Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D.

Session 9: The Horror of FOCUS

The intrepid Sentinels continue on to discover the staging room of the Elephant Men and evidence of more OCP ED-215 combat robots in the facility. Evidence of MAPPO’s connection to OCP and a possible surviving MAPPO orbital facility is unearthed. The captive OCP Scientist is psychologically interrogated by Collette and the existence of the crucial UNIT ONE and UNIT TWO corto-hemispherical replicants comes to light. The team rushes down to the first floor amidst Tacnet warnings of the seemingly unstoppable Pachyderm Elephantman pinning down the entire surviving DCPD assault team on the first floor with an auto-fire grenade launcher and 20mm ‘vulcan’ railgun. They slip around behind it’s rear flank and into the sanctum of the Focused.

Session 8: assault on Delta City Social Planning

Rendezvousing with Delta City Police Department survivors the Team assaults the nerve center of the LEGION Ai. It is not without it’s hazards. Synthmorphs immune the the inner-station vacuum unleash heaver spray weapons, decimating police forces, and the terrible might of MAPPO’s Elephantmen prove nearly unstoppable. Omni Consumer Products advanced Cyborg “Assimilated” (the victims of LEGION’s basilisk hack cerebral over-writer)rain destruction on DCPD vehicles and the mission bogs down in a lowering gravity, zero-atmosphere bloodbath.

Fighting their way up the stairs the FireWall Sentinels encounter their first psychologically traumatizing horror in the form of a Nile Crocodile Transgenic “elephantman” soldier under LEGION’s control. It’s comes to the fight with heavy armor and anti-vehicular armament but is quickly cut down by the fast action and coordinated thinking of the sentinel team and their DCPD escorts. Hot on its heels though, comes the attack of the assimilated synthmorph citizens again wielding deadly flechette-spraying guns. Tacnet synchronizations saves the day and even these threats fall before the determined FireWall Cell.

Investigating the Delta City Social Planning Department inner halls, they discover a surviving scientist involved in the devilish FOCUS atrocity and also the inner office of Drago Staedintei and Collette, having stolen all of his access codes with her Async Psi-Sleights, draws forth the horrible evidence of their awesome corporate malfeasance.

But all is not well, Info-Sec Specialist Stinky 6 succumbs to another LEGION basilisk hack, is ‘assimilated’ and turns on his comrades, forcing them to Tazer him unconscious and terminate him, saving his cortical stack for later analysis.

Session 7: Crisis management

Finding the space port buzzing with LEGION activity and the Planetary Consortium warship ’s containment policy of destroying anything attempting to leave, the team worked to gathered supplies for an alternate route off station. With information gathered from Damien Lowe mesh inserts, a plan to infiltrate the OCP building, collect information on FOCUS, and disable the main hub for the AI was set into motion.

Finding the police station to still be operating and getting news on the efforts going on to handle this crisis, the team was forced to get involved in the game of political football between the Lunar Lagrange Alliance, Planetary Consortium, Omni Corp, the New Detroit survivors; taking on the role of the terrorist held responsible for the disaster. They managed to negotiate a temporary alliance between the terrorist and the surviving OCP authorities, to perform a coordinated attack on the OCP building, disabling the AI servers, and opening their only line of communication to the other habitats.

As the team tended to their injuries, they failed to get a hold of router Miller and resorted to opening the data package he sent, containing a limited Firewall database.
They communicated with the crew of the Stinky 6 ship, The Ross Revenge, and the crew described the chaos on the space port with the swarms of LEGION infected fighting their way to board all the docked ships, appearing to be preparing for an escape of their own.

Seeing their route through the space port as impassable, they worked out a new plan of action for escape. With the information retrieved off of the dead Damien Lowe’s mesh inserts, the main severs of the station AI were found to be hidden at the Delta City Social Planning Building, the place originally pointed out by the contact, Anne R. Key.

They set out to gather survival supplies at a nearby recreational supply store (space REI ), then make their way to a police station for some combat equipment, and head to the OCP building, find any further information on the LEGION AI, possible FOCUS cure, and disabling the AI’s servers to stop it from plaguing the station, all while looking into the viability of an alternate escape route thorough the giant hole in the station.

As the team made their way to the store to find better vac suits, survivors stranded in their homes with dwindling oxygen peering out the windows at them weighted heavily on the minds. At the store. they came across a surviving employee defending herself with a light pistol. The team talked her down and agreed to lead her to safety, using her help to acquire some high end vac suit and car full load of supplies for any other survivors.

When arriving near the Delta City Police Department, the group found it to be in operation, escorting survivors to the underground shelters under the city streets. This tossed out the idea of collecting weapons, but opened up a new option as group arrived presented the survival supplies, a map to the locations of other survivors, and a demand to speak to a superior officer about important information. After a heated negation when it was revealed their connections to the terrorist held responsible for the nuclear blast, they managed to convince the Captain into cooperating and preforming a coordinated attack the AI servers the OCP building.

