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    Vertical Takeoff Low Altitude Assault Transport Modular Helicopter

  • Welcome to FireWall

    [Incoming Message Received. Source: Unknown]
    [Quantum Analysis: No Interception Detected]
    [Decryption Complete]

    Your references and background have been triple-checked and confirmed, and you are now vetted as

  • The Real Deal

    [Incoming Message Received. Source: Unknown]
    [Quantum Analysis: No Interception Detected]
    [Decryption Complete]

    Sit down, and grab yourself a fucking drink.

    Forget all of that AI-generated intro crap you just read. Heres the

  • Session 1: Warm Welcoming

    The highly renowned hypercorp, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) providers in many areas including robotics and ai systems technology; has ventured into habitat manufacturing under suspicious

  • Session 2: Team Building

    After dealing with the assailants, the group found the safe house to be compromised when the ego of their main Firewall contact was stolen while uploading to their ego bridge. They soon received a message from an intruder

  • Session 4: The end of the day

    The group split up: half to gather information from an OCP Director and the others to reacquire the stolen ego by infiltrating a warehouse where it was transferred to. The information was

  • Session 5: Vindicated

    New reports immediately broke out about the bombing and soon identified half the team as the terrorist responsible. Painting OCP as victims and compromising the Asa and Stinkys covert status,

  • Session 7: Crisis management

    Finding the space port buzzing with LEGION activity and the Planetary Consortium warship s containment policy of destroying anything attempting to leave, the team worked to gathered supplies for

  • Session 8: assault on Delta City Social Planning

    Rendezvousing with Delta City Police Department survivors the Team assaults the nerve center of the LEGION Ai. It is not without its hazards. Synthmorphs immune the the inner-station vacuum unleash heaver

  • Session 9: The Horror of FOCUS

    The intrepid Sentinels continue on to discover the staging room of the Elephant Men and evidence of more OCP ED-215 combat robots in the facility. Evidence of MAPPOs connection to OCP

  • Session 10: Project Ozma shows it's hand

    Descending into the basement Asa Ivorssen encounters the Special Operative of Project Ozma and her Planetary Consortium Oversight field agent counterpart. Revealing the play of the Planetary Consortium

  • Session 12-13: Coventry

    Samantha Dave Nu-Gen (Security Team: Sniper) Player: Seth
    Sgt. Stewart Stu Dirth (Security Team: Hoplite Infantry) Player: Alexander

  • SESSION 14: Discontinuity Blues

    The intrepid group of Sentinels is waylaid on-route to the FireWall secret asteroid hidden base by forces unknown. Powerful forces with a high-security, government-clearance-class stealth vessel capable of space vehicle capture. Disabled by powerful,

  • Session 16: Into the Outback

    After Interrogating Feng the team discovers that a trio of criminal brothers will arrive to courier the SafeRoom to an undisclosed location elsewhere on Mars. The Tremor brothers, a trio of redneck, speed-freak, neo-Nazi bonehead hitmen with a penchant

  • Session 17 INTERLUDE: Spiderbot Resolution

    A beam of coherent light erupted from the ground, which was clearly visible from 3km from the origin. If one could call a column of energy that was such a deep blue, that it appeared almost black, light. From far away, a billowing cloud of dust

  • Session 18: Deploy the Neuralizer!

    DM Message to the gaming group:

    Okay so that plunging of a gunship full of armed missiles into a mostly unshielded Antimatter Reactor pretty much resulted in a really cool localized re-shaping of the Martian landscape that

  • Session 19: The team reconfigures

    The team recuperates after the harrowing martian infiltration of Trancoms black lab and the mission to their corporate office in Olympus City. Asa finally retires from active duty to seek extensive professional therapy for his extreme

  • Session 20: Journey to Venus

    The Team Journeys by the Transport ship to the orbital colony of Gerlach at Venus. After a period of acclimatization to 90% Earth gravity, the team boards a trans-orbital shuttle bound for Octavia, the capitol aerostat of Venus and home of the Neo-

  • Session 21: Inside the Church of Kemetic Orthodoxy

    The Team advance through the entire Kemetic Orthodoxy facility, finding only good people and the last remnants of ancient African traditions. Oh, and a few Asyncs and a hyperintelligent demiurge neoprophet who inexplicably falls for Stans

  • Session 23: Netsahk and the Inner Sanctum - Conclusion

    The team concludes investigation of the last artifact by invitation of Netsahk.

