Xeno-Artifact containment chamber in a desperate attempt to save his own life, hoping to distract Asa long enough to make his escape.

In this escalating mayhem several things happen, Johann cops to the fact that the jig is up and just instantly sprints out of the lab toward the facility exit, to the astonishment of all assembled who have not yet figured out that a snow-balling clusterfuck avalanche is roaring toward them.

Dr. Tenma, curses the entire crew of Sentinels and mesh-commands the TITAN Assimilator robot research table to restore it’s incredibly advanced fusion power core to it and release all fail-safes and containments. Immediately causing it to begin to arise from the table, assimilate all the table’s formidable armatures and devices and scan the area for all transhuman biomorphs, synthmorphs and human-created devices, to begin systematically categorizing and killing them immediately. Thereafter, Dr. Tenma picks up a readily-at-hand screwdriver and jams it through his own eye into his brain, killing himself instantly.

Awakened TITAN spider deathbot pre-disassembler swarm integration

Karl, the facility AGI observes that all security protocols are compromised, that Dr. Tenma is dead (and within seconds, Asa reconfigures his gameplan, iajutsu-draws his hyper-vibrational, mono-molecular sword and carves out Dr. Light’s cortical stack in an irregular slab of meat and bone, killing her instantly) and unleashes the Trancom Covert Research Facility’s failsafe. A magnetically contained TITAN centibot disassembler swarm of enormous mass roughly the size of a modern Semi Truck. ( approximately two metric tons ) A centibot is a centimeter-scale (as opposed to nano-scale) robot that can perform even more functions than a nanoscale construct of the same purpose. Allowing for greater processing power for it’s AI, and greater ability to tackle typically indestructible substances. They are however, even more susceptible to Electromagnetic Pulse than regular nano-swarms. It begins eating it’s way through the facility, converting ferrous material into more centibots for it;s swarm and quickly emerges from it’s subterranean prison into the research Technarium. This causes it and the TITAN Assimilator to become aware of each other. They communicate briefly and after a speedy exchange decide to merge into a greater whole, thus giving birth to a complete horror and monstrosity that can only be described as a “Underground Black Lab Swarm-truck Death Ray Killbot” The time that it takes the two of them to fully integrate themselves into a coherent whole under the control of the Assimilator robot’s processor, allows the team to run for their lives out of the Technarium.

But that is not all that happens in those few seconds. After carving out Dr. Light’s cortical stack, and seeing the ongoing maelstrom of events, Asa grabs the alien headdress like a football and breaks into a charge, rushing for the door to the Technarium as it begins to close with the finality of a nuclear bunker. Deciding that merely carrying the artifact is slowing him down too much, the then opts to PUT IT ON HIS FUCKING HEAD!!!!! (this is an ill-advised move when dealing with any alien artifact) and psychological hullabaloo ensues as nanotendrils immediately extend from the object, boring through his scalp, skull and directly into his brain. The object then re-configures itself for a human head-anatomy, like Bio-Booster Guyver armor (look it up) and forcibly converts Asa to a new religion while wiping his current motivations from his psyche with alien psychosurgery and implanting a new set of imperative directives for him to pursue. These are:

1. Go to Venus and the Aerostat known as Etemenanki (Sunward p.37)
2. Find an old central-African man there that is identified only by a psychic image of his physical appearance with no other details.
3. Return to the planet Earth and the region historically known as Nubia and the Pandora Gate that is hidden there.

The “Nebt-Het” Alien Artifact after Asa assimilation
Bulgarov nebt het

All of that was rather a personal epiphany for Asa alone that happened inside his head in a blur of pain, shocking imagery, hallucinations and disorientation. When he came-to he was running toward the facility entrance to escape the TITAN deathbot.