During the time it took in organizing all the police forces around the station for the attack, the team uncovered the spin game that the Lunar Lagrange Alliance and the Planetary Consortium were playing at with this disaster. The LLA attempted to hold onto public opinion by claiming to have soldiers mounting a rescue operation on the station, while the PC had set up a containment policy of destroying anything attempting to leave the station. With no safe means of communicating and telling the rest of the galaxy about what was really going on in New Detroit, I was only a matter of time before the PC decided to cleanse the rest of the station. Suspicious footage of a space craft that had managed to leave the station without getting destroyed by the Planetary Consortium warship, raise further question when it was found that the ship did not make a course for another station, but fixed itself to the outside hull of this station.

After arriving at the hotel safe house, finding Miller corpse after he used a quantum far caster to escape; the group and some police escorts equip with the combat supplies, taken from the original safe house, and prepare for the assault on the Delta City Social Planning building.

Session 6: Lessons in safety

The team joins up after negotiating an alliance with the Vice President of Information Technology of OCP. As everyone in the escort made their way to escape via spacecraft, he reveals valuable intel into what was going on, including footage of an incoming Planetary Consortium warship that responded far too quickly to this recent crisis.

The other Sentinel Team of Miller FireWall cell, led by Mike Chin were meanwhile tasked with recovering FireWall’s last-resort nuclear weapon fron beneath the Legion compromised safehouse. During the mission Chin and teammate Gunnar Vorstagg reveal themselves to be members of FireWall’s Conservatives Clique and double cross the other Sentinels in their team in order to gain access to and detonate the weapon. As the Router for their team, Miller has no choice but to warn the rest of his Sentinels on the station and sends the group a large data package and a message to get off the station as Bravo Team detonates a nuclear bomb outside the station, creating a large hole and venting the atmosphere into space. Soldaat Moordenaar is annihilated in the nuclear fire along with Jayne Lewis who had tracked the team of LEGIONS co-opted synthmorph slaves to the safehouse and was investigating the ongoing ruckus between Bravo Team and Legion’s servants.

As they made their way in the Habitat’s end-cap vacuum to emergency vac suits, Asa Ivorsson manages to dispatch the OCP VP and his body guards while only incurring moderate injuries. Retrieving stacks, mesh inserts and other resources; the group prepared to ascend in an elevator to the ship bay.


While scouting out the building containing the LEGION Basilisk Hack victims for a break in at a later time; during the press conference Stinky and Asa (now the dynamic duo known as Team Octo-Viking), see over the tack net the chaos that erupts and watch as the other team’s feed go dead while entering the limousine. They immediately steal and drive a car to intercept them at their assumed route. They are mentally shaken up after mowing down LEGION slaves and normal citizens fighting in the streets in the mad dash to get to the limo.

Mylo and Colette ( known now as Team Fabulous) managed to play on Damien’s concern for his public image over this disaster, striking up an alliance by promising to spin events in his favor. He agrees and gives up important information on the person responsible for all of this, Dr. David Kaydick, and even presents live footage of an incoming Planetary Consortium warship; common sense says that this quick response time to the crisis is far too convenient and raises suspicion on other Inner System governmental involvement.

Witnessing Team Octo-Viking quickly driving up behind (windshield smashed, blood smeared hood, the rattling of a makeshift sunroof, them with weapons at the ready), Damien allows the group to briefly communicate over the mesh while monitoring the outgoing messages. Team Fabulous talks the others down, informing them of the change in the situation and of the agreement with Damien; while Colette’s muse successfully manages to send a short encrypted message the everyone without Damien noticing: “Attack at opportune moment”.

After isolating the limp, Team Octo-Viking are the only ones who receive the large data package sent through the mess and a message from Miller in real-time; he told them to abort the mission and get off station as he showed them footage of the other group of firewall agents, floating in orbit of the station on top of the nuclear bomb as they armed and detonated it. A bright flash is seen and a rumble is felt as a mile wide hole is created in the station and the atmosphere is vented into space.

In light of this completely unforeseen event, Team Fabulous convinces Damien not to panic and to allow unrestricted communications to plan their escape in this atmosphere less environment. Most of the team dawned their vac suits they had on their persons, leaving Mylo, Damien, and the twin body guards to make a run for the emergency station near the shuttle elevator.

With the rough plan of attack laid out, this is what unfolded in the span of less than a minute:

Colette used her psi abilities to implant the idea of Damien sticking close to her for safety as he made his way out the limo into the vacuum.

Asa and Stinky began to approach, while Asa felt some sort of feedback from psi use from the limo area.

