NEW TRAIT - Reactionary Defense

Reactionary Defense: Often martial artists and career soldiers, over the course of their training, develop a purely ‘hardwired’ defensive reaction to perceived threats. This action/reaction generally takes place before the individual’s conscious mind even registers a threat. Though this is an unconscious reaction, it is GENERALLY applicable to the situation (i.e. PC dodges/catches a sucker punch in a bar-brawl vs. pulling a pistol and double-tapping the person behind them in a hostage situation).

The perceived threat can be caught through the most subtle of indicators; the smell of gun oil, a slight intake of breath prior to an attack, or even purely an attacker’s “intent” of an attack.

In game terms: If an attacker has a defender with this trait in a “Surprise” situation, the defender is allowed a flat (no penalties or bonuses applicable) Perception roll to react at PURELY their REF+REF / 5 (rather than REF + INT / 5), in addition to other INIT bonuses. This is reduced to a flat ½ the defender’s Perception if the attacker is beyond 20m.

If this roll is successful, the defender will react in a random way (to illustrate the differing capacity for the defender to interpret the trigger).

Roll D10:
1-2: Player Decides
3-7: Fray/Unarmed (block) as applicable to the attack (whichever is higher)
8-10: GM decides (usually a GROSS overreaction as that is more amusing; e.g. roundhouse-kicking a 5 year old child in the face when they jump from behind a bush)

NEW TRAIT - Reactionary Defense

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