GENOM HyperCorporation

Once among the most powerful economical forces on Pre-Fall Earth. *Genom*’s goals are nothing less then global financial domination. This is owed mostly to the founder and former chairman, Quincy who pushed for control of food circulation and industrial resources, and encouraged developments in military manufacturing.
Given its power in the worldwide markets, Genom wielded a great deal of influence over various national governments, agencies, and even terrorist groups. Genom secretly manipulated political and financial aspects of the entire Western World. Through its aerospace concerns, it effectively controlled the Pre-Fall agency,SDPC (Space Development Public Corporation) and it had connections within the USSD’s (United Nations Strategic Space Defense) allied council. Taking full advantage of its multinational standing, Genom regularly ignored national boundaries and laws to engage in the illegal manufacture, sale, and trade of military weapons. The HyperCorp conglomerate was almost untouchable by most law enforcement agencies, as Genom either funded the agencies themselves, or controlled the politicians that gave law enforcement their orders.

The conglomerate’s influence on the world economy and its direct power over key political figures was a useful tool, but most versatile and powerful weapon in Genom’s arsenal were synthmorphs. The massive enterprise owned countless patents and copyrights to synthetic and robotic body manufacture, and was constantly developing new types to serve its purposes. The military grade “Boomer” morph being one example.

Chairman Quincy is now an untouchable HyperElite, subtly manipulating Planetary Consortium politics and policies from a carefully crafted obscurity. An anarchist group of extropian terrorists with high technology battlesuits calling themselves, The Knight Sabers, and clearly of Asian origin oppose the remaining corpus of the GENOM HyperCorp that survived the fall as a manufacturer of the clanking masses’ vast multitudes of synthmorphic bodies.

Currently GENOM is run by Brian J. Mason who was a powerful executive within Pre-Fall Genom Corporations. He was the Secretary to the Chairman and in charge of many of Genom’s more secretive operations. He supported the Technologically Integrated Economic City Project (which led to many people becoming homeless, and the Killer Doll Program (using a neotenic synthmorph housing an A.I Ego that looked like a child, and could hooked up to the orbital laser satellites surrounding the planet. They were capable or firing a particle beam from orbital space to the planet, destroying megastructure surface targets. Mason is alleged by fringe conspiracy groups to have initiated a Super Boomer Development project that resulted in the terminator forces of the early TITANS. This has never been confirmed publicly and he still serves publicly as the Chairman and CEO of GENOM.

GENOM HyperCorporation

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