Colette used her psi abilities to implant the idea into the reserved twin mind that the drugged up twin had been compromised by the LEGION Basilisk Hack attack. Asa received another burst of psi feedback from the direction of the entourage.

As the twins were focused on each other trying to work out if they were compromised via their tac-net, Asa was open to walk right up to Damien with his monofilament sword and sliced clean through his neck in one swipe.

The drugged up twin was the only one able to respond to what just happened; extending her clawed finger tip and with her great speed, she repeatedly stabbing Asa to the point of rendering him unconscious as he and Damien collided with the floor.

It was by sheer chance that Colette was able to avoid the drugged out twin’s attack on her, and through the use of her Async abilities that she was able to redirect the twin’s attention to her sister by implanting the idea that her sister was compromised by the LEGION attack, thus pitting the two against each other before running off away from the cluster.

Mylo was still inside the limo at the door and attempted to shoot off a micro missile at the reserved twin blocking his path, but his found that they had been rendered inert by the security nano swarm in the interior. Thanks to his luck, he found one that had only been rendered partially inactive and proceeded to lodge it into the armored pants of the twin blocking his path, before detonating it. The weakened blast was enough to obliterate her lower digestive tract and reproductive organs and peel 70% of the dermis overlaying her spine and back, revealing her sub-dermal armor weave and impact everyone in and outside of the limo in the ten meter blast radius.

The remaining twin sister was ready to rush into the limo and kill the rest of the group, until Stinky had laser blasted her and grabbed her attention. Colette rushed up to her one last time psychically compelled her to abandon attacking the group and to escape with Damien’s stack; causing her to grab the severed head and make a dash for the emergency vac suits.

Stinky continued to shoot and distract her enough for Mylo and Colette to make it to the vac suits first and play defense. Despite the drugs and her heavily modified body; the combination of the emotional trauma of what’s gone on, psychical stress she’s sustained from all the fighting and the vacuum (and the steams of complaints from the player to the GM! :D ), she eventually succumb to asphyxiation.

The team regrouped, licking their wounds and worked to remove as much traces of their presence and involvement by collecting the stacks and mesh inserts of Damien Lowe and the Magnetic Dog Sisters.

Session 5: Vindicated

New reports immediately broke out about the bombing and soon identified half the team as the terrorist responsible. Painting OCP as victims and compromising the Asa and Stinky’s covert status, the group quickly went to work spinning this story. A counter report was made with accusations pointing out OCP’s suspicious use of AI’s in their project; backed by no definitive proof, but feeding on the public’s fear of another Fall and an XP made by the lead terrorist/hero Asa.

The unexposed members were free to attend the public Delta City ribbon cutting ceremony, where OCP put on the typical show, but also acted to assure the public on their use of AI’s. This included a visual representation of their public S.A.I.N.T. AI. All was going well, until SAINT seemed to malfunction and attempted to basilisk hack everyone. The team managed to avoid the hack an make their way to the VP of IT of OCP and gain escort as he escaped the scene.

12:05 AM Team Stealth works to put as much distance between them and the site as Miller and Mylo catch breaking new reports of a possible terrorist attack in the downtown area, early footage taken from multiple angles shows the huge column of fire erupting from the building.

12:17 Facial recognition software quickly identifies Stinky 6 and Asa as two of the three involved in the attack, Stinky is pretty apparent considering the few number of octopi found on the station and footage is soon found of Asa actually waving at a security camera prior to the explosion. Practiced in being discreet, Taharqa had used her skinflex and chameleon skin implants enough to deceive scans. Mylo informs the team of their exposure and tells them not to return to home for fear of compromising everyone.

Miller is busy actively coordinating multiple incoming messages in light of the recent events and invites the team for input on the situation; Colette takes advantage of this moment to suggest going public with the information found so far to help spin the media storm in favor of the mission. Miller relents and Colette immediately presents a report she had been compiling; documenting and explaining the entire known situation, excluding the involvement of Firewall and its sentinels.

12: 32 Team Stealth ditches their vehicle for fear of being traced to it and makes their way into the maintenance tunnels that Stinky 6 is becoming so familiar with.

The report is heavily modified to exclude major flags like the mission, direct references to FOCUS and the LEGION AI; highlighting the dangers of the SAINT AI, how it obviously breaks safety regulations to help complete the project on time, and OCP’s sordid past history with using unstable tech to increase with profit margins.

Without the key points, it becomes a lot circumstantial evidence and finger pointing that raises eyebrows, but falls flat. The piece de resistance that ties all of this together and helps make use of the team members with blown covert status’; a full unedited XP made by Asa spouting anarcho messages about anti-technoprogressism, the hypercorp’s dealings against transhuman-kind, and preventing a repeat of The Fall; backed by his full thoughts, raging emotions, and mild psychotic spikes at certain points.