Meanwhile the other, more adroit Sentinels, had sprinted their wat to the ONE SINGLE EGRESS from this science-bunker. The Elevator up the 1000 meter shaft to the Martian surface. Naturally, Karl had completely cut power to the elevator and it was an inert impediment to their upward mobility. Dr. Bernal immediately sets-to on the elevator car’s ceiling with his covert operations tool, cutting a hole slowly with the welding torch. James Morgan, being of a slightly more military bent, heaves-to with a plasma rifle, dangerously overheating the unit and completely depleting the energy core in the process of plasma-cutting a manhole in the ceiling of the elevator car.
Dr. Bernal triggers an Async chi sleight which in this adrenaline-shocked moment of panic causing him to go DEVO , all “Altered States”-style, and regress to his root primate consciousness, resulting in him monkey-leaping up out through the hole in the elevator car’s ceiling and rapidly brachiating halfway up the shaft’s utility ladder before coming back to his senses.
Zak the uplift raven pilot is the last to escape the Technarium and in his flight, he looks back and sees the TITAN Deathbot peel through the blast dorr, now closed, to the Lab win three seconds where ti would have taken transhumans with cutting torches, four hours! He also witnesses the power of an awesome and terrible weapon the thing has created of its assimilated parts. Having dug up the super-antimatter-reacotr from beneath the Laboratory floor, (which also bought the team time in which to encounter the elevator and work around that problem, the TITAN monster has used it in conjunction with Dr. Tenma’s experimental atomic dis-unifier to create a searchlight deathbeam of projected puedo-antimater. A true “Disintegration Ray” of science-fiction legend. It plays the beam across the facility, instantly turning to nothingness everything it touches. Zak, redoubles his effort so flee and comes upon the scene at the elevator at top speed, bursts through the opening in the ceiling in a tightly banked power-climb and flies in a desperate dash to the top of the shaft.
Stan throws his friend and fellow fugitive Jak up through the manhole and inthe the utility shaft and she immediately begins rapidly climbing the utility ladder with her enhanced claws and prehensile tail in a fairly disturbing manner to observe, but with good speed.

The rest of the team hear the oncoming TITAN juggernaut roaring ever-closer and having seen the Tac-Net sending of Zak revealing the awesome nature of their techno-shuggoth pursuer, desperatley swarm up through the hole and begin climbing the ladder and a smartrope affixed by Zak up toward the far-away reaches of the shaft’s apex.

NATURALLY the hideous TITAN abominog reaches the elevator car just moments behind them and consumes it in a swirl of centibots, nanites and less definable technologies, forming a roiling black nano-vortex at the bottom of the elevator shaft ads the core TITAN Assimilator robot tries to figure out a new physical configuration for it’s ever-swirling mass that will be able to climb this exceedingly sheer surface toward the top of the shaft and freedom. The team flees up the ladder like men possessed upon seeing the peril at their feet and looks on in terror and despair as the Killbot re-configures its roiling mass to align the Disintegration Ray up the elevator shaft. Then is a savage, sizzling burst of annihilation the beam sears upward like a lightsaber in a ventilation shaft and ends the existence of oxygen, the top of the elevator shaft and the roof of the ‘Farm House’ facade, and takes out a three foot section of the utility ladder cause a section of it to fall across the elevator shaft at a roughly 72 degree angle leaving two od the team dangling perilously about a deadly fall into the Killbot body-mass.

There the session ends.

Session 16: Into the Outback
The wilds of Mars are no place for a n00b

After Interrogating Feng the team discovers that a trio of criminal brothers will arrive to courier the SafeRoom to an undisclosed location elsewhere on Mars. The Tremor brothers, a trio of redneck, speed-freak, neo-Nazi bonehead hitmen with a penchant for scorched earth tactics who are locally infamous for racist criminal hijinks, are to be the wheelmen and they are arriving shortly.

Rapid plans are made as two more Sentinels arrive as backup with their own disguised armored transport vehicle. James and Ganos take position on the rooftop to act as spotter and sniper if necessary, Asa and ‘Sandy’ take positions under cover of Chameleon cloaks out of sight behind cover. “Sandy” takes a front position to face the Tremor Brothers as they arrive and the rest of the team hide just out of sight waiting to ambush if necessary.

The Brother’s arrive in a late model Martian “Fausto” heavy transport.

The Cargo Type Heavy Transport “Fausto”
Fausto 06

They are currently sleeved as ‘Ishi’ the cyborg, ‘Gray’ the Olympian and ‘Trishka’ the Fury.

Darwin Tremor: Codename: “Gray”

Gray is the eldest of the Tremor brothers, He is the brains of the trio, if they can be said to have a plan ever.

