The Weyland Corporation

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At Weyland Industries we apply science, technology and our unparalleled global network of resources to the pursuit of Building Better Worlds.

Every day, Weyland biologists, military scientists, chemical engineers, geologists, mechanics, pilots and more work across our solar system to advance human interests and life. As they labor, new planets, natural resources, industries, modes of transportation and medical advancements emerge and evolve before our eyes.

As the largest company on the planet, we have taken it upon ourselves to constantly explore, expand and discover what lies beyond our own heavens.

Fifty years ago, our founder Sir Peter Weyland set out to change the world. Now, the company he created so many years ago works tirelessly with the same unlimited ambition to improve the world he changed.

Worlds have risen and worlds have fallen. That’s why at Weyland Industries we’re in the business of Building Better Worlds.


From Peter Weyland’s first commercially viable cybernetic android to the invention of the atmospheric processor, Weyland Industries has continued to innovate and work towards the realization of a better world. Over the years, our unique solutions, including a myriad of firsts, have served customers, communities and governments

alike across the globe and helped address many of the universe’s most challenging problems.

The following are some of the biggest accomplishments and newsworthy events of our company’s ambitious history. As you read, take note: This is how you build better worlds.

• Weyland Industries consolidates all products and solutions into seven verticals: health, transportation, energy, electronics, terraforming, security and cybernetics.

Synapse Reestablisher – Weyland Industries owns patent number 18,364,003 for Method and Apparatus for device able to temporarily restart brain activity of deceased individuals.

MedPod Healing Vat for At-Home Use – Since FDA approval, 12,000 have been produced with tens of thousands on back order. Healing vats are the cutting edge of nanotech medicine developed and remain the most powerful medical devices in common use. With the exception of a few exceptionally deadly nanoplagues, a healing vat can cure any disease and heal any injury. As long as the patient is alive when they are place in the healing vat, they will not only survive, but emerge without a scratch. A healing vat can even take a severed head (as long as it has been stabilized by medichines or nanotech first aid) and regrow an entire body based on the head’s genetics. If the patient’s body or medical records contain information about their implants, bioware, or advanced nanotechnology, all of these modifications are also fully restored. Few people suffer injuries serious enough to require a healing vat. Most are used as a safe and easy way to perform bodysculpting or to install implants or bioware. Healing vats use specialized nanomachines to either alter the patient’s body or integrate implants or bioware. One advantage of using a healing vat is that no additional healing time is needed, the patient leaves the vat fully recovered from the augmentation and ready to go. Every hospital, clinic, bodyshop, and augmentation parlor has several healing vats. The time required by a healing vat varies with the severity of the damage it is healing or the extent of the modification being made. [Cost: High]