This version of the report is compelling and rings of truth in its own right, but in keeping the remaining sentinels unexposed, and because of Colette’s ethics against this blatant fear mongering reporting, an independent and outstanding media outlet is handed the story and runs with it in full force.

1:27 AM Miller, Mylo and the rest of team Bravo returned the room to its original occupant and relocates homeplate to the hotel where Colette with was held up with director Drago, as Taharqa eventually makes her way to the hotel and rejoins the remaining covert team members. Asa and Stinky are given a vehicle and told to maintain a low profile.

The report and Asa’s XP have become sensational in the short time since their release as questions are raised against OCP and their possible actions, thus turning the wheels on the hypercorp’s spin machine. All points are carefully refuted through propaganda and by officials; including expert psychologist’s questioning Asa’s sanity; but the seed of doubt has been planted in the public’s mind and is left to grow.

The plan is then set to use Mylo’s connection to Damien Lowe and gain access to the executive at the night’s Gala event, in hopes of isolating and prying further intel about what’s going on from him. With the recent attack, a spike in private security is obvious and is used to have Taharqa accompany Colette acting as her bodyguard to the events along with Mylo.

10:00 AM At the ribbon cutting opening ceremony, has high profile coverage was apparent with the media celebrities and shear presentation of the show including the security guards at the event. There were had the typical round of speeches on the achievement of OCP, accompanied with recent revision to address the attack and the following report.

All of this lead the Damien Lowe’s on stage presenting an outstanding holographic representation of the SAINT AI, that went on to awe and impress the viewing the public as it spoke about the services it can provide to visitors and residents of the city that would put muses to shame.

There is a pause by SAINT to allow people to access and look into the features describe, but then there is an obvious change in SAINT’s projection and where it declares that “This station is an island”, then proceeds to emit both audio and visual stimuli that have mind warping effects as a means of basilisk hacking people. The sentinels are prepared and able to overcome the hack, but other crowd members proceed to zone out and become unresponsive.

The Sentinels sweep into action; Taharqa having identified the cleanest escape route, Colette remarkably makes her way through the crowd towards Damien stating that he’s now the prime target, and Mylo attempting to provide cover by launching a smoke grenade, but making him a target by security.

Miller reports through the TacNet that communications are still outgoing on the station and that the video feeds are still live. Things have obviously and very publically gone wrong with the SAINT AI at this OCP event as people begin attacking each other and security sweeps into action.

Relentlessly pursuing after Damien with near disregard for her safety, Colette almost runs straight into one of his private body guards looking hell bent on preventing her from advancing. With a last minute instruction from Miller for her to approach from a different angle, she managed to avoid the ensuing chaos as Motoko leap on stage in an advanced synth morph and begins to combat the drugged up body guard hand to hand.

The sentinels eventually manage to make their way to Damien and by mentioning how FOCUS has grown out of control, gained entranced into his escort, into his limousine, and out of the chaos. The group finds themselves completely blocked from wireless communication and strapped to stunners built into the seats.

Asking how the group knows of about FOCUS and their intension with the information, Colette reveals to Damien how the team are currently embedded with the terrorist after being told of the LEGION AI and of FOCUS; of how they’re acting as a mouthpiece for Asa’s crew and are along for the ride documenting this sequel to The Fall. She paints a picture that Asa is an influential and resourceful man that is not to be under estimated who’s only concern is stopping this AI threat.

Unsurprising from a hypercorp executive, calls on his humanity and the gravity of the situation are overshadowed by his and the company’s self-interests. Only through Colette’s constant stream of undeniable facts and berating, and hints of making use of the situation to put both Asa’s crew and OCP in alliance to the actual third party threat, was the team eventually able to make some headway as they drive away and sit completely at his mercy.

Session 4: The end of the day

The group split up: half to gather information from an OCP Director and the others to reacquire the stolen ego by infiltrating a warehouse where it was transferred to. The information was successfully collected; while the infiltration mission ended in failure after being told by the LEGION that the ego was no longer there, and as a large robotic drone the team encountered detonated missiles destroying the warehouse as the team managed to escape.

The team regrouped at the hotel to receive an updated mission briefing in light of the day’s events and the new information collected.

The assumption is that Omni Consumer Products (OCP) has leveraged the FOCUS virus gained from before The Fall as an alternative way to building a tamed LEGION AI for the completion of the city project. The mission is now to retrieve Router Miller’s stolen Ego, while overall preventing OCP from using this AI and the FOCUS technology.

The IP address gained from the attack on the safe house pointed an OCP maintenance warehouse as the source of the attack and the place to find the abducted ego with sensitive firewall information. Using contacts close to OCP personal gained from the informant (Anne R. Key), a dinner interview was setup to with Drago Staedintei, director of building where the FOCUS victims are through to be held.