Jeeves Tremor: Codename: “Ishi”

Jeeves is the largest and youngest of the Tremor brothers. His splicer morph has taken quite a beating over the years due to his absolute lack of concern for his own personal safety and his penchant for immediate physical violence whenever possibly applicable to a situation. As a result, considerable redneck cyborg modifications have been done to his body.

Lester Tremor: Codename: “Trishka”

The smallest of the Tremor brothers. Currently in a stolen FURY biomorph. Lester has been born and raised under the oft-beating fist of his two diabolical older brother. He is often the driving force behind all violence doen by the three to others that they meet. Because he uses the misdirection of his brother’s murderous impulses to protect himself from their bored bouts of physical abuse. He is currently sleeved in a Fury female biomorph body after being talked into sleeving in it by Darwin (Gray) in a for-him long ranging, scheme to really fuck with his brother by anally and vaginally raping him while he is asleep one night soon in order to show him who runs this chickenshit outfit. Darwin figures if it’s not being done to his brothers own born-in body, it’s not really incest OR faggotty. A point of view which Darwin will defend with immediate violence and overmuch verbal argument and abuse.

A tense meeting occurs as the brothers enter the warehouse to find their expected Triad contacts dead and some slut with a sniper rifle hanging around acting like she doesn’t know anything. Darwin considers raping the truth out of her since she IS white and all, but decides against it because something about this whole setup smells fishy to him. They check the cargo momentarily, ask about the corpses on the warehouse floor and warily load up the cargo with the now-buggy and partially thermite-damaged power-loader before leaving the pick-up zone, while covering Dave constantly with a gaggle of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. While the Tremor Brothers are distracted, Jak takes the opportunity to crawl up into the undercarriage of the Fausto transport and settle down for the journey to wherever the Tremors are taking the Safe-Room crate.

James and Zak, the team’s pilots, run off to prep the shuttle for pursuit while half the team splits off with the newcomer Stan to follow the Fausto in their modified armored transport vehicle. The Tremors drive to the colony surface elevators and take off across the Martian outback along a sprayway ( an aerially sprayed martian highway formed by ’crop-dusting" a sand-fusing enzyme from ground effect vehicles to effectively spray-on a freeway in the dunes ). The team follow at a good distance. Dave having previously placed a tracking bullet in the cargo and Jak having stowed away aboard the Fausto. And the shuttle team follow, ready to provide air support.

After many kilometers, the Tremors turn off the sprayway and head out into the outback. With some difficulty, the ATV-team follow, using aerial spotting from the team in the Shuttle to stay behind land features and dunes in their pursuit, so that the Tremor’s don’t see them. Without warning the Fausto is attacked by Barsoomian Rebels in a combat-modified martian land-rover buggy and two armored combat motorcycles!

The Barsoomian Rebel’s dunebuggy
Matt t 20

The Barsoomian Rebels’s cycles
Matt t 21

The leader appears to be one of the motorcycle brigands, an agile pilot and effective gunner, he wields some kind of modified pneumatic mining tool that fires steel or tungsten spikes right through the Fausto’s door armor with the ease of a device meant to break through rock and damages Ishi’s thigh, chipping the femur and opening up the femoral artery. Ishi is bleeding profusely in the cabin of the truck.

Barsoomian Rebel Leader
Rebel assault squad

Motorcycle Maniac in Pre-Fall desert survival gear
Barsoomian rebel

Buggy Driver
470x800 8673 latter day 2d character post apocalyptic girl woman soldier picture image digital art

Buggy Gunner
470x800 8665 latter day 2d character soldier post apocalyptic picture image digital art

A vicious criminal/rebel firefight ensues as the brothers duke it out with the rebels on the cold sands. Within moments the team acts, hoping to protect the Tremors enough to allow them to keep leading them to the final secret Trancom destination of the cargo.

The Sentinels in the armored personnel carrier rocket into action, speeding forward to join in the fight with their pop-up concealed .50 cal. Machine Gun Stan drives while Asa mans the gun. Meanwhile, James pilots the shuttle into a diving attack vector while Zak mans the 20-mm Autocannon under the nose of the shuttle and tears into the rebels. Sandy clips off to a descent cable and throws open the side door at low altitude and rappels out of the shuttle in preparation to board the Fausto atop the cargo container and lend a hand in the fight. Dave takes the open door as an opportunity to display her system-class sniper abilities once again and fired on the motorcycles tires, disabling one and destroying the other in a tumble of murder and spinning body parts.

