Union AeroSpace HyperCorporation

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The Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is a conglomerate focused on military-industrial research. The corporation is involved in advanced weapons development, biological research, space exploration and egocasting. The company employs private security contractors heavily. UAC has access to research facilities on Mars, Phobos and Io.

UAC was created by Tommy Kelliher based on ion drive technology patents. Over time, due to Tommy’s instincts towards expansionism, the company grew large and developed and sold many new technologies, such as weapons or environmental adaptations, and continued to engage in research. As he grew old and increasingly needing medical technology to keep him alive, Tommy handed the company over to his son Ian, though he still maintained spies in the company reporting to him.

During the Fall, with global economies in ruins and all-out world war on Earth, the U.S. government turned to the UAC, giving it carte blanche on Mars in a desperate bid to construct an off-world outpost that might provide resources and a military advantage, as well as something so secret that even members of government do not have a clue about it. The UAC also maintained research bases in Earth’s oceans in the form of the Ballard Lab and works on studying Europa. Despite its power and profit the Kellihers still claim to attempt to help humanity through this current time of crisis.

The UAC’s experiments with alternative methods of Egocasting and Faster-than-light Travel led to an unreported, internally classified event that led to the closure of several facilities on Mars and its two moons. Although the UAC’s attempted to cover-up the circumstances leading to it’s Mars facility closures, wild leaks about teleportation research based on Pandora Gate studies and Quantum Entanglement technologies have created a considerable stir within paranoid fringe-groups concerning it’s supposed remaining teleportation research facilities on Earth and the moons of Jupiter. The corporation has recently revealed focuses on genetic experimentation, which some fringe elements have attempted to claim are based on dangerous exogenetic material culled from Exsurgent Virus victims and/or samples returned at great expense and secrecy through less guarded outer rim Pandora Gates.

The Union Aerospace Corporation operates radioactive waste facilities on Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos. The UAC’s biggest clients, various pre-fall militaries, used the bases on Phobos and Deimos for secret research projects as well. However, according to reports from clandestine sources, tests on living volunteers grew increasingly unstable as the test subjects either disappeared or went insane.

The corporation does, however, appear to be making some effort to turn the tide of negative publicity. Of late it has been put under new management and strict government control. Now based on the moon of Io, the corporation allegedly conducts more experiments into teleportation with heavy military supervision.

Rumors persist of a secret project referred to as The Plutonia Experiment, where its scientists are working to develop a Quantum Accelerator, a device of unknown purpose related to Pandora Gates.

In the last 2 years, several operations have moved to Mars rather than taking place on the Martian moons. Increased focus has been placed on the importance of the UAC research being conducted by the Delta Labs division, specifically research under the guidance of Malcolm Betruger. A great deal of the UAC’s planetside martian research seems to be focused on teleportation, which is shrouded in secrecy.

Through the efforts of conspiracy fringe hackers and researchers, data has been unearthed where references are made to current UAC research projects, through email, audio logs and video discs. This generally ranges from the informational videos about the UAC base, to instruction videos on the latest weaponry (such as combination plasma-particle accelerator codenamed the BFG9000).

The Conspiracy proponents claim that the UAC makes use of their Mars facility to conduct research “outside of moral and legal obligations”. Presumably they are too far away from main settlements to be reliably monitored by Martian authorities, and their corporate strength offers them substantial political power.

Some rumors maintain that not all of the research being conducted at the Martian base was approved or known by their board of directors. Dr. Malcolm Betruger’s unsanctioned pursuit of research stemming from their teleportation technology was enough to alarm the board into sending a high-ranking inspector with a heavily-armed escort to investigate the base, after a whistleblower, Dr. Elizabeth McNeil, informed them of the potential danger the Doctor posed. She was transferred back to Low Earth Orbit facilities by Betruger forcibly (and rather abruptly judging from the fact her PDA was left in her office to subsequently be discovered by a fringe group plant working as a janitor) for showing too much interest in his research.

Union AeroSpace HyperCorporation

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