The group split up into, Team Stealth (Stinky 6, Taharqa and Asa) made their way to infiltrate the warehouse and retrieve the ego, while Team Fabulous (Mylo and Colette) went to the dinner interview in hopes of getting exclusive access to tomorrow’s event and getting OCP secrets from the director.

Stealth stumbled in getting into the building: the door was locked, the old deadbolt could not be picked, Asa proceeded to wave at some cameras, and the alarm was set off when Stinky the octopus squirmed through the ventilation and opened the door. Once inside, Taharqa cut the outgoing video feeds as Asa ground the security system. Things came to a halt when the octopus caught sight, from up in the air vents; of the large combat drone, ED 215, that was acting as guard for a set of stairs leading to a basement not shown on public maps.

Despite the hostility and reluctance a hypercorp official was bound to put up while in the company of Colette, given her black marking and blacklisting from her past exposes; Team Fabulous handle the dinner at the quaint restaurant with the Director and his personal aid with grace and decorum.

A combination of educate speaking in his native tongue, the respectful gesture of being accompanied by a companion for the dinner, and judicious used of aysnc powers made a standout impression on Drago in during the atypical interview, to the point where Mylo was able to gain an exclusive invitation to tomorrows private events. Dinner was drawn to a close after the idea of a private affair between Colette and the director at his home was psychically induced.

With a loose plan formed, Stinky made a distraction by dropping the air vent grate to the floor, sending the ED 215 to investigate. Asa, a flat armed with only a monofilament sword, rushed in going toe to toe with the walking tank, using his knowledge and expertise in mechanics to his advantage to single handedly put the drone into disrepair. Taharqa making a mad dash to the descending stairs while crawling on the walls towards a sever room in the lower level. The octopus skirting the edge of the battle on the ceiling, providing some cover fire and making sure to hug his escape route through the air vent.

Despite the disabled machine gun, malfunctioning rocket launcher, crippled arm, and leg locked in place; the ED 215 managed to leap to the opening to the stairs and announce that Millers ego was already transferred elsewhere as it was ready to drop the armed missile payload from the dead launcher into the lower level.

Asa, hoping to give Taharqa some sort of chance to escape from the basement, rushed to the ED and leaped onto the open missile ammo feed to hug and stop the explosives from falling out. In that tense situation right before he could no longer bear the full weight of 26 primed missiles, Asa was the only one to witness the primal lion-like transformation that Taharqa underwent as she clawed up the walls towards him and the ED , bypassing the falling explosives and escaping the lower level; all the while radiating psychic energy that Asa was all to familiar with.

He was barely able to maintain his nerve and leap off the ED before the cascade of explosives went off down below, deforming the floor and sending a column of fire to rise and blast a hole in the ceiling right next to Stinky’s escape route. As both the floor and the roof began to collapse from the concussive force, Asa preformed one last act of heroism grabbing the unconscious Taharqa and escaping ware house.

Stinky did not fare so well during the collapse, as his escape route became a dead end when the only path in front of him was pinched shut from its fall. Coincidentally, his spinelessness (both figuratively and literally) trapped him in that situation, also spared him the worst of the damage.

Once Drago and Colette were alone at the hotel, the director was psychically put to the sleep, the thoughts of a good night affair with Miss Lemieur were implanted into his mind as Colette was free to comb through his mind for information. She found that because of heavy restrictions on AI use within the Lunar Lagrange Alliance (LLA), no AI that OCP was allowed to use could complete the project in time. A person that Drago himself was not able to identify approached the OCP directors with the plan of action to meet the deadline.

The SAINT AI pushes the limits of what the LLA allows and run the systems of Delta City, but it’s only a front for the LEIGION AI that was used for the actual completion of the project. OCP had to use criminal means of acquiring the number of flat morphs needed for FOCUSing and slaving to the Legion AI. Drago himself was not actively apart of the plan, but was aware of the two facilities used for the operation and makes great use of the FOCUSed subjects.

Disgusted by his lack of human decency in justifying of all of this, despite his refusal to ever see the victims; she psychically compelled him that, when he has the next opportunity, he’ll go to that room and look upon what he’s had a hand in doing to those FOCUSed people and burn the image into his mind. She may have gone further had she not found that the effects of FOCUS brainwashing can be reversed, but with the severe side effect that all knowledge of what the person was programmed to focus on is lost and cannot be regained.

An ending in the style of the show ‘24’, we see Asa carrying the unconscious Taharqa down a back alley to their vehicle, ears still ringing from the blast and mind reeling from what he’s gone through with the LEGION AI, the ED 215, and his teammate.

Colette in a dimly lit bedroom, still dress elegantly from the dinner and drinking from a glass of wine while looking with distain at the unconscious man next her; submits an update to Miller about her findings as she continues to psychically rip secrets from the OCP director’s mind at the leisure.