On the ground, Jak climbs out on to the roof of the the Tremor’s vehicle from the undercarriage at 40 klicks per hour over punishingly rough terrain and climbs successfully on the head of cargo container on the back of the Fausto, using her enhanced claws to dig into the plastic cover the Guang-Xi thugs had melded over it. She crosses over the container and spots the gunner of the rebel buggy, then veering close to the Fausto and performs a miraculous leap over a four meter gap to land on the head of the buggy gunner and claw horribly into his eyes and head with her poisonously modified talons. killing him in seconds.

More bullets fly between Trishka and the Barsoomian leader, the Fausto slows down a bit as Ishi loses more blood and Zak opens up with the 20-mm destroying the Rebel Leader’s cycle and throwing him into a bone-crushing accident amid the rocky martian terrain. Dave pounds armor-piercing rounds into the engine of the buggy until it stalls out and Jak leaps onto the driver and tears into her with poison and clay and Asa finishes disabling the vehicle with the APC’s .50 cal.

The Tremors drive off a bit further and come to a halt to apply aid to the dying cyborg, Ishi. The Team finishes mopping up at the rebel crash site and then they take off to the Tremors to see if they can help them so that they can continue on and the team can secretly follow them.

Ganos or Stan or James, ( I cant remember) comes up with the questionably brilliant idea of posing as Martian Rangers. And with Dave in hiding, they approach the Tremor Brothers, offer and give much needed medical aid and then after a brief and tense conversation. Fly off with their well-wishes ringing in the ears of the criminal trio.

The Tremors continue on to the Trancom compound, an abandoned martian colonial homestead in the outback some 10 klicks from the TITAN Quarantine Zone. The team, observing from the skies with fine teleoptics within the shuttle watches as a combat LandMate battlesuit emerges from a Barn in the farmstead and takes the container off the Fausto. The Tremors leave and nwo the team knows the whereabouts of the final Trancom destination for Andrew Scott’s high-security saferoom.

Observing the site from about 20 kilometers out in the shuttle, the airborne contingent of the team is spotted by Black Moth security radar originally em-placed as an early warning system against Barsoomian rebel attack and the mercenaries deploy Surface to Air missiles from a moble SAM platform forcing Zak and James to try an incredible risky maneuver power-diving toward the Martian surface and pulling the nose up completely perpendicular to the ground at the last instant while firing all of the craft’s thrusters on full afterburn to bring the shuttle to a halt mere feet above the surface, then tipping it forward with an attitudinal maneuver vernier burst and belly-landing it on the ground while emergency shutting-down the fusion reactor drive so as to cut all electronic signal and blind-out to the missiles. Tense piloting skill are applied and VERY lucky rolls are made and the crew pulls this complex, three man maneuver off, planting themselves safely on the martian turf.

The APC with the other half of the team rolls out across the tough terrain but they are many minutes away from the shuttle’s landing point. They race to provide backup.

The shuttle crew disembark and climb the dune on the ridge occluding the farmstead and see that the Black Moth mercenary security team have dispatched a Landmate armed with an anti-vehicular weapon capable of destroying the shuttle. Dave hides among the rocks and sand, taking up a position for sniping.

Black Moth BattleSuit “Landmate”

While Ganos has Dr. Bernal and Johann tear through an ad-hoc hack of Trancom to get details on Markus Rockford, the criminal liaison executive that was responsible for hiring the Tremor Brothers on the hunch that he might have a hand in this illegal covert lab in the martian sticks, so he can impersonate being him in a classic A-Team maneuver that by all rights, should fail but makes such a kookily entertaining television show that logic is thrown to the wind and the GM lets it happen anyway.

