Three Roses

METAGAME INFO: in 1985 the band YELLO released their incredible album STELLA. Among it’s incredible (for 1985) lineup of songs was one entitles “Let Me Cry” which is not at all the maudlin, emo bullshit that the title suggests but rather a like listening to a slightly stoned Peter Lorre talk about a trip he made with an ex-girlfriend in Panama interspersed with a lovesong of loss and remembrance.

The lyrics end with a breathless moment of clarity on the speaker’s part wherein he remembers the name of a landmark they shared time together at saying, “Yes, I do remember the name of the place…Three Roses.”

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I have never forgotten the sort of unexpectedly haunting way that the name of the place would stay with me throughout my life. Now 27 years later I have returned to Three Roses.

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In Eclipse Phase, think of Three Roses as the pub that (Nick Moran’s character) Eddie’s father, JD (played by Sting), owns in the movie “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. It’s a working man’s pub owned by an ex-mobster with remaining connections who still isn’t going to take any shit from anybody and isn’t ABOUT to get suckered by a bunch of Suicide Kings like your characters anytime soon.

It’s also a fine place to get a drink and relax.

Three Roses

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