Advanced SE Suits – Significantly upgraded space suits includes a variety of Weyland patented features, such as cadium exo-skeleton; info display with mission details; vitals: environmental stats and more. These suits resemble light vacsuits but are made from thicker and more durable materials that resist tearing and provides the wearer with medium armor. They are fitted with cutting-edge life support belts that includes a maker specially designed to produce food and drink for the user. Raw materials can be provided by the addition of any water-containing liquid and collected biomass like leftover food, grass, dirt, dead animals, or transhuman waste. Some models are built into standard vacsuits. Makers can produce water and various flavored beverages, as well as ration bars or thick pudding-like edible gels. With adequate raw material, a maker can indefinitely provide food and drink for up to three transhumans. Most units, however, have a very limited range of flavors and textures that are widely considered to be fairly bad. Models with a wider and better range of flavors and textures are more expensive, but produce food that is considered adequate or occasionally good. It is capable of recycling all wastes and producing air for up to 48 hours and food and water indefinitely. Each suit also contains an ecto external version of interconnected components including an On-Board Computer that has all of the functions of a smartphone and PDA, acting as a media player, meshbrowser, alarm clock, locator, camera, calendar, positioning and map system, address book, advanced calculator, file storage system, search engine, social networking client, messaging program, and note pad. It provides augmented reality input. It also processes XP data, allowing the user to experience other people’s recorded memories, and also allowing the user to share their own XP sensory input with others in real-time. It’s Facial/image recognition program can be used to take an image and run a pattern-matching search among public archives. And all Weyland suits come with Weylands proprietary encryption Crypto software that generates key pairs, encrypts messages using public keys, and decrypts with secret keys all included by default. A Radio Transceiver connecting the user to the mesh and other characters/devices/Ship’s onboard computers within range. It has an effective range of 20 kilometers in deep space or other locations far from radio interference and 1 kilometer in crowded habitats. An array of Medical Sensor implants that monitors the user’s medical status, including heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, neural activity, and much more. A sophisticated medical diagnostic system interprets the data and warns the user of any concerns or dangers. Weyland Sensor suites extend the range of the wearer’s vision from terahertz waves to gamma rays Backscatter imaging systems using X- and gamma-ray frequencies produce high-resolution three-dimensional images and are very useful for detecting concealed weapons and implants. Such imagers are very good at penetrating walls and metal (up to a cumulative Armor + Durability of 200, at least at levels safe to transhumans). These sensors can, of course, also detect the presence of harmful radiation. A t-ray emitter whose Terahertz sensors emit t-rays, measure the reflections, and compare them to a database of terahertz signatures that different items/materials have. The resolution is higher than radar, but with slightly less detail than normal vision. Similar to radar, terahertz sensors can see through walls and other materials, but to a lesser extent (up to a cumulative Armor + Durability of 50). T-rays occur naturally, but terahertz sensors normally require an emitter as they are absorbed by atmosphere (as well as water and metal). In space, however, an emitter would not be required. Likewise, passive terahertz scans within atmosphere have an effective range of 25 meters. T-rays do not penetrate skin, so are ineffective for locating implants. Standard spectrum visual augemntation with a variable focus equivalent to 5 power magnifiers and provide the wearer with a +10 bonus to all Perception Tests involving vision.. These suits have an Armor rating of 10/10 and protect the wearer from temperatures from –175 to 140 C. They can almost instantly seal any hole unless more than 30 points of damage are inflicted at once. [Cost: High]

• Portable Decontamination Pack – Weyland introduces unique expedition security apparatus able to decontaminate indoor and outdoor environments. Apparatus mines surrounding air for flammable compounds, making it ultra light-weight as well as self-replenishing. Using Thermobaric technology to produce a more contaminant-deadly form of explosion. When they detonate, they disperse a cloud of aerosol explosive over an area and then ignite, literally setting the air on fire, generating a devastating pressure wave, and sucking the oxygen out of the area. Thermobarics use the rules for uniform blast (p. 194) with an adjustable area of effect blast radius of up to 30 meters. [High]

• Hypersleep Chambers Patented – Weyland Industries own patent number 12,004,556 for Method and Apparatus for a device that can initiate, monitor and terminate hypersleep. HCs revolutionize space travel permitting increasingly longer, more advanced missions and enabling unprecedented discovery.

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation

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The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is a large conglomerate cartel and is often referred to as “The Company.” It is one of the hypercorporations that runs human colonies outside the solar system through cooperation with Gatekeeper and TerraGenesis, has a seat in the Planetary Consortium, and also has a large presence in the Lunar Lagrange Alliance. They hold their main offices in Orbital Neo-Tokyo, and Luna.

Weyland-Yutani is known for exhibiting the worst aspects of corporate profiteering, willing to sacrifice decency and life in the endless pursuit of profits. The corporation has its hands in all aspects of space colonization and research. The corporation has consistently ordered its employees and agents to attempt to obtain living Xenomorphs to be exploited as biological weapons, without regard for their obtainers’ lives. It was revealed in a leaked audio diary from Karl Bishop Weyland that Weyland-Yutani’s primary purpose behind capturing the Xenomorphs using any and all means at their disposal is to exploit them and create weapons out of their biology so they can ensure humanity is the elite species in the universe, and not so much because of profit.


Weyland-Yutani has had several different origins in various media. It’s true pre-Fall origin is all a matter of which media outlet you ask. The canonical origin was maintains that Weyland Corp/Weyland Industries was established by Peter Weyland on October 11, 2012. The Yutani Corporation was a Japanese corporation that existed in the 21st century. On December 12, 2029, the Yutani Corporation had filed a lawsuit against Weyland Corp/Weyland Industries over a patent dispute. Weyland Industries won the patent lawsuit years later. Sometime after Project Prometheus, Weyland Corp/Weyland Industries would acquire the Yutani Corporation thus forming the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

Yutani corporation
-Yutani Company Slogan

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation established holdings on classified exoplanet Acheron LV-426, the middle moon of 3 that orbits around the ringed planet Calpamos and later established the Hadley’s Hope settlement there.


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