    • Pyramid: emits a powerful healing field affecting all in the presence of the artifact. Heals and energizes life and soil by routing lifeforce from another

  • Session 24: Assault on Sphere Base Omega


    The Miller-Cell Firewall team has taken on the task of seeking out known Kemetic Orthodox artifacts and returning them the Church headquarters on Venus for safekeeping. The Nebt-Het helmet/headwear/asa-assimilator is

  • Interludes - Marbles

    Behind the pale hum of the clinics rejuvenation pods and sterile white starkness of the examination chambers, in a safe-room carefully retrofitted into premium cubic meters of ever-so-scarce pressurized hull-space, the blanched face of Dr

  • Interludes - Sandy

    Neurasthenia Shenjingshuairuo freefalls across the interim of the docking umbilicus from the Planetary Consortium Shuttle to the airlock of the Hindustan Aerospace Limited (HAL) LaFrance rig known

  • Interlude - Agent 23, Stan and Jak

    Why Physics? Cpl. Tom Akins asks, lowering his hand after being acknowledged by the briefing C.O. in the ready room. Hell, Son, why not?! Its a damn machine aint it? Theyre good at math like girls and twice as

  • Home Page

    Eclipse Phase is a pen & paper roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy and horror.
    An eclipse phase is the period between when a cell is infected by a virus and when the virus appears within the cell and

  • Eclipse Phase

    Eclipse Phase is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game of transhuman conspiracy and horror. Humans are
    enhanced and improved, but humanity is battered and bitterly divided. Technology allows the reshaping of bodies and minds and liberates us from

  • The Eclipse Phase campaign setting in brief

    We humans have a special way of pulling ourselves up and kicking ourselves down at the same time. Wed achieved more progress than ever before, at the cost of wrecking our planet and destabilizing our own governments. But things were starting to look up

  • Transhumanism

    Transhumanism is a term used synonymously to mean human enhancement. It is an international cultural and intellectual movement that endorses the use of science and technology to enhance the human condition, both mentally and physically. In support of

  • What do you do in Eclipse Phase

    In my campaign setting ( I use the core rulebooks default campaign setting ) every player character is a sentinel, an agent-on-call (or potential recruit) for a shadowy network known as Firewall. Firewall is dedicated to counteracting

  • FireWall

    There cannot be another Fall this is the mantra that drives Firewall.

    Firewall is a secret, cross-faction organization dedicated to safeguarding transhumanity from existential

  • FireWall Organization

    Firewall is a clandestine organization with an unknown number of members, coordinated by an inner circle of dedicated veterans known as proxies. Though its existence is known to many of the

  • FireWall Sentinels

    Firewall is a clandestine organization with an unknown number of members, coordinated by an inner circle of dedicated veterans known as proxies.
    Though its existence is known to many

  • FireWall Methods

    Unobtrusivethat is the standard operating procedure for any sentinel. Firewalls continued success relies on its secrecy. The larger the footprint it leaves during a given mission the easier it

  • FireWall Cliques

    Though Firewall proxies follow stringent guidelines to ensure the organization is not subverted from within or turned into a powerful organization under the thumb of a few individuals with their

  • Eclipse Phase Timeline

    All dates are given in reference to the Fall.
    BF = Before the Fall. AF = After the Fall.
    (e.g., BF 10 = 10 years


    Eclipse Phase uses a variety of jargon to simply convey the numerous concepts covered. While not all-inclusive, this list of terminology will allow players to quickly acclimate themselves for their journey into Eclipse Phase.
    Note that several of

  • What Is The MonkeySphere

    What is the Monkeysphere?

