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About Eclipse Phase:

Eclipse Phase

What do you do in Eclipse Phase


The Eclipse Phase campaign setting in brief

Eclipse Phase Timeline


About FireWall – What every character should know…


FireWall Sentinels

FireWall Methods

FireWall Cliques

Topics of Interest to players

What Is The MonkeySphere

Union AeroSpace HyperCorporation

Omni Consumer Products

GENOM HyperCorporation




Three Roses


New Detroit

Delta City

Delta City Social Planning Building

Black Moth Private Military Contractors


Barsoomian Rebels

Martian Rangers and magistrates

The TITAN Quarantine Zone

Olympus City

NEW TRAIT – Reactionary Defense

Covert or Black Operations

The Basic Education of Black Operations and Covert Operations

Elements of the Covert Ops Mission

Surveillance Impediments

Counter-surveillance Techniques

Active Defenses – The Counterpoint to Surveillance

Covert Operations Gear

Covert Gear II – The Wide Wide World of Sensor Systems

Smart Animals – Know Thy Enemy

Habitat Infiltration


So You’ve Been Branded a Terrorist


Fake BrainPrint Plug-In

The Sapient Initiative

Peer Enemies of FIREWALL

Project Ozma


Kemetic Orthodoxy

Introduction to Kemetic Orthodoxy

Kemetic Orthodoxy and Kabbalah

Autonomists of the Outer System

The Autonomist Alliance


Reputation Economy

The Stars Our Destination


A History of the Stars Swarm

The Swarm’s Course and Stopovers

The Swarm’s Relations with Others

The Bahala Na, Red Markets and Trading with Others

Notable Collectives of the Swarm

The Ships of the Swarm

Important Personages of the Swarm

Living In Space

Enclosed Spaces – What are living spaces like?

Food and Drink – What are you eating? How are you eating it?

Clothing – Why does everyone in Eclipse Phase look like they’re wearing a wetsuit?

Transportation – How are you getting around?

Space Travel

Civilian Space Travel – The basic options available

The Journey Itself – What is it like on a spaceship

Arrival and Disembarking – Customs and Immigration in Space

Cargo Transportation – You CAN take it with you…for a price

Space Navigation

Orbits and Position

Motion Orientation and Relation

Relation – How to Describe positional relation in 3 dimensions

Flight Rules

Right of Way

Open Space Traffic

Planetary Traffic

Local Control Zones

Restricted Space

Navigation Lien – Inner System Only ( LLA, Morningstar Constellation and Planetary Consortium )

Flight Plans

Using the Space Navigation Skill

Spacecraft Maneuvers

Lost in Space

Search and Rescue

Working Between the Worlds

Life Aboard a Space Ship

Crew Positions and Duties


Free Running Mixed Martial Arts

Unified MMA Rules and Regulations

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