Stinky 6 squirming out of the air vent he was in as he collapsed along with the roof of the warehouse. Regaining his bearings from the blast that nearly took out the team and making his escape as the sounds of incoming sirens can be heard from the distance.

Mylo sitting at the bar of a hotel pounding back drink after drink as he gets notices from his muse; his Companion Guild profile has been updated to include the exclusive grand opening gala he’ll be attending tomorrow, his updated search and feeds on the Stranton Family frustratingly yield no results or current activity, and the current five XP’s just aren’t doing it for him at the moment as he launches another five.

The final scene is of Colette having run through Drago’s mind pulling his passwords and logins information for getting into the Delta City Social Planning building, thinking she’d gotten all the info there was to get; she comes across one brief and limit though:
OCP nanotechnology called ‘Localizers’ that would allow for the absolute psychological domination of transhuman-kind.

As the clock finally strikes midnight and the first day comes to an end.

Session 3 – Mess from the Old School

A contact working undercover in OCP mentions the use of pre-fall tech; a weaponized virus called FOCUS that mutates a person’s mind and makes them programmable. The group was able to confirm and trace the connection from OCP to the FOCUS virus and reason that OCP used FOCUS’ed people that were slaved together into a LEGION AI for the competition of Delta City.

Mylo, Colette and Stinky arrived at their meet up with the informant Anne R. Key at the Three Roses, a restaurant owned by a shady figure.

Stinky was suggested to stay outside and keep a look out while Mylo and Colette got information about the virus FOCUS. Ann and Colette masked their conversation by simultaneously holding a mundane verbal conversation, while having real conversation was held via private text messaging. They were told about Ann’s experience in the halls of Delta City’s Social Planning building and her witnessing what could be people under the influence of the FOCUS virus.

Stinky decided to take preemptive action as look out and stalked around the restaurant in camouflage, while attempting to hack into the surveillance system. Having unknowing trigged a notification to some criminal associates to the 3 Roses owner, a van with 2 biomorph and a synth soon arrived and managed detect Stinky by hacking his chameleon skin, rendering him plainly visible.

Colette and Ann concluded their meeting and departed the scene, while Mylo quickly made his way to the thugs and provided a momentary distraction enough for Stinky to regain control of his cameo and make an escape.

As the team regrouped to backed up their minds at a public ego bank, Colette made use of her psi abilities to sort through known facts and find connections in the threats the team has encounter thus far and unravel what could be going on at in New Delta City.

The habitat’s AI, SAINT, the advanced AI that manages and controls New Detroit that edges on the level of seed AI.

The LEGION AI, the military grade computer AI that infiltrated the firewall safe house. I knew of our investigation on the station and wanted to stop us before we started. It’s possible that it may be an agent outside of OCP, considering that if it had control of the habitats systems, security would have easily dealt with the firewall sentinels.

The virus, FOCUS, was developed by countries in the pacific islands as a weapon. This was eventually used to slave the human mind into become a processer and a possible alternative to AI. Through a series of trades and mergers, connections to OCP could be found.

Kazushi Mikken, compassionless genius geneticists, abducted from Japan to conduct operations in black sites in Africa. May have be responsible to countless disappearance of women throughout the country. May have been connected to FOCUS, MAPPO, and the Elephant Men.

The AI, MAPPO, specializes in behavioral programming. May have been created by Kazushi prior to The Fall.

The Elephant Men, gene-spliced animal-humans mentally programmed to be a dedicated solider. Controlled through an old implant by receiving commands from the AI, MAPPO.

After presenting her findings to the team, Miller used his connections to Firewall to verify certain key points, including existence of MAPPO and an old XP of an interview with an actual Elephant Man.

Stinky took this time to step out to a workers bar and form some criminal contracts, while Colette worked to setup a dinner interview with the Director of Behavioral Management, Drago Stadinti, a prominent member of Delta City Social Planning.

Session 2: Team Building

After dealing with the assailants, the group found the safe house to be compromised when the ego of their main Firewall contact was stolen while uploading to their ego bridge. They soon received a message from an intruder through the houses’ communications proclaiming their investigation will not succeed. The group managed to escape the safe house, with the help of firewall sentinels working off the habitat, and relocated before starting their investigation.

Asa Iverson joined the other sentinels after determining that leaving the vehicle would not set off the bomb in the car. As Mylo admitted his lack of useful skills to contribute to their current situation, he proceeded to sit next to the unconsciousfury and file his nails.

As Stinky 6 worked to determine the severity of the intrusion on the safe house, Colette tested if the medbot was compromised by attempting to revive the latest member of Bravo team, known as Hanwen Smith. Upon regaining consciousness, he was informed of the situation and, with a little psi persuasion, was eventually unrestrained and began to cooperate with the group.