When the Landmate zooms up at 200 kph throwing dust and rocks into the iar in a screaming ground effect jet power slide to a stop it immediately throws a magnetic anti-tank mine onto the shuttle before it even addresses the ‘outraged’ Ganos/Markus Rockwell in a military and menacing manner. A tense conversation ensues and leadership is consulted, corporate checks reveal conflict and Ganos pulls some sly lies about needing a cover for a covert surprise inspection to Col. Hap Hapablap who decides to have them escorted in to the ultra-secret, ultra-secure facility. The Landmate escort returns to base while a larger, covert truck disguised as a farm truck is deployed to pick up the Team. Meanwhile the rest of the Sentinels arrive and everyone makes ready to infiltrate the Trancom Black Lab.

Session 15: Guang Xi Triads in the Martian Ghettos
The trouble with Mars is...

The Sentinel team Arrives at the Martian Orbital facility and rendezvous with the Transport vessel Jovovich in Space-Dock.

The Standard Transport “Jovovich”; Captain: Jonah Hermes:
Allied shipping by dorje

Ganos escapes the vessel from his hiding space and using smart-clothing, mimics the Jovovich coverall worksuit to infiltrate facility docks and make his way out of the Shipyards inot the civilian area to meet the team and their new contacts on Mars. Meanwhile the rest of the team docks their FireWall shuttle and quickly makes their way to the Customs area of the Spaceport to join with Ganos and board a Space Elevator car to the surface.

The FireWall Shuttle “The Aluminum Falcon”: Captain: Fenopy
Orbiter by technouveau

Arriving at the Dome-city in the mountains, they meet Zak the uplift Raven pilot and fellow FireWall Sentinel who is their first martian contact for this mission. He will be the team’s wheelman for this mission as he is a transport shuttle pilot with his own craft.

Zak’s independent contract shuttle “Corax” Captain: Zak Corvid 213
Zaks shuttle

Dave tags the Safe-Room Transcorp is moving, and the team follows the tracking beacon to the registered rental transport vehicle Transcorp has hired for this stage of moving the cargo.They board their shuttle and follow it to a remote Martian settlement named Fibonacci-Voltaire and enter the septic, impoverished mine-colony.

Fibonnaci-Voltaire interior
Fib volt first interior

The team splits up as Zak taxi’s the shuttle to a berth and takes wing to follow the transport via air. “Dave” and Ganos fade into the crowd to lurk as sniper and support fire if necessary and the rest tail the transport directly. They almost lose the truck a few times in the smog-choked interior of the colony.

Fibonacci-Voltaire center-complex view
City line

Finally the transport reaches it’s destination, in the tiny “Chinatown” section of the colony, where the Guang-Xi have a regional stronghold warehouse in a squalid asian neighborhood where there is no law.

The square outside the Guang-Xi warehouse
Guang xi square

The team wastes little time in infiltrating the building and it’s mesh. sussing out all of the security camera field of views and planning their attack around the numerous gaps in the upper three stories’ surveillance. Once the security is compromised the recon work ensues and the team learns that the ground floor warehouse where the cargo was delivered is currently occupied by three four triad goons including one clear biomorph called ‘Feng 426’ but who’s mesh ID is currently Liu Xiao.

(Triads use numeric codes to distinguish between ranks and positions within the gang; the numbers are inspired by Chinese numerology based on the I Ching. “489” refers to the “Mountain” or “Dragon” Master (or ‘Dragon Head’), while 438 is used for the “Deputy Mountain Master”, a “432” indicates “Grass Slipper” rank and the Mountain Master’s proxy, “Incense Master”, who oversees inductions into the Triad, and “Vanguard”, who assists the Incense Master. “426” refers to a “military commander”, also known as a “Red Pole”, overseeing defensive and offensive operations, while “49” denotes the position of “soldier” or rank-and-file member. The “White Paper Fan” (415) provides financial and business advice, and the “Straw Sandal” (432) functions as a liaison between different units. “25” refers to an undercover law enforcement agent or spy from another triad, and has become popularly used as a slang for “informant”. “Blue Lanterns” are uninitiated members, equivalent to Mafia associates and, as such, do not have a number designation.)

FENG 246
Feng 246

While Johann and the mysterious Doctor Bernal hack the cyberbrains of two of the three synthmorph thugs, Dave and Ganos slip in under cover of Chameleon Cloaks with advanced thermoptic camouflage and set up shop to run a quick wet-works op on the remaining goons.