    One death is a tragedy. One million deaths is a statistic.
    -Kevin Federline

    What do monkeys have to do with war, oppression, crime, racism and even e-mail spam? You

  • Union AeroSpace HyperCorporation

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/163662/UAC_insignia_1_.jpg(Uac insignia 1 )!
    The Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is a conglomerate focused on military-industrial research. The corporation is

  • GENOM HyperCorporation

    Once among the most powerful economical forces on Pre-Fall Earth. *Genom*s goals are nothing less then global financial domination. This is owed mostly to the founder and former chairman, Quincy who pushed for control of food circulation and

  • Tessier-Ashpool

    Tessier-Ashpool is a both a HyperElite family and a HyprCorp. The family owned Freeside, a space station shaped like a spindle Bernal sphere constructed in high Earth orbit. The family resides in the Villa Straylight, which occupies one

  • Focus

    Focusing A technology wherein the use of a Psychoactive microbe improves the attention-focusing ability of those infected.

    The Mindrot is a weaponized plague from Pre Fall wars that was secretly turned to the service of

  • Three Roses

    METAGAME INFO: in 1985 the band YELLO released their incredible album STELLA. Among its incredible (for 1985) lineup of songs

  • Elephantmen

    Before The Fall of humanity at the hands of The TITANS, the MAPPO Corporation, headed by the misanthropic and megalomaniacal Japanese scientist, Dr Kazushi Nikken, breeds human/animal hybrids in a

  • New Detroit

    New Detroit Colony is a Hypercorp habitat in the Lunar Lagrange Alliance orbital space. It is a member of the alliance and subject to its laws and rules, though it has a fair degree of autonomous rule that is directly controlled by its

  • Delta City

    Delta City is OmniCorps (formerly Omni Consumer Products) flagship planned municipality. OmniCorp, undergoing a slight re-branding is positioning itself as a leader in habitat planning and development.

  • Campaign Recap

    The highly renowned hypercorp, Omni Consumer Products (OCP), providers in many areas of industry including robotics and ai systems technology; has ventured into habitat manufacturing under suspicious circumstances. Firewall

  • Brainprints

    Most polities that embrace ID systems rely on nanotattoos and brainscans for physical identification. For infomorphs and AGIs, the cryptographically signed digital code embedded in the software

  • Project Ozma


    The origins of Project Ozma date to the first modern SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) experiments in the mid-20th century. That

  • Oversight


    According to top Consortium economists at least, while a free market and deregulation are ideal goals, the market does not police itself, and so a guiding hand ensures smooth operation and stability. As a

  • Delta City Social Planning Building

    Omni Consumer Products well-funded / low-oversight division of Social Planning. Is the nerve center of their memetic and subliminal urban civil engineering for Delta City. Bleeding edge techniques of cerebral color interaction,

  • Surveillance Impediments

    The art of covert operations is that of accomplishing a mission without being detected until its too late. The perfect covert operation is never

  • Counter-surveillance Techniques

    Now that youve learned how sensor systems work and what their capabilities are, its time to take a look at how to avoid, bypass, fool, and otherwise subvert these systems for your own ends.


  • Covert Operations Gear


    These physical augmentations follow all standard rules for implants as given in the Eclipse Phase core rulebook. Polarization and ultraviolet vision are also available in cybernetic form for synthmorphs.

  • Habitat Infiltration

    Getting onto or around a habitat without authorization is not easy, but for the determined many options abound.


  • Darkcasting

    No countersurveillance diatribe is complete without a nod to the importance of darkcasts. Without these illegal operations, getting to and from habitats

  • Elements of the Covert Ops Mission

    Each and every covert mission is different. No matter the similarities, covert operators must think of each mission as a new experience. This keeps them from getting stale and complacent or worse yet making incorrect assumptions.

    There are a few

  • Trancom

    Company name TRANCOM CO.,LTD
    Head office location 3-14-32 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Neo Nagoya

  • Olympus City


    Seen through the haze of a dust storm, the city in the caldera of Olympus Mons looks like a smoldering, half burnt cone of incense with a whole lot of ash piled up around its edges. In better visibility, youll

  • Introduction to Kemetic Orthodoxy

    Kemetic Qabbalistic Orthodoxy is a modern practice of the religious tradition of Ancient Egypt and Central Africa (known to its own people as Kemet). This particular practice was founded in the late 3000s BC, and is called Kemetic Orthodoxy after the

  • Kemetic Orthodoxy and Kabbalah

    Rooted in the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, three different versions of essentially the same teachings of KMT can be identified by three different spellings: Kabbalah, Cabala and Qabalah. their origins? Africa.


