Focusing – A technology wherein the use of a Psychoactive microbe improves the attention-focusing ability of those infected.

The Mindrot is a weaponized plague from Pre Fall wars that was secretly turned to the service of militaries and hypercorps. It “spreads through the brain in a nearly harmless way, infecting about ninety percent of the glial cells. And allows neurophysiologists to control the release of neuractives.”

In the words of Dr. Anne Reynolt, “Focusing ennobles. It is the key to our future success, and a much more subtle thing than you can imagine. It’s not just that we’ve created a psychoactive microbe. This is one whose growth within the brain can be controlled with millimeter precision – and once in place, the ensemble can be guided in its actions with the same precision.”
“Don’t you see? We can improve the attention-focusing aspects of consciousness: we can take humans and turn them into analytical engines.” She spelled it out in wretched detail. In the secret installations of the MAPPO corporation, the Focusing process was spread over the last years of a specialist’s schooling, intensifying the graduate-school experience to produce unparalleled genius…

For many years, Reynolt and her technicians had tweaked the virus, triggering genetic expression that precisely released the chemicals of thought – all guided by MAPPO’s medical computers that gathered feedback from conventional brain diagnostics. The resultant science of “Focus” produced loving slaves that were completely fixated and emotionally bound to their MAPPO handlers and who’s absolute focus on their given field of expertise was free of any distractions or cares. Great leaps were made in research and development at a cost of human souls.

This black operations technology was absolute top secret and thought to have been lost with The Fall.


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