The Remaining Goons (Wong Kai Four Nine, Chang Kai Four Nine and Chow Yun Four Nine)
Remaining goons

Dave slips unseen behind the cargo loader and jammy FAT-PACKS the backside of it with a kilo of thermite, plants a mesh detonator, then backs off to a safe distance.

The Power Loader
Power loader

After the whole team is in place they flawlessly execute the murder op, disabling the Synthmorphs with Hacks and bullets, blowing the thermite on the loader and stapling Feng’s hands to the table he’s at with combat knives before he can even reach for his trademark 12mm autopistol on the table in front of him. Psionic interrogation from the hand of Albion Bernal ensues, Asa Ivorssen goes apoplectic and has a psi-induced post-traumatic stress disorder seizure, and the session closes as the team works on how to pull information our of the highly resilient Feng.

SESSION 14: Discontinuity Blues
Resleeved Again!

The intrepid group of Sentinels is waylaid on-route to the FireWall secret asteroid hidden base by forces unknown. Powerful forces with a high-security, government-clearance-class stealth vessel capable of space vehicle capture. Disabled by powerful, military-grade lasers, they are taken aboard the craft and a frenetic firefight ensues. lives are lost among the mysterious assailants as Fenopy, the drug-accelerated pilot of the Miller Cell shuttle, heaves-to with a specially modified shotgun plugging electro-thermally enhanced 10-Gauge combat-shotgun mono-molecular-edged flechette ammunition at full auto through enemies like hot knives through butter. All for naught, however, for the assailants prevail through dastardly terrorist tactics and the Sentinels are bombed to near-unto-death and jettisoned out into space to die in the horrible black emptiness between worlds. With the loss of all corticle stacks, the team has no idea of how they met their end and know only that they safely left the colony with Andrew Scott the xeno-programmer and the alien artifact intact…

This Session 14 starts with the Sentinel’s Re-sleeving and meeting mew team members recruited by Lieutenant Miller for their team. Ganos the Async and Johann the AGI join our heroes as they are assigned to seek out what happened to their morphs and who would have the audacity, or moreso the ABILITY to track and attack a FireWall vessel successfully. An event which cannot be allowed!

Off the Sentinels go back to Coventry Colony at Mars Phobos Lagrange point 2 among the cluster of O’neill Cylinder Habitats there to start where they left off and look for clues to their demise. Returning to the Scott Compound they distribute SmartDust and recreate the events through forensic evidence tracking the events of the Colony Authority Investigation of the seemingly terrorist event they initiated in their fight against the Black Moth Mercenaries guarding Andrew Scott. While they search among the burned out ruins, a Trancom registered truck arrives with workers and proceeds to cut away the secret armored safe-room that held the projects equipment and load it onto a transport bound for the SpacePort at the colony cylinder’s end. Sentinels rush to re-group and join together in time to see the vessel on which the Trancom hirelings are loading the shipping container with the room and Ganos stows away aboard the vessel and the rest of the team take the FireWall shuttle to mars after the vessel debarks the colony.

Session 12-13: Coventry

Samantha “Dave” Nu-Gen (Security Team: Sniper) Player: Seth
Sgt. Stewart “Stu” Dirth (Security Team: Hoplite Infantry) Player: Alexander
Asa Ivorsson (Infiltration Team: Security) Player: Kurt
Albion Bernal (Infiltration Team: Hacker/Async) Player: Will
Taharqa Horemakhet (Research / Old-Earth Specialist) Player: Yishai

Background: Firewall detects some high-profile anomalous activity, a potential existential threat: Trancom recently recovered an alien artifact that looks suspiciously like an old-earth Nubian tribal totem from the 3rd millennium (BC). The freelance gatecrasher and Pandora Gate software coder Andrew Scott has been contracted by Trancom to research the artifact and promptly disappears for several months into his lavish private compound in Coventry, an O’Neill Cylinder habitat in the Mars Phobos Lagrange point 2 region.