When asked to look into the cause of Router Millers deletion when uploaded, Ellie, Colette’s muse in the form of a young teenage girl, had uncovered an old file on the ego bridge server. She reported the file labeled “Motoko” to Colette in passing, attempting down play its existence; but when pressed further about this, Ellie told Colette about having been in contact with and having received orders from this Motoko person that she felt compelled to act upon.

Stinky 6 attempted to quarantine and investigate the large “Motoko” file in a secure simulspace, revealing pieces of the ego’s life; but the revival of the ego and its ensuing battle with the LEIGON AI intruding on the safe house’s network forced him to escape the VR space.

While the rest of Alpha team attempted to retrieve the injured Bravo team members from the first level, Stinky informed them of a possible seed AI attack. As the group immediate rushed down, Iverson heard a familiar ringing and answered a call on an old smart phone hidden in a book. I caller providing a verification code that was relayed to Hanwen, confirming the groups innocence or any treasonous acts; Iverson and Stinky worked to disconnect the ego server from the network, thus isolating the 2 AI’s.

Having just created a blind spot in the LEGION AI’s surveillance on the safe house, the group and those left alive from Bravo team load the injured, the corrupted server and as much medical, arm, ammo, explosives, and armor as possible into the two vehicles before heading for a new secure place to stay off the grid. The party was to split up in an attempt to further misdirect any possible surveillance.

So after leaving, Motoko made contact with the teams directing them to hotel where a room had been acquired for them, some slight clean up of the room would be required. Gaining entry into the hotel with all the people and equipment was sure to raise questions, so the team divided as Stinky worked to get the server into the hotel; Iverson, Colette, the slightly injured Hanwen and 2 severely injured bravo team members managed to stroll in through the front doors and, by a major streak of luck, managed to avoid any questions or attention at they made their way to the room.

After arriving and securing the room, further drugging its former occupant, and apply medical treatment to the injured; they met the resleeved Router Miller who answered some of the team’s questions. He informed them of the importance of retrieving his original copy that had been sent to another sever by the LEGION AI, they were to wait for Motoko and her associate Nikolai to track down that location.

Having seen Motoko’s preparedness to deal with this entire turn of events, knowing of her integration with a seed-AI, and the fact that information from Firerwall has already been falsified through some official means; Colette makes comments to the teams about the reliability of their remote backup. In response, Miller produces a device that temporarily blocked remote surveillance and confirms that others in Firewall command have their suspicion on Motoko, but that she has been thoroughly vetted.

Still not content to relying on unsubstantiated information or being at Firewall’s every beck and call; the group aims to independently collect their own intelligence on the location of the original Router Miller and the whereabouts of theLEGION and seed AI’s severs.

As Stinky 6 worked with one of the crippled members of Bravo team to make a secure way of accessing the corrupted server and collecting information on where Miller’s ego was sent to; Colette and Iverson had setup a face to face meet up with a low level Omnicorp contact with inside information on their operations. The session ended with Stinky having retrieved a username and IP address for the Miller’s location.

Session 1: Warm Welcoming

The highly renowned hypercorp, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) providers in many areas including robotics and ai systems technology; has ventured into habitat manufacturing under suspicious circumstances. Firewall fears that Seed AI use may be involved in the fast completion of their new mega project: Delta City on the habitat of New Detroit.

A group was organized and sent in to investigate; Asa Iverson a machinists anarchist, Colette Lemur an async reporter, Mylo Xypolo a psychosurgery modified companion, Stinky 6 an octopi drifter, Taharqa Horemakhet the right hand of a Brinker cult.

Upon arriving at the firewall safe house, the group was immediately assaulted by other firewall agents acting on mis-information.

We were all set to be present for the grand unveiling of the newly constructed section of the habitat of New Detroit, owned by OmniCorp, called Delta City. We all had personal reasons for attending the event, but Firewall had activated the group to determine the threat level of the AI used in the completion of the construction project.

Arriving on station, we were to be driven in cars to the Firewall safe house for further briefing; but while in transit, we’d received a hasty message about the cars having been set with explosives; it was only by actively jamming incoming signals that detonation did not occur.

Upon entering the safe house through the garage, we were sprayed with what was assumed for be cleaner swarms, but our body mod reported immediate exsurgent infection.Immediately, crazed German screaming declaring us traitors and machine gun fire broke out from the living room into the junction the T hall way.

The firefight consisting of lasers from the Fury morph, Seeker Missiles from the flexbot disguised as a pleasure pod and an EMP blast from the home defenses; resulted in the assailants being brought to within an inch of death.

Attempted use of her async abilities during the battle by the reporter, lead to a traumatic experience with the exsurgent infection and a strong motivation to find possible medical treatment in the lower levels of the safe house.

After securing two the assailants in restraints on the first floor and by passing a claymore trap setup in the airlock of the bunker, detonated by tossing in one of the remaining assailants into the room; the group tested the next room the same way and entered to find it filled with equipment, armor, and weapons.

