Martian Rangers and magistrates


The closest thing Mars’s got to a planetary police force, the Rangers technically got jurisdiction anywhere within 30 klicks of the surface of Mars. Unless they’re on a specific case, though, they mostly work outside city limits; city militias are violently allergic to these guys and gals. They’re also not allowed to operate in corp-owned settlements under Consortium protection without the right warrants. Rangers’re a mixed bag. Some are down with the Movement and generally all right. Others got corruption and brutality written on their faces bold as the red circle on a Japanese flag. Make sure you figure out which is which quick when dealing with them. Captain Sage Kim, ranking officer of the Elysium Rangers who patrol the periphery of the TQZ, is of the better sort. She’s caught a lot of flak for not busting up the Arsia Mons smuggling rings, and word is she’s real sympathetic to the Movement. At the other extreme you got guys like Captain Lem Boudin with the Argyre Rangers, whose department got its wings clipped after he turned a pack of police baboons loose on a group of farmers protesting high freight prices. The footage from that dust-up got shown all over the planet, and now most of the policing in the limits of Argyre towns is done by a security corp, Pecos (which I’m sure ain’t any better, but the League was forced to do something to quell the outcry).

The judicial complement to the Rangers, Magistrates are circuit-flying judges who hold court in the back country as needed. Like the Rangers, some’re good people, others not so good. Magistrates have to convene a jury when deciding criminal cases, but beyond that, they’ve got wide latitude to do as they please. A few Magistrates out there’ve gone technical from too much stress on the job, meaning frontier justice can get pretty weird.

Police baboons are transgenic Cape baboons modified for obedience, heightened intelligence, and longer attention spans. Still of only (enhanced) animal intelligence, they are typically fielded in groups of two to seven with police handlers. Working as a police baboon handler is an extremely dangerous job, as the baboons have been known to turn as a pack upon their handler in mentally stressful situations, such as when attacked with sensory or nerve agents, or more rarely when subjected to psi or encounters with exsurgents. Nonetheless, baboon units remain popular with police commanders for tracking, crowd control, and guarding prisoners. Baboons are frighteningly strong, and a pack of them can easily immobilize most prisoners— or tear them apart, if commanded. They are sometimes equipped with body armor and clubs. They are adapted to breathe Martian atmosphere. [High]

Implants: Enhanced Respiration, Enhanced Vision, Light Bioweave Armor (AV 2/3), Neurachem (Level 1), Temperature Tolerance

Attacks: Bite (DV 1d10 + 2),

Martian Rangers and magistrates

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