Operation: Firewall requires immediate covert infiltration of the compound and extraction of any research data from Scott’s private compound, and retrieval of the artifact itself if possible. Proven agent Asa Ivorsson, recently returned from the Outer System, and the new hacker recruit Albion Bernal, are the only sentinels in the area available for immediate deployment. Cpt. Miller recommends the two. Little does Miller know that Ivorsson’s sanity will be jeopardized by Bernal’s concealed async abilities. A security and research team (Nu-Gen, Dirth, Horemakhet) will link up with the infiltration team asap (~1 week).

Mission Summary:

Ivorrson and Bernal arrive at Coventry by public shuttle and carefully reconnoiter the target compound for 5 days using a teleoptic from the other side of the Cylinder. After moving to the locale of the compound, additional observation reveals that a nearby service building provides access to maintenance conduits running under the compound. The habitat network is quickly infiltrated and from the relative safety of the conduit, the local compound mesh and security systems are also hacked, providing covert/admin-level access. Viewing the target house floorplans, a blacked-out ‘safe-room’ is identified on the 2nd floor. Returning to the surface, the infiltration team dons chameleon cloaks and after Scott leaves the target house for his morning swim, crosses the 200 meters of open lawn, enters the house and reaches the safe-room door, which turns out to be a high security airlock-type door. Bernal attempts to psi-grok the door, causing Ivorsson to undergo a psychic episode which both mistook for a defensive emanation from the door itself. Bernal manages to snap him out of the VR-like episode using another async ability (‘Subliminal’).

By this point the Security Team is in position, with Nu-Gen observing from high altitude, tethered to one end of the rotating habitat cylinder in zero g, and Sgt. Dirth descending covertly into the compound, watching for appearance of security forces. At this point things begin to go wrong as a previously undetected female pleasure Pod appears from one of the bedrooms adjacent to the safe-room. Ivorsson quickly bags her head with a prisoner mask, but the alarm is probably out by that point. Three Black Moth mercenaries appear in quick succession from a hidden cell or portal under the compound pool. Two mercs are dispatched quickly by the security team, but the 3rd manages to intercept panick-stricken Scott on his way back to the main house and up the steps to the 2nd floor, where Ivorsson waits with another prisoner mask, while Bernal hides in the crapper trying to hack the merc tactical VPN. The merc fires two plasmaburst smart grenades up to the 2nd floor, incinerating the Pod, then a 3rd out the window at Sgt. Dirth who was approaching across the compound. Ivorsson was roasted but survived, and the 3rd grenade misses Dirth. Making an amazing shot, Agent Nu-Gen destroys the missing grenade which was already curving back toward Dirth. The 3rd merc runs across the kitchen in full view of Sgt. Dirth, now at the living room windows, who prevents his forward progress with a few well placed assault rifle bursts. Ivorsson plunges down the steps and into the kitchen, only to be hit by a full burst of merc SMG fire. Ivorsson rolls to the side and scrambles out of view. Bernal is unsuccessful in hacking the 3rd mercs entoptic AR display, but Sgt. Dirth takes him down with a few carefully aimed shots.

Sgt. Dirth and Ivorsson retrieve Scott and drag him to the 2nd floor, where he’s required to open the safe-room nanobot-lock. Additional use of psi-sleights causes Ivorsson to go off the deep end, however he’s seriously weakened and thus easily knocked out by Sgt. Dirth. The team observes a unique computer installation, probably a quantum computer of unimaginable power, with the artifact attached to the system through some kind of biological interface. Bernal quickly jacks in and retrieves a large volume of information, deletes everything and covers his traces. Afterwards Sgt. Dirth tosses in a few EMP then Plasmaburst grenades to destroy the system.

A hasty exfiltration commences. Dirth (carrying Ivorsson) and Bernal, with Scott masked and in tow, retreat across the grassy sward under chameleon cloaks, back to the habitat service building, even as various habitat emergency service vehicles begin to converge on the compound. Bernal briefly pauses in the service building to cover his infiltration traces and post a delayed script to warn habitat system admins of their specific infosec vulnerabilities. Nu-Gen climbs back up the tether to the near end of the O’Neill Cylinder, ditches his gear and merges with the crowd. The team contacts Firewall and arranges for evac through a private shuttle. Agent Horemakhet meets the team at the shuttle and begins investigating the artifact during the return trip…

Mission Outcome: research data retrieved; target artifact retrieved intact; Andrew Scott captured and returned for interrogation; cortical stack of destroyed compound Pod retrieved; traces of habitat system and compound security system hacking successfully removed.

