Fake BrainPrint Plug-In

THE FAKE BRAINPRINT PLUG-IN and other means of Identity Espionage

This software plug-in can be used by infomorphs or characters with cyberbrains to attempt to deceive brainprint scanners. Make a Variable Opposed Test between the Interfacing skill of the person or AI running the scan with a -30 modifier and the Infosec skill of the subject (or their muse). If the character being checked succeeds and the scanner fails, the fake brainprint passes. If both succeed, an anomaly has been detected, though the nature of the anomaly will be unclear. Further scans can be made to try and identify the problem (repeat the test). If the scanner succeeds and the fake brainprint user fails, the deception is detected. Another test can be made to identify the real print (without the -30 modifier this time), and the scanner will likely have some uncomfortable questions to ask. This software is considered contraband in most law-abiding habitats. [Expensive]

This illegal nanoswarm treatment is specifically designed to penetrate the fingertips of morphs and eradicate all signs of the nanotat ID it carries. Erasing a nanotat ID takes about 5 minutes and itches like crazy. Though usually applied to a specific person as a treatment, criminals and terrorists have sometimes deployed nanotat-erasing nanoswarms in public areas, surreptitiously erasing the IDs from unsuspecting people as a means of confusing security forces engaged in an ego hunt. [Expensive]

Gait masking nanosystems alter the bone density, muscle tone, and shape of the user’s feet and legs in minute but effective ways, altering their gait pattern just enough to avoid detection. The process of reconfiguration takes 20 minutes. Gait masking is illegal in many habitats. Gait masking can also be used to mimic an existing gait profile; apply a +30 modifier on Disguise Tests to fool gait biometric scanners. [Expensive]

This highly illegal system is a programmable version of the nanotat ID. Any new (fake) ID may be programmed in, and the nanotat may be reconfigured in seconds (1 Action Turn) to switch to another ID pattern in storage. This nanoware may not be configured for legal IDs unless they are actually legal or their encryption has been cracked. [Expensive]

This implanted nanobot system is designed to disguise a subject’s skeletal structure and create false sensor readings, either to avoid identification or to mimic an existing skeletal pattern. An existing pattern can only be mimicked if the character is of equivalent body mass and size. Altering the skeletal signature takes 20 minutes. Apply a -30 modifier to the scanner system’s Perception Test. [Expensive]

This is a science developed by Argonaut FireWall Crows in Rimward habitats under intense secrecy in AF 05. It involves a variation on the wetware remapping of a biomorph brain that allows for re-sleeving. The technology creates subtle re-routes of the actual neurons specifically designed to lead to the same cognitive conclusion but branching through irregular pathways and neural centers to arrive there. This creates a BrainPrint that does not math the Ego/Morphs original archived scan but still, to the perception of the Ego inside, arrives at the same conclusion to a cognitive test. In a brainprint recording, a subject might be shown a series of specific images and asked a series of specific questions. The energy patterns emitted by the neural pathways are then recorded as the brainprint. This modification changes those paths and thus the electrically stimulated centers of the brain, giving an entirely new reading to the same stimuli. Tough to the Ego engaged in cognition, all perceptual associations and assumptions/suppositions remain the same. This is EXTREMELY cutting edge technology that is decades ahead of the general scientific community. When it is discovered by the rest of transhumantiy, it will necessitate the invention of new forms of identification of Egos. [almost unavailable – FireWall only]

Fake BrainPrint Plug-In

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