Discovering that a containment protocol to purge of the infection was about to be executed soon, the group grabbed some equipment before leaving the bunker. Upon exiting, the reporter tried to probe the mind of the assailant, leading to some revelations about the safe house, the attack on the group and a final assailant coming up from the lower levels.

In a rush to escape before the bunker was sealed and thermalogically cleansed, the assailant slipped through the closing door and was quickly engaged in a fight with the Fury; a laser blast to the head from the octopus hanging from the ceiling ended the combat.

After a few seconds later, the bunker’s doors reopened to reveal the effects of a thermalogic blast. The rush of atmosphere to fill the vacuum in the cleansed room expelled all loses items into the air lock, knocking the Fury morph out. The effects on the human body were demonstrated on the assailant who’d left in the room to test for claymores, after seeing his internal organs scattered all across the floor.

Securing the latest assailant, a search of the second lower level found the tortured and blast seared body of Router Miller. The group promptly located and injected an antidote to the exsurgent virus infection.

Simultaneously, while the reporter attempted to upload the proxy’s ego onto a server and the octopus tried to ascertain the security level of the bunker; they had discovered the existence of a nuclear bomb affix to the outside of the habitat right below the bunker, the safe house security was compromised when the ego bridge deleted the proxy’s ego, and of the habitat’s AI having access to the safe house’s systems when it spoke to the group through the house’s network.

As the reporter returned to the latest assailant and deep scanned his mind to get the reason for the attack, they slowly able to pieced things together; the AI was created using tech that predated the fall, composed of a collection of egos altered by a virus called FOCUS that changed a person’s way of thinking toward a specific purpose, linking them together to a single LEGION AI.

Although technically not a Seed AI on the same level as the TITANs, it had been aware of firewall’s presence on the station before the safe house was ever built. As a group was being brought in to investigate, the LEGION AI contacted the assailants, another cell of Firewall sentinels, Bravo team, led by scanned man called Hanwen Smith, that were meant to help train the group. The AI fed the assailants mis-information of the group and the proxy’s involvement traitorous activities against Firewall’s cause in an effort to stop the investigation, by setting up firewall to take itself out.

Welcome to FireWall
An Orientation for new Sentinels

[Incoming Message Received. Source: Unknown]
[Quantum Analysis: No Interception Detected]
[Decryption Complete]

Your references and background have been triple-checked and confirmed, and you are now vetted as
a sentinel operative. Welcome to Firewall, friend.

For those new to our private network, Firewall is an organization dedicated to protecting transhumanity from threats—both internal and external—to our continued existence as a species. The Fall may have reminded us that our ability to survive and prosper is not guaranteed, but our kind has a remarkably short attention span. Despite our achievement of functional near-immortality, we continue to face numerous dangers that may contribute to our extinction.
Some of these risks come from our own factionalism and divisiveness, combined with universally
available technology that could cause widespread destruction and untold deaths in the wrong hands. Some stem from our short-sightedness, failing to see the dangers in which we place ourselves and our environments through careless actions. Some arise from our own creations turned against us, as the TITANs proved. Other risks may come from alien intelligences whose motivations we cannot yet fathom, and of whom we may not even be aware. Still others may threaten us by sheer chance and the mindless but deadly cause-andeffect of a universe in which we are but an insignificant speck.

Firewall exists to identify, analyze, and counter these risks. We are all volunteers. We are all placing our own lives at risk in order to ensure the survival of transhumanity. Firewall has existed, under other names and guises, since before the Fall. Numerous agencies with a similar agenda banded together in the wake of those cataclysmic events to assess our situation and prepare for the worst. Now we operate under a single umbrella.

We are a private network for two reasons. First, our existence and operational abilities are protected by our secrecy. The less our opposition knows about us, the more effectively we can counter them. Similarly, certain authorities might be hostile to an organization such as ours operating in their claimed territory. Though some may be aware of our existence, we bypass numerous legal and jurisdictional hurdles that might otherwise hamper our actions and goals.
Second, our mission sometimes brings to light information that is not only dangerous in the wrong
hands, but might even trigger widespread panic if made public. In some cases, the very existence of such knowledge could be problematic. By retaining secrecy and operating on a need-to-know basis, we automatically counter certain risks.

Firewall is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network. We have minimal hierarchy and we answer to no one but ourselves. Our node structure enables us to share resources and talents without sacrificing the privacy and security of our operatives.

You have been recruited because of your knowledge, assets or skills, and/or because you have come into contact with certain restricted data. You have proven your willingness to support our goals. Our lives and existence—and the future of transhumanity—may rest in your hands.

So here’s to the future—may we all live to see it.
[End Message]
[This Message Has Self-Erased]