Additional Results: minor collateral damage to the habitat (target compound); 3 security personnel morphs destroyed; 1 civilian morph (Pod) destroyed; target research data and computer destroyed or heavily damaged; covert status potentially compromised.

Session 11: Re-sleeving and Bereaving
The Valhalla after the Hero's Death

Awakening to find Miller sleeved in a common synthmorph, the team acclimate to their new morphs. Catch as Catch can synthmorph and biomorph bodies available in the cold space of Saturn in the Outer Rim. Tethys, the ice moon of Saturn holds the Anarchist Beehive of GODWINHEAD. And Miller’s cell’s safehouse outside of the Inner System. Supra-human FireWall technologies from a reclusive Argonaut “Crow” are available here as well. A fake brainprint re-write for regular egos. decades ahead of it’s time, it re-paths common neural pathways established during sleeving but keeps the ego’s personality intact…mostly. Does it utilize a dangerously advanced AI devoted to psychosrugery on a level not yet conceived of by transhumanity? Maybe. Does it work? Definitely. Does it occasionally result in Derangement and Disorders?…yes…But only VERY rarely. And heck, only two of the team had to undergo the process and it absolutely has NOTHING to do with why became a notorious Space-Pirate, Jail-breaker, and outer system outlaw with a double death penalty in both the Lunar Lagrange Alliance and the Planetary Consortium.
But that’s 24 months away in the future. Now Asa Ivorssen has re-sleeved for the first time. In a non-nordic morph and some little part of him just cant seem to get on-board with his swarthy new Italian, (or is it Spanish?) new body.
Taharqa Maharoket awakens to find herself without a heart, without bone or sinew, with a mind of silicon and platinum, sleeved in a strange combat synthmorph shell designed with an Asian caste. Her proud African identity lost in the mirror with every glance.
And Colette Lemeur the Async crusader for truth awakes in a strange and alien morph on the far Edge of transhuman. In fact in some ways, POST-human. The self-designed, custom REMADE biomorph with several unusual alterations and enhancements left behind by a very eccentric, and currently ‘on indefinite leave’ Sentinel of some reputation. What is the purpose of this strange body. Is it as harmless as FireWall seems to have vetted it as being?
FORTUNATELY all these problems and mysteries are moot for the time being. The Cell have 10 days to rest before they are Ego-Cast to ASPIS, the Ultimate’s training colony in the Main Belt of the Outer System for Black Ops Boot Camp (courtesy of FireWall) for four weeks and thence to Phelan’s Recourse The gargantuan SCUM swarm whereat a ship bound for the inner system will take them home to the ‘civilized’ Inner System habitats for ever more hijinx in the service of FireWall.

But first, BRUTAL military training with the most gung-ho, maniac, mercenary-monks the solar system has to offer. Hilarity ensues as Colette insists on taking the training course in a Sylph morph as opposed to the Olympian bodies that the course was designed for. Pain and failure followed by a charmingly “Rocky-esque” comeback mark the occasion. Many moxie points are spent.

Session 10: Project Ozma shows it's hand

Descending into the basement Asa Ivorssen encounters the Special Operative of Project Ozma and her Planetary Consortium ‘Oversight’ field agent counterpart. Revealing the play of the Planetary Consortium against this vital Lunar Lagrange Alliance colony. The second ED-215 combat robot makes it’s play to the death of Sentinel Ivvorssen who falls prey to it’s deadly micro-missile attacks. Mylo and Officer Jayne Lewis demolish the enormous SAINT/LEGION AI core-ziggurat at the cost of Jayne’s temporary synth morph she had desperately sleeved into, Taharqa murders the Ozma operative with a devastating mono-molecular hyper-vibrational whip display. Collette mind-rapes the Oversight Agent for memories of this mission background and they all double-cross OCP Officers Raj and Steve in their attempt to flee the colony before the final nuclear holocaust rains down from the Planetary consortium battlecruiser.

Escaping into the OZMA agent’s gunship, they attempt to deceive the Battlecruiser’s crew only to result in their systematic and thorough annihilation.

None Survive.