Notable Collectives of the Swarm

While Eat-Drink-Fuck is the oldest of the Stars collectives, it is not the largest and there are several that are more prominent in day-to-day operations and interactions with visitors.

The Dogs, as most others refer to them, all take canine names. Composed primarily of younger members with a few older burnouts, this collective manufactures and deals petals and more traditional drugs both within the swarm and with any habitats that have the connections to grab their wares. The Dogonauts are die-hard hedonists who respect those who have experimented with various types of pharmaceuticals and nanodrugs or have otherwise “expanded their perception of reality.” They maintain active contacts with a number of criminal groups around the inner system and make a good connection point for characters originating from outside of the swarm.

The Chı¯chı¯ H¯eh¯e Cào collective is the most prestigious of the collectives, having made a name for themselves as wanted radicals on Earth and in orbit before the Fall and continuing on to this day. The collective has evolved and changed many times over the years, from anti-government and anti-corporate organizing to sabotage to vacworker union support and onward. The collective’s current main activities are operation of the flagship The Stars Our Destination, the care and maintenance of the swarm as a whole, and secretly aiding and abetting various anti-Consortium radicals around the inner system. Individual members also tend to have their hands involved in various personal side projects, from a serious scientific study on zero-g adapted neogenetic life to running periodic scavenger hunts among the swarm’s ships. EDF members all tend to have high @-rep and are well connected with autonomists around the solar system.

This collective is one of several that prepares and serves food to the other members of the swarm, and is widely regarded as the most talented. They share a converted cargo container with a few other collectives where they grow fresh hydroponic vegetables that they incorporate into their maker-made dishes. A few members of the collective also raise animals, some of them transgenic and heavily modified, for producing authentic organic animal-byproduct foods.

Originally formed by some of the Ukrainian refugees, including Lena Andropov, this group spends most of their time on the Thoughtcrime, where they run the factory fabricators and work on cracking the nanoschematics of the latest hypercorp designs to produce copies to sell along their way.

Formed of uplifts and allies, this collective maintains excellent ties with mercurial groups across the inner system, providing a safe zone for uplifts on the run. The collective mostly draws its members from uplifts who have grown tired of their second class citizenship in the inner system. Despite their origins, they are not as political as many would think and mostly wish to be treated as just other members of the flotilla. They find that being odd among an entire sea of odd transhumans means they get less attention and discrimination and have greater freedom to do their own thing, which suits them fine. They are also known for letting visitors and other members of the flotilla sleeve into their morphs to “experience how the other side lives.”

The Tenorios are a large polymarriage family unit composed of multiple forks of the same person, Zanni Tenorio, and their spouses and children. The number of Zanni forks in the family numbers in the fifties, all sleeved in various morphs of different sexes, spread throughout the fleet with over two dozen spouses—all of them shared by the forks. The sexual appetites of the Tenorios are legendary, even among the scum. It is rare for Zanni forks to remerge; they prefer to live
independent lives, within their family structure. Before joining the swarm, Zanni worked for a decade as an asteroid prospector, and today the Tenorios continue to specialize in mining operations. They operate one of the swarm’s mining tugs, the Disco Inferno.

Considered one of the more extreme collectives in the swarm, the Disciples are all sleeved in heavily altered and sometimes ad-hoc synthetic morphs, many of them little more than partially mobile sensor clusters with an attached cyberbrain. This collective has converted a seriously damaged cargo container on the Abstinence Only into a stellar observation deck, and many of them will sit there for hours each day staring into the depths of space and plumbing it with visual and non-visual scanning devices. Collective members operate many sensor arrays throughout the fleet and are constructing their own super-massive telescope. On several occasions they have provided early warning on incoming threats to the swarm. The data they gather from their observations increases their standing among research groups.

Notable Collectives of the Swarm

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