    Scum swarms are flotillas of ships that travel together on a nomadic path across the solar system. These fleets are composed of numerous diverse spacecraft, many of them repaired derelicts or pirated conversion jobs. Some are little more than tin can

  • A History of the Stars Swarm

    During the political chaos and warfare of the Fall, many space industry corporations pushed their work forces to the limits. Already suffering under extremely poor working conditions, the primarily synth-sleeved and indentured workers of Hindustan

  • The Swarm's Course and Stopovers

    Stars is unusual among scum swarms in that they follow a set route schedule that they loop through continuously. This route starts at the Main Belt and runs to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and then back to The Belt. Because the swarm makes sure to

  • The Swarm's Relations with Others

    Despite plying the path between Outer system strongholds, the Stars swarm maintains relationships with all sorts of people and groups. Because they are a reliable and discreet way of traveling between several highly populated areas with no questions

  • Notable Collectives of the Swarm

    While Eat-Drink-Fuck is the oldest of the Stars collectives, it is not the largest and there are several that are more prominent in day-to-day operations and interactions with visitors.


  • The Ships of the Swarm

    Though the size of the swarm fluctuates, it typically consists of 70100 spacecraft of varying age and types. A few of the more notable ships are detailed here.


  • Important Personages of the Swarm

    This section lists game stats and short details on major individuals in the swarm. Most of them dont keep weapons on hand, but since the fabbers on the flotilla are not locked, making a weapon on short notice or finding one is easy. Therefore I will

  • Enclosed Spaces

    Enclosed Spaces
    When humans wanted to explore beyond the Moons orbit, however, a solution was needed to provide sufficient atmosphere for the whole journey. That solution was to reduce the total pressure of the atmospheric

  • Food and Drink

    Food and Drink
    For most of the population in the Solar System, meals are taken in a common area. This practice saves resources in a number of areas space, energy and waste. The meals available are highly nutritious and

  • Clothing

    For most people living in space, clothing choice is often a tradeoff between aesthetics and functionality. In some cases functionality is paramount, while for others it is the opposite. In the end, the most common feature

  • Transportation

    Getting Around
    The cities of pre-Fall Earth were often choked with ground vehicles operating on millions of kilometers of roadways. The pollution, noise, maintenance costs and resources this system required make duplicating this

  • Civilian Space Travel

    Civilian Space Travel
    While the militaries send their fleets about the Solar System, many times that number of civilian vessels are travelling about the Solar System at any given moment. The majority of these ships are carrying

  • The Journey Itself

    The Journey
    Passengers require three things before they can board the vessel. First is their personal identification and any related travel document files for entering and leaving the nation that they depart from or arrive at.

  • Arrival and Disembarking

    Arrival and Disembarking
    Upon arrival, passengers are once again confined to their cabin or the lounges for the final approach maneuvers. After docking is complete, the stewards and courtesy staff help passengers move their

  • Cargo Transportation

    Cargo Transportation
    Merchant ships are the most inexpensive manner of transporting cargo between the planets of the Solar System, but are not the most numerous or timely. Cargo vessels ranging from the smaller haulers to large

  • Orbits and Position

    Real-life space navigation is a complex undertaking, and well beyond what can be incorporated into a roleplaying game. However, space travel is a large part of characters lives within the Eclipse Phase universe. This section presents a simplified

  • Motion Orientation and Relation

    Space is a three-dimensional environment that does not lend itself to the usual standards of orientation and motion that are applied on a body with gravity. Motion is defined by the direction and rate of travel. Orientation is direction a vessel is

  • Relation

    Relation is the position and motion of the observed (i.e. the target) relative to the position of the observer. This information is reported in a number of ways, all of which are listed in the Relation Terminology table. In each case, the targets

  • Flight Rules

    In the Inner System the United Solar Nations Space Navigation Authority (simply referred to as SpaceNav) is descended from the Pre-Fall International Space Traffic Control Office. SpaceNav is responsible for devising and maintaining navigational

