Campaign Recap

The highly renowned hypercorp, Omni Consumer Products (OCP), providers in many areas of industry including robotics and ai systems technology; has ventured into habitat manufacturing under suspicious circumstances. Firewall fears that Seed AI use may be involved in the fast completion of their new mega project: Delta City on the habitat of New Detroit.

A group was organized and sent in to investigate; Asa Iverson a machinists anarchist, Colette Lemur an async reporter, Mylo Xypolo a psychosurgicly modified companion, Stinky 6 an octopi drifter, Taharqa Horemakhet the right hand of a Brinker cult.

Upon arriving at the firewall safe house, the group was immediately assaulted by other firewall agents acting on mis-information.

After dealing with the assailants, the group found the safe house to be compromised after the ego of their main Firewall contact was stolen while being uploaded to the ego bridge. They soon received a message from an intruder through the houses’ communications proclaiming their investigation will not succeed. The group managed to escape the safe house, with the help of firewall sentinels working off the habitat, and relocated before starting their investigation.

A contact working undercover in OCP, mentions the use of pre-fall technology; a weaponized virus called FOCUS that mutates a person’ s mind and makes them programmable. The group was able to confirm and trace the connection from OCP to the FOCUS virus and reasoned that OCP used FOCUS’ed people that were slaved together into a LEGION AI for the competition of Delta City.

The group split up: half to gather information from an OCP Director and the others to reacquire the stolen ego by infiltrating a warehouse where it was transferred to. The information was successfully collected; while the infiltration mission ended in failure after being told by the LEGION that the ego was no longer there, and as a large robotic drone the team encountered detonated missiles destroying the warehouse as the team managed to escape.

News reports immediately broke out about the bombing and soon identified half the team as the terrorist responsible. Painting OCP as victims and compromising the Asa and Stinky’s covert status, the group quickly went to work spinning this story. A counter report was made with accusations pointing out OCP’s suspicious use of AI’ s in their project; backed by no definitive proof, but feeding on the public’s fear of another Fall and an XP made by the lead terrorist/hero Asa.

The unexposed members were free to attend the public Delta City ribbon cutting ceremony, where OCP put on the typical show, but also acted to assure the public on their use of AI’s. This included a visual representation of their public SAINT AI. All was going well, until SAINT seemed to malfunction and attempted to basilisk hack everyone. The team managed to avoid the hack an make their way to the CEO of OCP and gain escort as he escaped the scene.

The team joins up after negotiating an alliance with the CEO of OCP. As everyone in the escort made their way to escape via spacecraft, the CEO reveals valuable intel into what was going on, including footage of an incoming Planetary Consortium warship that responded far too quickly to this recent crisis.

The other firewall team sent the group a large data package and a message to get off the station as they detonate a nuclear bomb outside the station, creating a large hole and spacing the atmosphere.

As they made their way to emergency vac suits, the group manages to dispatch the CEO and his body guards while only incurring moderate injuries. Retrieving stacks, mesh inserts and other resources; the group prepared to ascend in an elevator to the ship bay.

Finding the space port buzzing with LEGION activity and the Planetary Consortium warship ’s containment policy of destroying anything attempting to leave, the team worked to gathered supplies for an alternate route off station. With information gathered from the CEO’ s mesh inserts, a plan to infiltrate the OCP building, collect information on FOCUS, and disable the main hub for the AI was set into motion.

Finding the police station to still be operating and getting new and was what going on to handle this crisis, the team was forced to get involved in the game of political football between the Lunar Lagrange Alliance, Planetary Consortium, OCP, the New Detroit survivors; taking on the role of the terrorist held responsible for the crisis. They managed to negotiate a temporary alliance between the terrorist and the authorities, to perform a coordinated attack on the OCP building.

Campaign Recap

Eclipse Phase | AUSTIN, TEXAS | 2015-2019 A.D. blatoe