  • Right of Way

    Right of Way
    Right-of-way is the precedence given to a particular vessel or structure when navigating a course through space. Precedence is based upon the relative mobility of the class of the vessel or structure. Practically,

  • Open Space Traffic

    Open Space Traffic in the Inner System
    SpaceNav regulations require all vessels in open space to travel close to the orbital plane of their destination. (e.g. vessels destined for Mars must travel approximately within Mars

  • Planetary Traffic

    Planetary traffic is defined as vessels moving into, out of, or within a space traffic control zone. Prior to their entry into an STC zone, vessels are required to notify the STC center of their

  • Local Control Zones

    Local control zones [LCZ) exist within local STC zones around large structures: colony cylinders, stations, autofacs. cargo yards and shipyards. The typical local control is a sphere 50 kilometers in

  • Restricted Space

    Restricted space is an area forbidden to unauthorized vessels. There are several possible reasons for restricting an area of space, the primary one being military. The exclusion of prying eyes is the number one reason the military uses for setting

  • Navigation Lien

    A lien is defined as the right to hold another persons property until a debt: on it is paid, and such is the case with a navigation lien when applied to spacefaring vessels. The transient nature of commercial and private vessels

  • Flight Plans

    Flight plans are an important part of maintaining the safety of man and machine in space. Though space is very empty, collisions and various accidents can still lead to disaster. The primary reason for requiring flight plans is to double-check all

  • Using the Space Navigation Skill

    Now that we have new information about navigating the Solar System, how can players and Gamemasters use navigation in a game? First, only spontaneous maneuvers require the Space Pilot Skill. Planned maneuvers are entered into the vessels flight

  • Search and Rescue

    Interplanetary space is huge region that can easily swallow the unfortunate for decades before they are found. There are a number of precautions that are taken both prior and during space travel that help increase the chances of rescue if something does

  • Spacecraft Maneuvers

    Spacecraft can perform a variety of special maneuvers and operations due to the nature of their movement system and the milieu in which they operate. The following rules apply to all vehicles equipped with Space movement.


  • Life Aboard a Space Ship

    The many vessels that travel between the planets conduct trade and warfare between the nations of the Solar System. Most of the people that crew these ships have lived their entire lives without a planetary surface under their feet. It takes a certain

  • Crew Positions and Duties

    The composition of the crew on each ship varies according to its class, and its function. The normal bridge personnel complement includes the captain, first officer, navigator, helmsman and an electronic-emissions specialist. The rest of the crew is

  • The Autonomist Alliance

    To hear the Consortium media stooges tell it, anarchism, Extropianism, and technosocialism are passing fads, short-lived political experiments dreamed up by a handful of malcontents in the aftermath of the Fall to keep the legitimate governments of

  • Scum

    We scum are the x-factor of the Alliance. Primarily anarchist in character, our politics lean more towards individualism. We take more of an anything-goes, fuck-em-if-they-cant-take-a-joke attitude towards life, the universe, and well, just about

  • Reputation Economy

    Theres a saying on anarchist habitats: No one is wealthy but everyone is well off. This, along with the liberties granted to uplifts, AGIs, indentures, and other stigmatized populations, is why we continue to grow and prosper. As recently as even

  • NEW TRAIT - Reactionary Defense

    Reactionary Defense: Often martial artists and career soldiers, over the course of their training, develop a purely hardwired defensive reaction to perceived threats. This action/reaction generally takes place before the individuals

  • Free Running Mixed Martial Arts

    Parkour is a holistic training discipline using movement that developed out of military obstacle training. Practitioners aim to quickly and efficiently overcome obstacles in their environment, using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel

  • Agent23

    Three years after the Fall, Agent 23 suddenly appeared on Titan, took the name Dr. Severance Stillwater and posed as a recently graduated student with a doctorate in Physics. He managed to take a job at Titan Autonomous University and eventually worked

  • Lena Andropov

    Born in Kiev in the Ukraine, Lena Andropov studied nanotechnology and materials engineering, receiving a doctorate in applied nanotechnology. She found to her dismay, however, that working for a Ukrainian university meant also working for the oligarchs

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